Judgment on Rigpa & Sogyal Rinpoche

Case 41-2018: RIGPA Cult & Sogyal Rinpoche



Dear Prosecutor, Public Defender, Ambassador, Secretary and Jury Members of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee (IBEC) and Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights (BTHR), regarding Case 41-2018 against “RIGPA Sect & Sogyal Rinpoche”, on April 1, 2018, it is hereby recorded that the trial of the Ethics Committee has been concluded to analyze the violation of the Buddhist Ethics carried out by the accused.

After analyzing the presentation of the Case and the validation of proofs, the Committee has proceeded with the voting of 9 members of the Jury, confirming that there were 1 vote of “Insanity”, 1 vote of “Innocent” and 7 votes of “Responsible” for “RIGPA Sect & Sogyal Rinpoche” for the serious crimes of Torture and Slavery, Fraud and Organized Crime, Violation of Women’s Rights and Violation of Buddhist Law. When interpreting and giving voice to the vote of the Jury members, it is concluded that the “RIGPA Sect & Sogyal Rinpoche” do not have any valid excuse to justify their Violations to Buddhist Ethics, because although they have recently publicly apologized, the acts of Sogyal Rinpoche are not the product of a mistake but constitute a deliberately pattern of criminal behavior chosen for more than 40 years, even being a behavior supported by the RIGPA Sect for more than 20 years since the first legal demand for sexual abuse came to public light. In this sense, the accused party, “RIGPA Sect & Sogyal Rinpoche”, has made a systematic plan of physical and psychological abuses through manipulations and frauds that swindled thousands of people to maintain a selfish lifestyle of sexual and labor exploitation. Sogyal Rinpoche systematically carried out coercion and sexual abuse, even creating a harem of young female sex slaves to obtain personal gratification to his promiscuity, causing enormous pain and confusion in his victims, who also received psychological mistreatment and physical violence on a daily basis. Sogyal Rinpoche has fraudulently promised to cure his students, by manipulating and sexually exploiting them, using his position of power in order to betray the ethical duty to help and release his students, so that his total lack of Compassionate Love perverts all values and ethical principles, causing many of his victims to doubt or disbelieve the sacredness and veracity of Buddhism. In this way, it is confirmed the fact that the “RIGPA Sect & Sogyal Rinpoche” have illegally taken advantage and have subjected a large number of people seeking to learn Spirituality, using violence, brainwashing, forced labor, threats and multimillion dollar swindle as a part of their organized crime behavior. Evidences from the Case has shown that the “RIGPA Sect & Sogyal Rinpoche” formed a criminal organization or illicit association, violating women’s rights and also violating the fundamental ethical principles and precepts of Buddhist Law, by reducing women to mere objects of sensual pleasure. Sogyal Rinpoche has had a totally contradictory behavior with regards to the Buddhist doctrine, establishing a personality cult that carried out million dollar swindles and covered up systematic sexual abuses in the name of Buddhism, claiming a Crazy Wisdom or non-conventional teaching to justify terrible violations to Buddhist Ethics, such as mental manipulation, physical violence, sexual abuse and hedonistic materialistic lifestyle. As the whole RIGPA organization was intended to satisfy the criminal behavior of Sogyal Rinpoche, along with his materialistic and lustful lifestyle, by systematically covering-up his fraudulent millionaire abuses and expenses, it is confirmed that RIGPA is not a Buddhist Community (Sangha) but a Criminal Sect having total ignorance of what Spiritual Love (Metta) means.

Actually, True Wisdom should always be Compassionate and Sane, so that any master who speaks of violent or “crazy wisdom” will be committing spiritual fraud. Wisdom transmitted through a “non-conventional way” is undoubtedly the pacifism, social justice, advanced knowledge and ecology, because in a materialistic and destructive world, where it is normal for there to be war, poverty, ignorance and contamination, then Buddhism should adopt the “non-conventional way” of active contemplation, compassionate wisdom and humanitarian ethics, which is essentially love the fellow beings, never resorting to the ills of greed, violence and deceit. The awakened mind, the sane mind, is intrinsically “non-conventional”, always humble and serene, so that those people considering promiscuity and violence as non-conventional ways are actually maintaining the same conventional, pathological and perverse way of the rest of society.

The International Buddhist Ethics Committee establishes the possibility of reaching a Post-Judgment Conciliatory Agreement with RIGPA in case they wish the annulment of the charges against them. In order to do good, to stop doing evil, and to purify oneself spiritually, following the Way of all the Buddhas, it is ruled that RIGPA should meet the following requirements: 1) Donate all its millionaire material possessions to Sogyal Rinpoche‘s victims; 2) Declaring Sogyal Rinpoche as a Non-Enlightened False Buddhist Master. Until this possible conciliation agreement does not happen, the International Buddhist Ethics Committee declares that the “RIGPA Sect & Sogyal Rinpoche” are Responsible for Torture and Slavery, Fraud and Organized Crime, Violation of Women’s Rights and Violation of Buddhist Law.

