Report on the Coronavirus and Global Panick Attack



14 May 2020

The Presidency of the Supreme Council of World Peace reports on the situation of Global Panic Attack that is happening in almost the entire planet due to the inefficient leadership of the UN and Secretary General Antonio Guterres in managing the Coronavirus crisis.

The Supreme Council of World Peace is an autonomous body that responds both to the legal system of the Buddhist Nation and also has the mandate to respect the fundamental freedoms of the whole humanity, acting as an ethical supervisory body in the world.

The Supreme Council of World Peace analyzes the extraordinary evidence from Stanford University and the research of the epidemiologist scientist John Ioannidis, confirming that the drastic decisions that many governments around the world have taken in the face of the Coronavirus epidemic sociologically constitute a Global Panic Attack fueled by fear and ignorance of political leaders.

The Supreme Council of World Peace believes that hasty decisions by political leaders to establish illegal quarantines were made mainly for two reasons: the first is the pressure exerted by social media and the mass media, and the second is the lack of true information on the true death rate of the virus.

The Supreme Council of World Peace refutes the political leadership of governments as well as of the UN and WHO for lacking serious academic data and a sense of orientation, which has triggered the taking of illegal, hasty and wrong measures that will be much more damaging than the Coronavirus, as quarantines and confinements do more harm than good, causing millions of unemployed and affecting psychological well-being and social peace.

The Supreme Council of World Peace remarks that governments have made irrational and draconian decisions on the basis of precarious information, since they believed that the mortality of the virus was between 1% and 4% and decided to ignore that only 10% of cases of Coronavirus presents symptoms, therefore, the real mortality rate would be ten times lower, being rather between 0.1% to 0.4%.

The Supreme Council of World Peace historically considers that both the World Health Organization and China have spread terror in the world by reporting a false official death rate, between 1% to 4%, which led thousands of political leaders and millions of civilians in the world to suffer a Global Panic Attack by believing that there was a great risk of the death of 70 to 280 million people in the world.

The Supreme Council of World Peace analyzes data from the Diamond Princess, concluding that the death rate of the Coronavirus is 1% only in a population that is largely elderly, for that reason that percentage would not apply to all to the rest of the general population.

The Supreme Council of World Peace validates the courageous research of John Ioannidis of Stanford University, who projected the death rate of the Diamond Princess in the age structure of the population of a country, reaching the mathematical conclusion that the true death rate of the Coronavirus would be approximately 0.12% (between 0.02 and 0.62), which is similar to that of the ordinary flu and in no way deserves to take the irrational step of closing the world or producing tremendous economic and social consequences with confinements and massive quarantines, because in fact every year there are dozens of other types of Coronaviruses within the population without them being perceived.

The Supreme Council of World Peace suggests that the Coronavirus is not as deadly as the media and political leaders believe, as a scientific team from Stanford University analyzed how Coronavirus infected the population of Santa Clara in California, finding that there are thousands of unregistered cases and that people recover from the Coronavirus without knowing that they were infected, since the death rate of the virus is low, around 0.12%, so this research not only validates the previous mathematical conclusions by John Ioannidis, but also scientifically demonstrates the irrationality of quarantines dictated against a virus that is as dangerous as ordinary flu.

The Supreme Council of World Peace agrees with Ioannidis that politicians have behaved like an elephant that jumps off a cliff and dies trying to flee from a simple cat, although the Maitriyana considers that the best scientific metaphor to describe sociological behavior in the face of Coronavirus is that of a Global Panic Attack.

The Supreme Council of World Peace relativizes the Chinese flu of Coronavirus, considering that if eventually all the news portals in the world published a daily count of the deaths caused by the ordinary flu or the cold, it would also generate global massive panic, even if a daily count of deaths by suicide was published, since they represent hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide, and the same could be said with homicides, femicides, rapes and other phenomena that are much more serious than the Coronavirus and they spread every second and no one seems to care.

The Supreme Council of World Peace puts the Coronavirus crisis in perspective, confirming that while the Coronavirus has killed around 300 thousand people, instead, every year more than 50 million people die for multiple diverse reasons without the planet to paralyze and get into panic, with the understanding that cardiovascular diseases cause the death of 17 million people annually, 9 million deaths of cancer, 8 million smoking-related deaths, 6 million from diabetes, 5 million from air pollution, 4 million from obesity, 3 million from respiratory infections, 1 million deaths in car accidents, 1 million deaths from tuberculosis, 900 thousand deaths from AIDS, 800 thousand deaths from suicides,  600 thousand deaths from malaria, 700 thousand deaths from diseases caused by vectors,  600 thousand deaths of flu, and 400 thousand deaths from homicides, concluding that the Coronavirus is insignificant when compared to this type of physical, mental and social illnesses.

