Resolution on Antonio Provolo Institute


Resolution on Antonio Provolo Institute


September 17, 2018

The International Buddhist Ethics Committee and Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights,

Recalling the principles of Buddhist Law and the International Human Rights Law, such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child adopted by the UN and the Buddhist Convention on Human Rights adopted by the United Buddhist Nations Organization;

Considering that the National Ecclesiastical Tribunal & Interdiocesan Tribunal of Buenos Aires together with the priest Julio César Grassi have already been previously sentenced Responsible for the serious crimes of Violation of the Human Right to Justice, Spiritual Fraud and False Christianity, Corruption, and Cover-up of Sexual Abuse and Pedophilia;

Aware that the current Pope Francis I actively participated in these crimes when he was known by the name of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio;

Greatly concerned about the cover-up and total public support of Pope Francis I for pedophile priests and sexual abusers, as evidenced by the cases of Priest Grassi from Argentina, Bishop Barros from Chile and Cardinal McCarrick from USA;

Taking into consideration that Archbishop Vigano has publicly requested Pope Francis I to resign for having covered up Cardinal McCarrick’s sexual abuses;

Examining the fact that after the scandalous Grassi Case, the Catholic Church continued committing the crime of covering up several pedophile priests and sexual abusers, not judging them neither sanctioning them, as is the Case with the Antonio Provolo Institute in Luján de Cuyo, where not only was allowed that pedophile priests of Italy have impunity in that country, as is the case with the priest Nicola Corradi, but also was allowed that their abuses continue against deaf children in Argentina, because instead of expelling these priests for their crimes they were simply relocated to another country, this being a pattern of cover-up and complicity that the Vatican State has historically repeated in almost all countries of the world;

Deploring the fact that at the Antonio Provolo Institute in Luján de Cuyo there have been more than 20 children who were sexually abused by priests, while at the headquarters in Verona (Italy) this Catholic institute has been involved in sexual abuses of more than 60 deaf children;

Showing dismay at the fact that, in Italy, the Priest Nicola Corradi would have been assisted by another 24 priests in his crimes against childhood during a period of more than 30 years, systematically abusing deaf children from the Italian headquarters of the Provolo Institute, where they chose children with communication difficulties, such as deaf and hearing impaired children as young as 5 years old;

Reaffirming that Priest Corradi also had collaborators in his violations against under age children in Argentina, as is the case of Priest Horacio Corbacho and Nun Kosaka;

Denouncing that at least since 2009 the Vatican State had full knowledge of the sexual abuses of Priest Corradi in Italy, since his name had emerged during an internal investigation, although the high ecclesiastical hierarchies decided to continue keeping him in charge of under age children in Argentina, by not judging him nor sanctioning him, even though the Vatican knew perfectly well that this individual would continue committing his crimes against childhood in another country;

Disapproving the fact that since 2014 Pope Francis I was receiving testimonies from the Italian victims of the pedophile priest Nicola Corradi, where he was warned that Corradi was in Argentina, but yet Pope Francis I decided to ignore these allegations, by covering up this criminal priest in order to continue exercising the priesthood and pedophilia in Argentina;

Agreeing with Anne Barrett Doyle, co-director of the Bishop Accountability organization, about promises of zero tolerance made by Pope Francis I certainly seem void after analyzing how he himself covered up the abuses of Priest Corradi;

Noting that this cover-up of sexual abuses of children shows a systematic and widespread plan, at the same time that it violates the rights to justice, to reparation and to the Truth of the victims, who not only suffered the trauma of rape but also the trauma of impunity and forgetfulness on the part of the Vatican;

Coinciding with the Argentine Prosecutor Alejandro Gulle, who confirmed that there was a cover up by the high ecclesiastical hierarchies, at the same time that he claimed that they sent the wolf to take care of the sheep, and even with long sentences of imprisonment the spiritual damage suffered by these children could never be compensated;

Reminding that only after press revealed the events and the Argentine justice arrested Priest Corradi and his accomplices, Pope Francis I decided to appoint canonical investigators in the case, although for years he refused to investigate and preferred to guarantee full impunity for the pedophile priests;

Solemnly states that Buddhism will always criticize any abusive practice.

  1. Expresses that the teachings of Master Jesus of Nazareth lead to compassionate love and never to exploitation and the covering-up of abuses.
  2. Deplores the fact that since 2002 there have been more than 60 Catholic priests denounced for sexual abuse in Argentina, and that only 3 of them would have been sanctioned with expulsion as members of the Catholic Church.
  3. Declares that the National Ecclesiastical Tribunal of Argentina and all its members have been responsible for having committed Crimes against Childhood.
  4. Ethically and spiritually penalizes Pope Francis I for having kept an Immoral Leadership.
  5. Appeals to all members of Catholicism never to follow the path of abuse and covering-up that are a source of Evil in the world.

Always with a reconciling (maitri) spirit,

H.E. Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

Judge and President of the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights


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