On the other hand, the International Buddhist Ethics Committee confirms that it is not possible to establish the legitimacy of an enlightened Buddhist master from the analysis of his celibacy. This is because there are some Buddhist lineages and schools that do not require their masters to be celibate, thus following Siddharta Gautama’s Middle Path that transcends both asceticism and hedonism. In this way, the International Buddhist Ethics Committee, as an organization that respects and incorporates the ancient knowledge of all spiritual traditions, affirms that Buddhist masters may certainly practice sexuality as long as they comply with the fundamental ethical precepts, practicing a righteous and appropriate love (samma pema) which does not hurt the fellow beings. This means that there should never be any kind of manipulation, deception, violence and debauchery, but that there must be Pure and True Love in a climate of reciprocal union. In this sense, following the international jurisprudence on cases of therapeutic relationships, the International Buddhist Ethics Committee declares as illegal the practice of genitality between master and student for being a practice very susceptible to be used for manipulation and abuse. However, there are two exceptions to this rule: 1) When the person who decides to establish a sexual relationship is not a current disciple of the spiritual master it will not constitute any kind of manipulation or abuse, since relations with friends or with former disciples lack any possible master-slave dialectic; 2) When the Buddhist master who established a spiritual marriage with his dharmic partner decides to practice a relationship of mutual support, mutual learning and growing-in-love it will not constitute any kind of manipulation or abuse.

Accordingly, in 2011 the Maitriyana established that Spiritual Love is that which teaches to tolerate Emptiness, not feeling fear or bitterness because what is shared is something Pure and Real; Spiritual Love is that which teaches to contemplate flowers, mutually learning from each other and growing-in-love; Spiritual Love is that which teaches to Awaken, calming the mind and lighting the spiritual Fire in the core of the Being; Spiritual Love is that which teaches to realize the Project of Freedom; Spiritual Love is that which saves forever in all the ways a person can be saved.

The Buddhist Law teaches that, in order to cultivate a better world, an altruistic and harmonious civilization, it is necessary to cultivate and radiate the practice of Spiritual Love (Metta) to all beings. Only on this wise and compassionate foundation is that society can experience a life of happiness, goodness, peace, honesty, kindness, mutual support, humility, intelligence and detachment. This means that spiritual masters not only teach the individual to attain the Awakening (Bodhi), but also teach the community to live without anger, hostility and animosity, becoming a free and enlightened society. Following the path of masters Gautama and Jesus, the Maitriyana shows that the key to the Salvation and Evolution of humanity is Unlimited Spiritual Love (Agape) toward everyone, cultivating a reconciling spirit to all beings in the same way that the mothers and fathers care for their own children.[1] Therefore, the apprentice is required to practice Mindfulness in the here and now, valuing each moment of life as if it were the last one, and valuing the fellow being as if he or she were oneself, including the enemies, since the one who lives an Existence with virtues and clear vision understands that the path of greed, hatred and deceit leads to Self-destruction of humanity. In this sense, the Buddhist Law proclaims that True Spiritual Love (Metta) must have a spirit of self-sacrifice, so that one must renounce to protect one’s Ego, Ideology and State, in order to begin to defend Life, Spirituality and Mother Earth. This means that the Reconciling Love (Maitri) and the Supreme Compassion (Mahakaruna) promoted by the Free and Enlightened Beings (Arhats-Bodhisattvas) are expanded to all the humankind, to the whole nature and to the entire Multiverse. Thus, the Maitriyana shows that active contemplation, compassionate wisdom and humanitarian ethics are based on the understanding that the whole reality is interrelated and interdependent.