The Supreme Council of World Peace lists consumption of tobacco as one of the worst pandemics, as it kills more than 8 million people per year, therefore if the political leaders of the world really wanted to save lives then they should ban smoking, for being a disease that kills millions of people every year and will even kill many more people than the Coronavirus.

The Supreme Council of World Peace thinks that quarantines, social distancing and blockades are extreme and ineffective measures, even preventing to generate herd immunity, which is why the presidents who have been most attacked by the media for their initial position on the Coronavirus, like Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson, along with liberal countries like Sweden and Holland, would be the leaders that most correctly positioned themselves against the pandemic, since they were not part of the Global Panic Attack, promoting the opening of schools and maintaining jobs rather than promoting mass suicide through quarantine and mass confinement.

The Supreme Council of World Peace says that the health systems of some countries throughout the world are overwhelmed by the Coronavirus only because political leaders have not invested in health but they did have invested in armaments, since health has never been a priority for corrupt and authoritarian political leaders, so any health  overflow would not be due to the severity of the Chinese flu of Coronavirus but rather to the inefficiency of the global hospital system that does not provide adequate services to the population.

The Supreme Council of World Peace declares that tragedies have occurred and will continue to occur inevitably throughout the course of history, as happened with the 1918 Spanish flu that caused tens of millions of deaths worldwide, but then the Human life continued, which is why the civilization must simply remain calm and follow ethical and altruistic leaderships that are full of compassionate wisdom, and should not stop its flow with blockades and quarantines promoted by political leaders who are full of fear and ignorance that can destroy the social fabric, as scientist Ioannidis has warned.

The Supreme Council of World Peace perceives that the worst epidemics are moral epidemics and not the biological ones, as Camus pointed out, hence the selfishness and fear of political leaders has led them to try to save themselves by means of a raft that requires sinking others, all of which shows that the Coronavirus pandemic arouses incomprehensible emotions and insecurities, generating a Global Panic Attack that can only be remedied through spiritual values that give meaning to life and to the  inevitability of death, by allowing to reach the Cure (Nirvana) of suffering in the here and now.

The Supreme Council of World Peace understands that this Global Panic Attack is the product of the lack of international leadership of the UN, which is a totally immoral and fictional intergovernmental institutional framework that has even committed Crimes against humanity in a systematic and widespread way and which has been complicit in the worst human rights violations, because if there were a council of ethical social leaders at a global level then any emergency or crisis situation would be faced with mindfulness, compassionate wisdom and ethical behavior, developing the best of the human being and never the worst.

The Supreme Council of World Peace affirms that the social teachings of Maitriyana are curing society of the epidemics of selfishness, dualism and consumerism, promoting solidarity, integration and altruism, which makes it possible not to act with despair and fear but with cooperation and security.

The Supreme Council of World Peace teaches that for the Maitriyana the three poisons or global pandemics are greed, hatred and deceit, which must be faded through detachment, compassion and Truth, reason why the Cure for pandemics of life is of a spiritual nature.

The Supreme Council of World Peace clarifies that these buddhic ideas of the three poisons as world social ills that are taught by the Maitriyana have been appropriated by the best-selling philosopher Yuval Noah Harari without making any recognition of the Buddhist origin of this knowledge, which could constitute an illegal act of plagiarism.

The Supreme Council of World Peace declares that the Coronavirus crisis has demonstrated the total lack of global leadership of the UN, which has been inefficient in developing a global system of cooperation and solidarity that prohibits quarantines, blockades, segregations, xenophobia, mistrusts, restrictions and isolations that are ineffective in the fight against epidemics, because in order for a country to be successful against a virus all the other countries must take the same measure, as demonstrated by the fight against smallpox in the 20th century.

The Supreme Council of World Peace undermines any legitimacy of political leaders, especially the UN, who have lied and deceived for several years and now continue to fail in their mission of providing a fully comprehensive and coordinated international response to the Coronavirus, thus the Maitriyana calls for the emergence of new ethical leaders capable of assuming this global role of promoting global union and thinking beyond the national.

