Case 36-2017: Catholic Archdiocese of Yangon (Myanmar) & Cardinal Charles Maung Bo

5 April 2020


The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights has received the news that in April 2020 Cardinal Charles Maung Bo publicly stated that the Chinese Regime is morally guilty of the global expansion of the Coronavirus COVID19 that caused thousands of deaths, by accusing it not only of endangering millions of lives around the world but also of repressing religious freedom by destroying thousands of churches and crosses and imprisoning a million Muslims in concentration camps.

In the first place, while the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights applauds all criticism in defense of spiritual communities that are illegally oppressed in China, Cardinal Charles Maung Bo‘s accusation is however considered to be malicious or biased, as the Chinese Communist Party has been as negligent in handling the pandemic as all the governments of the world, which continued to allow international flights and did not close their borders even after China decreed what until then was the largest quarantine in the history of humanity. In this sense, all the governments of the world have been negligent and not just one of them. For this reason, the Buddhist Law corrects James Kraska for saying that China is legally responsible for the Coronavirus, since ultimately most of the governments of the world are also legally responsible for not having taken adequate measures to prevent and treat the epidemic. The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights concludes that, unless it is proven the fact that the Coronavirus was artificially created by China, this government cannot be held legally responsible for the existence and spread of the virus, whose main responsibility should then be assigned to Nature, since viruses and bacteria play a fundamental role in the body of Mother Earth.

Secondly, the fact that the Coronavirus is causing thousands of deaths every day at a global level is not because of the Chinese government, but rather it is a product of the fact that all governments have decided to invest billions of dollars annually in armaments instead of investing in social justice, education, science and health, because if all the military budgets had been redirected to medical research, to health service and the production of vaccines, then no country would be overwhelmed by the appearance of this kind of disease. For this reason, when Cardinal Charles Maung Bo declared that the Chinese Regime is the main Responsible for the damage caused by the Coronavirus to thousands of lives around the world, the Cardinal would be incurring a falsehood, this being the reason why the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights is forced to clarify China’s innocence in this matter.

Third, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights has no sympathy or support whatsoever toward the Chinese Communist Party, but it is clarified that Cardinal Charles Maung Bo is maliciously mistaken in saying that those solely responsible for the Coronavirus are repression, lies and corruption of the Chinese Communist Party. Even if the Chinese authorities concealed the news and silenced doctors, disappeared journalists and misrepresented the death toll, it did not cause the Coronavirus. In a globalized world, any public health expert knows that, whatever is done, a highly contagious virus will quickly and inevitably become an international disease.

Fourth, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights confirms that the Chinese Communist Party‘s accusation that the United States was the cause of the Coronavirus pandemic demonstrates the same degree of malicious attitude as that one of Cardinal Charles Maung Bo.

Fifth, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights has evidence that a systematic and widespread system of human rights violations has existed in China for decades, with millions of forced abortions, extrajudicial detentions and executions of thousands of people, especially attacking and destroying the Buddhist, Christian and Muslim Communities. However, it is malicious to claim that this is the cause of the Coronavirus, as Cardinal Maung Bo claimed. Furthermore, despite being fully aware of these human rights violations in China, the Vatican signed a secret agreement in 2018 with the Chinese Communist Party, allowing the latter to control the Catholic religion, which leaves totally unprotect the Christian communities in China that were persecuted and kept in hiding without being controlled by the regime, this being the reason why the brave Cardinal Joseph Zen, declared that the Vatican had sold and betrayed the Chinese Christian community. The signing of this secret agreement between China and the Vatican was confirmed a few months after Pope Francis I supported the genocidal regime in Myanmar, which is China’s economic partner.

Sixth, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights confirms that when Cardinal Charles Maung Bo affirmed that the Chinese Communist Party is a threat to the world for being criminally responsible for the Coronavirus pandemic is a totally malicious statement. The Buddhist Law confirms that nature has caused the Coronavirus, and the human rights violations are not its cause. Furthermore, the maximum proof of Cardinal Charles Maung Bo‘s bad intention is his request for the Chinese government to apologize and make financial compensation for the debt of other countries, surely requesting this because the Cardinal is a fervent nationalist who supports the genocidal government of Myanmar (an economic partner of China).

Seventh, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights confirms the fact that in the past Cardinal Charles Maung Bo has been sentenced Responsible for Complicity with Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing and Crimes against humanity; Complicity with Crimes against peace; Spiritual Fraud; Complicity with Dictatorship; and Complicity with Violations of fundamental freedoms. These charges were a consequence from his public support for the Myanmar government during the Genocide against the Rohingya People. In this sense, the Buddhist Law concludes that the real threat to the world is not the Chinese Communist Party but the false prophets; those who have been denounced by the Master Jesus as ravenous wolves disguised as sheep (Matthew 7:15), the religious leaders who perversely do evil in the name of Good.


By Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

Judge of the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights


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