Resolution on Demonization of the Fellow Beings

Case No. 36-2017: Catholic Archdiocese of Yangon (Myanmar) & His Eminence Cardinal Charles Maung Bo


Resolution on Demonization of the Fellow Beings


Friday 22 December 2017

The International Buddhist Ethics Committee and Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights,

Recalling the principles of the Buddhist Law and the International Human Rights Law, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN and the Buddhist Convention on Human Rights adopted by the United Buddhist Nations Organization;

Considering that the State of Myanmar along with its de facto leaders Aung San Suu Kyi and Ming Aung Hlaing have been sentenced Responsible for the serious crimes of Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, Crimes against Humanity, High Crimes against World Peace, Violation of International Human Rights Law and Violation of Buddhist Law;

Aware that the State Sangha Maha Nayaka Committee of Myanmar has been sentenced as Responsible for the serious crimes of Complicity with Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing, Crimes against humanity and peace, Violation of the Rights of Indigenous and Tribal Peoples, Violation of Freedom of expression, Violation of the rights of women and children, Complicity with discrimination, Oppression and illegal detention against the Buddhist Sangha, False Buddhism and Violation of the Buddhist Legal Code;

Concerned enormously by the full public support expressed on several occasions by Cardinal Charles Maung Bo and the Catholic Archdiocese of Yangon toward the de facto leader Aung San Suu Kyi, despite the fact that she is perpetrating crimes against humanity;

Deploring the visit of His Eminence Pope Francis I to the State of Myanmar, showing public support to the genocidal leaders Aung San Suu Kyi and Ming Aung Hlaing, visiting the State Sangha Maha Nayaka Committee and even accepting to make an act of negationism regarding the identity or existence of the Rohingya People;

Taking into consideration that during the visit of His Eminence Pope Francis I to the State of Myanmar during November 2017, the forced expulsions of members of the Rohingya People continued, which results in an amount of 650 thousand people in the year, being one of the worst refugees crises in the history of humankind;

Examining that according to the prestigious organization Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) during the month prior to the visit of His Eminence Pope Francis I to the State of Myanmar, there were unofficial killings of 6700 individuals from the Rohingya People, many of them babies or children, which would allow one to extrapolate the fact that for each day Pope Francis I stayed in Myanmar this government murdered 220 people of the Rohingya People daily;

Reaffirming the Judgment of November 27, 2017 against Cardinal Charles Maung Bo and the Catholic Archdiocese of Yangon, which establishes that the visit of His Eminence Pope Francis I to the State of Myanmar in the context of a systematic and generalized plan of extermination against the Rohingya People constitutes one of the greatest scandals in the history of Christianity, being as serious as a hypothetical scenario in which Pope Pius XII would have legitimized Nazism by visiting Auschwitz during the final solution or Nazi extermination plan against the Jewish People;

Appalled at the fact that the genocidal government of Myanmar has begun to persecute journalists who are spreading news about the genocide, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity perpetrated by the government against innocent civilians, which has led the organization Fortify Rights and Antonio Guterres, Secretary General of the UN, to publicly denounce this attack against press freedom, requesting the immediate release of those journalists illegally detained;

Publicly denouncing the support of the governments of Vatican and China toward the genocidal State of Myanmar, considering that both of them have directly and indirectly prevented Myanmar from being judged by the International Criminal Court (ICC);

Repudiating Pope Francis I’s recent statement saying that the Devil is an educated and very intelligent person with a name and surname, which is not only a delusional idea but also an illegal idea that violates human rights and fundamental freedoms, being a dangerous tool because it would absolutely legitimize violence against any possible person who would be defamed with the Devil label just because of being someone contrary to the political and economic interests of the Vatican;

Noting that Pope Francis I has precedents in the use of the resource of demonization of fellow beings, as when he declared that behind the opposition to his reforms there was the participation of the Devil, as well as when he declared that the Homosexual Marriage Law in Argentina was a move of the devil to destroy the plan of God, even going so far as to ask for the beginning of a Holy War against the approval of this law;

Recalling the Universal Declaration on the Rights of Buddhist Peoples and Spiritual Communities, where it is stated that every human being has the same spiritual value, so that any doctrine or practice manifesting the superiority of some individuals over others on the grounds of national, geographical, racial, ethnic or cultural origin constitutes an expression that is philosophically racist, scientifically false, juridically illegal, ethically criticizable and socially unjust;

  1. It is solemnly established that Buddhism will always criticize all violent practices threatening the life and sacredness of all human beings.
  2. It is expressed that the teachings of Master Jesus of Nazareth lead to compassionate love toward the others, and never lead to demonizing the fellow beings.
  3. It is deplored as illegal the idea that a human being can be the Devil, being a concept that has been used historically to commit persecutions, murders and even Holy Wars.
  4. It is declared that the acts of genocide, ethnic cleansing and crimes against humanity carried out by Myanmar against the Rohingya People are precisely the fruit of a process of demonization against this marginal community, being the same process of demonization of fellow beings that took place in Germany against the Jewish People.
  5. It is made a correction of the false ideas of Pope Francis I, who considers that the thousands of child abuses committed by Catholic priests are actually a work of the Devil, which not only implies transmitting misleading ideas but also not taking responsibility for the terrible crimes caused by the Church, in addition to hiding the fact that he himself has actively participated in the defense of the Argentine pedophile priest Julio César Grassi, as has been proven during the National Ecclesiastical Tribunal Case, sentenced for the crimes of Violation of the Human Right to Justice, Spiritual Fraud and False Christianity.
  6. All members of Catholicism are called upon not following the path that leads to the Demonization of the fellow beings, because the Devil does not exist, just being a superstition and a symbolic figure created by humanity, as respectively has been taught by the theologian Vito Mancuso and the priest Arturo Sosa of the General Congregation of the Society of Jesus.
  7. It is confirmed that the only source of Evil in the world is not a person or a metaphysical entity, but rather is attachment, aversion and unconsciousness; in other words, greed, hatred and deceit, which are the three poisons of mind and heart, which can only be cured and evanesced through the antidote of Detachment, Compassion and Wisdom.

Always with a reconciling spirit,

H.E. Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

Judge and President of the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights



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