The Supreme Council of World Peace urges the global citizens to control that governments do not become authoritarian and illegal, even having to be mindful of governmental expenditures destination, since the money of the world’s taxpayers usually goes to cover military budgets instead of being implemented for better health and education for the peoples.

The Supreme Council of World Peace maintains that solidarity, compassion and Truth are the only global Cure against epidemics, which is not an exaggeration to say on the part of the Maitriyana Spirituality, considering that multiple medical specialists from the United States, Italy, the United Kingdom, France and Spain, among which is Johns Hopkins University, are undergoing a hundred-year-old therapy with excellent results that may be the most efficient Way and the Medical Cure against Coronavirus, which would not be a vaccine, but rather the use of convalescent or hyper immune plasma transfusions from cured patients or patients with mild symptoms, who would be donating their antibodies so that other infected patients can be cured, causing the plasma to act as an antiviral that destroys the virus, often producing a response in just 24 hours, which shows that the solution to the Coronavirus comes not from laboratories but precisely from the human solidarity of those who are donors.

The Supreme Council of World Peace states that the Cure through antibodies of plasma transfusions has already been used to heal patients during the polio and Spanish flu crises in the 20th century, as stated by Giuseppe Remuzzi, director of the Institute of Pharmacological Research Mario Negri of Milan, which is a righteous and appropriated Way to rapidly get out of the insanity that massive quarantines represent.

The Supreme Council of World Peace recommends the use not only of plasma transfusion of conventional medicine, but also of ancient and alternative medicine, therefore people should experience the high healing potentials as natural antivirals or antibiotics that can be found in Honey, Lemon, Thyme, Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, Clove, Anise, Onion, Oregano, Melissa, Licorice Root, Calendula, Echinacea, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus and Medicinal Cannabis, the latter being recommended to combat cancer and epilepsy and also to inhibit the Coronavirus to enter the body according to preliminary studies of the University of Liethbe.

The Supreme Council of World Peace congratulates the innovative treatment against Coronavirus that has been created by Argentine scientists and it is about an inhalation and nebulizing method based on ibuprofen, having the ability to reverse the symptoms of those infected by its bactericidal, viricidal and anti-inflammatory action on lung conditions, and achieving the amazing negativization of the disease in 5 days.

The Supreme Council of World Peace criticizes the sensationalism of thousands of intellectuals and journalists around the world, who do not stop repeating that the Coronavirus crisis is the collapse of an era or the beginning of a new era or a different world, which is a set of pathological exaggerations as serious as the Global Panic Attack that led governments and political leaders around the globe to commit the insanity of quarantining half humanity for a virus that is no more serious than a flu, as this crisis has done nothing more than show the lack of ethical leadership in the world, especially by the UN, this being a phenomenon that has existed since 2001 and would not be a recent phenomenon.

The Supreme Council of World Peace challenges to think of ethical leadership ways that build a new reality, helping to create a peaceful, just, cultured and healthy society, which constitutes the true revolution and radical transformation of humanity.

The Supreme Council of World Peace theorizes that in the coming years new pandemics will occur much more serious than those of the Coronavirus, since by synthesizing the theory of natural selection with the Gaia hypothesis, it can be concluded that Mother Earth will continue to produce increasingly frequent viruses and efficient after having experienced that the Coronavirus had the effect of massive quarantines that greatly improved the levels of atmospheric contamination, thus generating an effective way for planetary self-defense with respect to the carcinogenic ecocidal materialistic civilization, which explains very well the reason why the Coronavirus originated at the epicenter of world capitalist globalization based on unlimited greed, probably being a planetary defense mechanism in the face of the terrible fires of California, Australia and the Amazon in 2019.

The Supreme Council of World Peace is saddened by the lack of solidarity, cooperation and collaboration of the UN international community in managing the Coronavirus crisis, the solution of which would be found in a new form of globalization with sustainable and environmental features, redesigning global civilization in conjunction and without the omnipotence and authoritarianism of political leaders who are attached to illusory borders and false solutions instead of having a clear horizon of interdependence.

