MD in Yoga and Ayurveda Medicine



First Semester

Module 1. Yama Yoga

Module 2. Niyama Yoga

Module 3. Asana Yoga

Module 4. Pranayama Yoga

Module 5. Pratyahara Yoga

Module 6. Dharana Yoga

Module 7. Dhyana Yoga

Module 8. Samadhi Yoga

Module 9. Prajña Yoga

Module 10. Moksha Yoga

Module 11. Santi Yoga

Module 12. Dharma Yoga

Module 13. Sasana Yoga


Second Semester

Module 1. Yoga Philosophy

Module 2. Tibetan Yoga

Module 3. Kundalini

Module 4. Oriental Medicine

Module 5. Tai chi chuan

Module 6. Yoga Therapy

Module 7. Yoga Psychology

Module 8. Pilates

Module 9. Ayurveda

Module 10. Acupuncture

Module 11. Chinese Medicine

Module 12. Holistic Medicine


Third Semester

Module 1: Introduction to Buddhist Medicine

Module 2: Integral Holistic Medicine

Module 3: Tibetan Medicine

Module 4: Chinese Medicine

Module 5: Oriental Medical Diagnosis

Module 6: Ayurvedic Medicine

Module 7: Yogi Medicine of Breathing

Module 8: Yoga Therapy

Module 9: Tibetan Yoga

Module 10: Integral Yoga

Module 11: Meditative Healing

Module 12: Taoist Medicine


Fourth Semester

Module 1: Acupuncture

Module 2: Phytotherapy and Medicinal Herbs

Module 3: Natural Medicine and Naturopathy

Module 4: Indigenous Medicine

Module 5: Thai Massage and Digitopuncture

Module 6: Qi Gong and Tai Chi

Module 7: Vibrational Medicine and Music Therapy

Module 8: Reiki Therapy

Module 9: Iridology, Reflexotherapy and Auriculotherapy

Module 10: Homeopathy

Module 11: Floral Therapy and Aromatherapy

Module 12: Anthroposophic Medicine




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