Freedom from Lockdown

Freedom from Lockdown

By Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

April 12, 2020


The Saviors and Awakened Beings

Are not defeated by the experience of fear, but are driven by the hope of a better world;

They do not comply with the law of isolation, but are guided by the law of love;

They are not carried away by the spreading of global panic, but they propagate their presence of equanimity;

They are not trying to eliminate the inevitable diseases of life, but to improve health;

They do not avoid death, but fully fulfill the Purpose of life.


The Saviors and Awakened Beings

Teach to be in contact with the Truth;

Faced with the international transmission of the viruses of greed, aversion and unconsciousness,

It is only necessary to be serene for a few seconds, open the window, listen to the birds singing, and feel the sunlight.


When peoples become massively infected with the virus of attachment, hatred and deceit,

It is only necessary to follow the steps of the Saviors and Awakened Beings,

Whose minds are empty of the illusions of social media,

Whose hearts are full of altruism towards the neighbor.


When governments try to limit human rights and try to lockdown fundamental freedoms,

The Saviors and Awakened Beings are prepared to break such oppressive orders,

Being the very embodiment of the path of Love and Justice;

Transmitting reflection and rationality in times of impulsiveness and madness.


Humanity must learn to listen to the guidance of spiritual teachers,

The Saviors and Awakened Beings,

Instead of hearing the words of fear and panic from corrupt politicians and tyrants,

Since only Liberation will lead the human being to a better world.


Humanity must make the decision on whether it wants to survive or not,

But if the human being continues to hear the irrational words of the blind who think that 1% equals 100%,

Then there will be no possible future, but only fear, panic and oppression;

The world of tomorrow can only be built by living freely in the here and now, always being guided by the Love and Justice of the Saviors and Awakened Beings.

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