The Supreme Council of World Peace finds new essential mechanisms to face the Coronavirus crisis with responsible leadership and a broad vision, whose fundamental condition is the development of empathetic civilization, putting itself in the place of the neighbor in order to understand its problems and help it with more comprehensive, righteous and adequate solutions that break the vicious circles generated by the current global crisis.

The Supreme Council of World Peace offers a new way of perceiving social reality, analyzing all its problems and challenges in order to contribute with fully enriching solutions.

The Supreme Council of World Peace sanctions the quarantines made with the excuse of the Coronavirus as a massive violation of human rights, since isolation causes harm to the mental health of healthy communities while violating their rights to freedom, to work , health, food, education, religion, association and movement, confining hundreds of millions of people who are healthy and uninfected.

The Supreme Council of World Peace studies that forced quarantines have a strong political impact on the population, giving the illusion of being an aggressive and active decision to resolve a pandemic, although actually this measure, that is being used by multiple political leaders, does not have any scientific evidence that it works, doing nothing more than briefly delay the advance of the virus, and hence it would be a way for governments to avoid facing possible criticism for not having suitable and appropriate health systems.

The Supreme Council of World Peace is concerned about the millions of arbitrary arrests made by governments around the world in a systematic and widespread way against their civilian populations during illegal and unconstitutional quarantines, which is a Crime against humanity under International Law.

The Supreme Council of World Peace asks prosecutors and judges of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to consider investigating crimes against humanity that governments have carried out in a systematic and widespread way during the Forced Quarantines, which cannot be justification for nullify and violate the human rights of the entire population with total impunity.

The Supreme Council of World Peace recalls that the implementation of these illegal mass quarantines began in China, and then the rest of the countries did nothing more than imitate this authoritarian sanitary model that violates human rights treaties and that even violates the very Chinese Constitution of 1982, which protects fundamental rights such as freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom of protest, freedom of religious belief and the right to education, which also affirms that the personal dignity of Chinese citizens is inviolable, all of which are constitutional guarantees violated by the Chinese government.

The Supreme Council of World Peace listens to the UN Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture, which issued a communiqué on the treatment of people who have been forcibly quarantined, claiming that even if they are considered for the benefit of public health quarantines are detaining people or carrying out a deprivation of liberty, therefore they cannot limit the right to visit of quarantined detainees under the invocation of a State of emergency, nor can they mistreat people or restrict their movements or hinder their rights to legal or medical advice.

The Supreme Council of World Peace supports the States that did not enter into a Global Panic Attack during the Coronavirus crisis and decided to respect their international obligations on civil, cultural, economic, political and social rights, since in rare occasions quarantines are not an arbitrary deprivation of liberty as Amnesty International points out, which is evident in the fact that millions of people cannot access their basic needs for food, hygiene, health and work.

The Supreme Council of World Peace guides the UN, reminding it that its own Committee on Economic Social and Cultural Rights has required that any restriction or limitation for public health reasons must be in accordance with International Law and the rights conventions protected by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), which means that quarantines must be respectful of the dignity of individuals and fully attentive not to violate human rights, and an optional and voluntary movement restriction system must be established that simultaneously does not impede access to food, water and hygiene for all people, nor does it restrict or prohibit the right to freedom to enter or leave their own country to return home, meet the family and be able to work.

The Supreme Council of World Peace quotes the U.N. Committee on Economic Social and Cultural Rights, which stated that the Right to health is interdependent on the human rights to food, home, work, education, human dignity, life, non-discrimination, equality, prohibition against torture, privacy, access to information and freedom of association and movement, therefore violating these human rights in the name of health is a totally illegal contradiction.

The Supreme Council of World Peace adheres to the Syracuse Principles on the Limitation and Derogation of Provisions in the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, where governments are guided on how they should deal with emergency situations for public health reasons, by establishing that the restrictions on the rights must be legal, necessary, proportionate and respectful of human dignity, which is why quarantines should never be arbitrary or discriminatory.

The Supreme Council of World Peace agrees with Human Rights Watch that if governments make restrictions on freedom of movement this should only be done if aid mechanisms are provided to the affected people, otherwise it would be an abandonment of person, as has happened in Argentina.

The Supreme Council of World Peace denounces as something immoral and illegal the fact that many countries have closed their schools and universities, violating the right to education of millions of children and youth and also the right to education of thousands of adults, because education is a social and psychic health space that provides emotional support and which is fundamental in order to have spiritual health as well.