The Buddhist Law has the Purpose (Dharma) or guiding principle of creating a wise and compassionate civilization, a friendly and altruistic world. This implies that the individual should go beyond the limits of romantic love in order to enter the unlimited field of Sublime and Spiritual Love (Metta) that constantly purifies and enlightens emotions, thoughts and actions. In effect, the apprentice who abandons the attachment to ordinary love is able to resacralize everyday life, living a free existence in the world. The Maitriyana confirms that romantic love is nothing but a primitive kind of affection that should be transcended if an individual decides to become a spiritual master and live without jealousy, resentment and illusions. The Free and Enlightened Beings (Arhats-Bodhisattvas) even transcend maternal love, because their commitment is not with the defense of a son or relative in particular, but rather with the protection of all sentient beings. In this way, Spiritual Love (Metta) is the highest Purpose (Dharma) by which a person can live, and therefore this is broadly related to the Love for Truth and Art, since Dharmic Passion always helps others to be cured from suffering and to live a real happiness. Therefore, there is a deep commitment to Goodness and Beauty, providing intelligence and empathy in relationships with others. According to Buddhist Law, the spiritual master must always be a good friend (kalyanamitta) who respects and helps people to achieve Awakening (Bodhi), instead of being a bad friend (papamitta) who dishonestly uses and manipulates others through greed, hatred and deceit. The Maitriyana then confirms that the force that awakens the mind and transforms the internal world is the same force of love that saves society and pacifies the external world. This pure and unconditional Spiritual Love (mahametta) not only does not produce suffering, but is an essential part of the path of Liberation, turning the apprentice into a Companion of the Way. While erotic love is based on attachment and is imperfect, impermanent and insubstantial, however, Spiritual Love is developed as the healthiest and most powerful force in the Universe, maintaining humility, transformation and openness at all times. In fact, the Reconciling Love (Maitri) constitutes the fourth pillar on which every individual should take refuge, along with the pillars of the Awakened Being (Buddha), the Purpose (Dharma) and the Spiritual Commune (Sangha). Therefore, the Buddhist Law recommends couples wishing to live happily that they should not be based on sex and material consumerism, but should share a common framework of conducts, beliefs and values. Precisely, the one who practices the Art of Contemplative Love never converts the loved one into an object that satisfies his or her needs, but actually honors him or her in every moment and place respecting his/her presence as a miracle, seeking he or she can be free of all attachment, waking up to the Truth of life, learning and growing-in-love. While erotic love is rebelled against what is Real and tries to keep people with attachment and egoistic desire, on the other hand, Spiritual Love (Metta) is an associate of Truth and tries to liberate others in a totally pure and unconditional way by means of a Sublimated Desire. In this sense, the Maitriyana totally criticizes those false spiritual masters, such as Ricardo Javier Ocampo, Adi Da and Sogyal Rinpoche, who have totally broken the ethical precepts of the practice of Spiritual Love (Metta) by means of harmful behavior to others, because they have carried out abusive and coercive behaviors instead of honoring the mission of Spirituality: to heal and liberate humanity. Thus, in order that there are no manipulations or distortions, the Buddhist Law describes what Pure Love (Metta) really is: reconciliatory, enjoyable, equanimous, wise and compassionate, non-violent, unconditional and universal. It is a Spiritual Love (Metta) free of attachment and selfishness, which turns the loved one into a Companion-of-Way on the path of Awakening of the internal world and Liberation of the external world. This is why the Maitriyana’s model of Super-Integral Buddhism (Mahapurna) evolves the Noble Eightfold Path of Gautama, incorporating the appropriate and righteous love (samma pema) as part of a Noble Fourteenth Path also composed of righteous understanding, righteous thought, righteous speech, righteous conduct, righteous livelihood, righteous effort, righteous attention, righteous concentration, righteous knowledge, righteous liberation, righteous peace, righteous justice and righteous Spirituality.

In conclusion, the International Buddhist Ethics Committee has the Purpose (Dharma) for the Buddhist Spirituality to be pure and true, not being perverted by abusive criminals, so that anyone who attempts against the sacredness of Wise and Compassionate Love will be denounced and prosecuted. Thus, for having violated several of the fundamental rules of Buddhist Law, such as not sexually abusing and not swindling, it is established that Sogyal Rinpoche is a False Buddhist Master. Undoubtedly, although he has resigned after having been publicly exposed by a group of students, this does not necessarily imply that the accused is now doing good and that he is spiritually purifying himself, because in order to achieve that it is not only required that the damage caused to all his victims is repaired by the accused but also he needs to learn Buddhism under the guidance of genuine spiritual masters. In this way, the Case on the “RIGPA Sect & Sogyal Rinpoche” constitutes a great lesson, so that anyone who makes sexual abuses and scams is aware that he or she will not be able to do so with impunity.

Following the Path of Master Gautama Buddha, who created and developed a Path of True Love 2600 years ago, the International Buddhist Ethics Committee oversees that Buddhist masters and spiritual communes around the world do not violate Buddhist Law, so that the “RIGPA Sect & Sogyal Rinpoche” has been sentenced Responsible for Torture and Slavery, Fraud and Organized Crime, Violation of Women’s Rights and Violation of Buddhist Law.

With Spirit of reconciliation (maitri),

Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

President and Spiritual Judge of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee (IBEC) and Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights (BTHR)

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