The Supreme Council of World Peace classifies forced quarantines as a crime against humanity when establishing a police State of arbitrary detentions with enormous social and economic costs, as they violently prevent the full development of the spiritual life of the people, even though large amounts of society infected by the Global Panic Attack have supported this systematic and widespread violation of their sacred human rights and which confines healthy people to living in ghettos, causing millions of jobs to be lost and death levels to rise due to malnutrition and diseases.

The Supreme Council of World Peace clarifies that if the political leaders of the world were really interested in saving lives, then they would not let hundreds of thousands of children die from malnutrition and famine every year, reason why it is shown that the Coronavirus crisis has not been more than a Global Panic Attack harnessed to worsen the human rights of the civilization by imitating China’s authoritarian regime, destroying freedom of movement, freedom of association, freedom of work, freedom of education and freedom of worship, the Coronavirus thus being an excuse to set a political and socioeconomic regime of constant quarantine or cybernetic control that totally monitors people through digital espionage and which considers them as potential enemies of public health in order to have unlimited access to the private lives of citizens, as previously happened in the United States after the attack against the Twin Towers in 2001.

The Supreme Council of World Peace agrees with Korean philosopher Byung-Chul Han‘s vision that different countries around the world are heading toward a digital police State, especially after imitating the heinous quarantines implemented by China and its disciplinary and authoritarian form of government that performs a surveillance capitalism and total control of the population with hundreds of millions of cameras, monitoring every aspect of daily life with digital espionage, which is certainly effective in the fight against a pandemic but simultaneously represents the death of the human rights and fundamental freedoms, by treating each person as a potential criminal.

The Supreme Council of World Peace again highlights that Argentina constitutes a clear example of a country that has imported the permanent quarantine system from China, even starting to establish digital surveillance or cyber-patrolling, which is carrying out tasks of intelligence services or massive surveillance of the country’s internal population, which is something prohibited by the Constitution and which violates human rights, privacy and freedom of expression, as Amnesty International has warned.

The Supreme Council of World Peace struggles for the ethics of Liberation of the world, for which reason the forced quarantine is criticized as a despotic aggression or tyrannical crime that is perpetrated by the caste of governmental political leaders against Natural Law, which considers that all human beings are universally free by nature in all times and places, therefore people subjected to forced quarantines are being deprived of the full exercise of their sacred natural condition of life.

The Supreme Council of World Peace appreciates the statement by businessman Elon Musk, who agrees with the Maitriyana that the quarantines due to the Coronavirus are fascist, outrageous and not democratic measures that break people’s freedoms for carrying out a horrible and wrong forced imprisonment of people against all their constitutional rights, so political leaders should give people back their goddamn freedom.

The Supreme Council of World Peace honors the prestigious virologist Pablo Goldschmidt, who not only established that the Coronavirus does not deserve that the world is totally paralyzed with unjustified paranoia, but he even stated that the present situation is similar to the origins of Totalitarianism, because when fear is put in people’s heads  everything can be done.

The Supreme Council of World Peace confirms that the report from Imperial College London, recommended by the World Health Organization, has contributed to the Global Panic Attack by spreading false data on a possible death rate from Coronavirus, which led multiple governments around the world to carry out forced quarantines for being based on erroneous data, since Professor Neil Ferguson admitted he was wrong in his mathematical predictions and affirmed that now the Coronavirus was within the mathematical values of the flu.

The Supreme Council of World Peace confirms that the United States and the United Kingdom were originally following the same epidemiological strategy as Sweden, trying to seek collective immunity, although the Imperial College London report caused so much panic by spreading false projections of death toll that the Public opinion criticized both governments and they eventually decided to change their strategy, ignoring that the report from Imperial College London had reached its dramatic conclusions for believing that only 50% of those infected are asymptomatic, when in fact they would be around a 98%.

The Supreme Council of World Peace again values Oxford University, which has made another kind of predictive model that claims that the Coronavirus has spread massively and invisibly at least a month before the known dates, therefore actually much of the population would already be infected, which means that the mortality and risk of the virus are remarkably low, allowing the virologist Pablo Goldschmidt to conclude that 86% will not have serious symptoms (and even the infectologist Johan Giesecke suggests it would be 98%), and that only 1 in a thousand infected would need hospitalization, which is equivalent to 0.1% that was previously theorized by John Ioannidis of Stanford University.

The Supreme Council of World Peace warns that infectologist Fernando Polack, adviser to the World Health Organization, was already aware that the death rate from Coronavirus is 0.1%, claiming that the body’s own immune system will save the human being of the pandemic, although this specialist has paradoxically revealed his support for the illegal and dictatorial quarantines, stating that in order for a country to exclude itself from the horror seen in the media, an aggressive policy of suppression of the virus and intense control must be applied over population and borders in order to have an unprecedented opportunity for the government to tell people what to do and how to live and thus have a more orderly country.

The Supreme Council of World Peace is in agreement with the virologist Pablo Goldschmidt, who has courageously stated that the Coronavirus is not responsible for the large number of deaths that have occurred in some countries, but rather has been the States for not investing enough in having medical devices and in training medical experts in intensive care and pneumonology, which would be the main difference between the number of deaths between Italy and Germany, the latter being ten times lower.

The Supreme Council of World Peace is in agreement with the virologist Pablo Goldschmidt, who affirms that the Coronavirus is not much more serious than other viral infections, because year after year pneumonia and various respiratory viruses cause hundreds of thousands of deaths without the world enters a state of Global Panic Attack, the main difference being that now panic arose and not with the other infections, because every year thousands of people die from the flu and nobody closes the planet, and thousands of people also die from a cold or tuberculosis or meningitis and nobody cares about it or makes a scandal, so there is something very rare with the Coronavirus pandemic: it has been dramatized a lot with absurd panic due to a serious error or incompetence by the experts of the World Health Organization who calculated the virus mortality rates.

The Supreme Council of World Peace explains that each time a new virus arises, a large number of people are infected and simultaneously the number of individuals susceptible to being infected is reduced, causing the pandemic to extinguish on its own and that next year the Cases are few or directly nule, as explained by Diego Flichman, professor of virology at the University of Buenos Aires and researcher at CONICET, since this was exactly what happened in 2009 with the H1N1 flu, which allows one to conclude that it would not make any sense to have a vaccine in the next year, because by then the outbreak will have been contained as it happened with the other two types of Coronavirus that occurred in the last 18 years: SARS and MERS.

The Supreme Council of World Peace assures that the Coronavirus will become extinct on its own, which is a conclusion similar to the discovery made by the scientist Isaac Ben-Israel, president of the Israeli Space Agency, who studied that the Coronavirus begins its propagation with a exponential growth but then decreases and moderates to finally fade to almost 0 after 70 days from its appearance in an area, being a pattern that occurs regardless of the place or government containment measures, therefore, while at the beginning of the pandemic the number of infected is doubled exponentially every 3 days approximately, then this doubling phenomenon is perceived every 30 days, and even continues to decrease steadily, occurring with a similar propagation curve both in authoritarian countries that implemented strict quarantines and in liberal countries that did not apply any blockage.

The Supreme Council of World Peace verifies that the Coronavirus is already becoming less aggressive every day and that it will have disappeared by the time the vaccine is ready, as noted by specialist Giuseppe Remuzzi, director of the Mario Negri Institute of Pharmacological Research in Milan.

The Supreme Council of World Peace highlights that forced quarantines have negative implications, increasing the level of unemployment and poverty to unimaginable levels, therefore States should learn from countries that have successfully controlled the Coronavirus without applying illegal quarantines, such as South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, Germany and Sweden, demonstrating that quarantines are not the only way to flatten the contagion curve, since this can be done without a large number of deaths, without the repressive violence of the State and without completely destroying the economy.

The Supreme Council of World Peace rejects forced quarantines and mass confinement, considering them unconstitutional and violatory of human rights, being a house arrest without sanction by any judge, as has happened in China, Italy, Argentina and France, even though in the name of protection, an attempt is made to lock up the elderly, who are mainly those who suffer from the Coronavirus and not the rest of the population, since it is an immoral measure that infantilizes people and represses their intrinsic freedom and their right to age with adequate health and full development of activities, not respecting the fundamental principle of the dignity of the human person that is an essential part of Constitutions and human rights treaties.

The Supreme Council of World Peace adopts a liberal approach against the Coronavirus and criticizes that the world is closed with total confinements that drastically prohibit the population from enjoying open air in the streets, reason by which it congratulates the policies implemented by Sweden and its appeal to the responsibility of its citizens to follow hygiene recommendations, and they have continued to live with a high degree of normality and have remained immune to the Global Panic Attack, as Sweden has focused on the isolation of the sick and has simultaneously allowed citizens to eat in restaurants, travel and attend work, which has resulted in a successful strategy that would shortly achieve collective immunity.

The Supreme Council of World Peace challenges the current conventional view and considers the thousands of doctors who have supported illegal quarantines and who have considered civil liberties dangerous as totally immoral, by applauding the work carried out by Anders Tegnell, chief from epidemiology in Sweden, who has stated that forced quarantines or the confinement of people are unsustainable in the long term because people are inevitably going to leave and the chain of infections is going to restart, and applauding Johan Carlson, director of the Swedish Public Health Agency, who has stated that there is no rational justification for imposing confinement as even going out for fresh air would improve health, which has resulted in Sweden having lower death rates than many countries that have implemented severe quarantines and that even the hospitals have not collapsed due to the Coronavirus, therefore, in addition, it is obvious that Sweden has not resorted to systematic and widespread arbitrary arrests of alleged quarantine offenders.

The Supreme Council of World Peace questions the countries that have tried to stop the Coronavirus pandemic through forced and illegal quarantines that are useless, as stated by Johan Giesecke, Sweden’s highest epidemiological eminence, who has shown that whatever is done all the humanity will eventually be infected, affirming that there is no scientific evidence to justify most of the restrictions that countries are taking, only having a political motive that is to show strength and action, since the true mortality rate of the Coronavirus is quite similar to that of a flu season.

The Supreme Council of World Peace decrees that Sweden’s liberal approach to the Coronavirus epidemic can work in other countries, as the epidemiologist Johan Giesecke has stated, since the liberal approach would be better than a Police State regime controlling the streets, which is something that cannot be sustained forever, because the people will rebel if the quarantine is prolonged for a long time, since the quarantine is a threat against democracy as it is an opportunity for political leaders to obtain more power and those political consequences are worse than Coronavirus disease.

The Supreme Council of World Peace assures that the Global Panic Attack against the Coronavirus will produce a pandemic of poverty and world famine that will be truly deadly and of biblical proportions, being hundreds of times worse than the Coronavirus virus itself, which is a vision shared by the UN World Food Program, coming to the sad conclusion that the illegal mass quarantines constitute a response to the Coronavirus that will end up killing more people than the disease, causing the loss of millions of jobs and the destruction of entire economies, because while the Coronavirus has only killed around 300 thousand people, instead by the end of 2020, the economic impacts would leave around 265 million people on the verge of starvation, all of which happens in the context of a planet with 700 millions of people with severe food insecurity.

The Supreme Council of World Peace sees that the economic pandemic as a result of the Global Panic Attack in the face of the Coronavirus will cause millions of deaths through recession, unemployment, poverty, indigence, hunger and increased violence, suicides, mental disorders and heart diseases, since political leaders have not approached the crisis in a calm and organized manner, causing an undemocratic total paralysis of the international social, economic and legal system.

The Supreme Council of World Peace recalls that according to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is defined as a complete state of physical, mental and social well-being, but not as the absence of affections or diseases, for which reason it is denounced that this international organization has violated its very Purpose by betraying its own definition of what health is, while during the Coronavirus crisis the World Health Organization (WHO) has propagated an approach that prioritizes the absence of diseases or illnesses in the detriment of the physical, mental and social well-being that has been so much violated with stress and the lack of freedom from mass confinements and quarantines.

The Supreme Council of World Peace creates an Eightfold Path to guide the world in the face of present and future pandemics, transmitting 8 adequate and effective measures in order to respond without causing global panic that destroys economic and political systems:

  1. Preparation and quick reaction of scientific leaders to contain spread.
  2. Carry out health tests on the entire population.
  3. Isolation of infected people and not massive confinement of entire regions or countries.
  4. Promote optimal distancing from society through online work and distance education but without prohibiting meetings of people.
  5. Teach hygiene protocols to society while simultaneously providing protection and equipment to health workers.
  6. Investigate new vaccine and treatment developments.
  7. Implement long-term public health policies to rightly face new threats.
  8. Inspire calm and mobilize the immune society in order to be supportive and donate its antibodies that are necessary for the cure of the infected.

Always with spirit of Reconciliation (Maitri),

H.E. Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

President of the Supreme Council of World Peace







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