Notification to UNESCO Association in Malaga

Case NO. 05/2015: Ole Nydahl




Dear members of Asociación UNESCO para la Promoción del Diálogo Intercultural e Interreligioso (UNESCO Association for the Promotion of Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue in Malaga), through the present, on the day November 27, 2015, the International Buddhist Ethics Committee notifies you that having received six votes of the members of the Jury, Mr. Ole Nydahl has been found responsible for new additional charges which are added to the charge of Discrimination previously analyzed by our Ethics Committee. Thus, it has stated that Ole Nydahl is responsible for the charges of False Buddhism and False Spirituality, Violation of the Buddhist ethical precepts, Political Persecution and Attack on the Human Right to Freedom of Expression.

This extension of charges is a product that the acts of discrimination performed by Mr. Ole Nydahl have not only been defended, but also in recent weeks this person’s lawyer has asked the company to censor the International Buddhist Ethics Committee‘s website, and it is even used an award received by your association and, in addition, Nydahl went so far as to accuse founding members of our Committee as Communists. This clearly demonstrates that Mr. Nydahl completely ignores the ethical steps of Buddhism to resolve conflicts within the dharmic community. Since the defendant has committed serious offenses against Buddhist Spirituality and has not repented for his actions but he has continued worsening his actionning, being a criminal before the high standards of Dharma, this implies that any kind of event that is carried out along with this person is an act of Complicity as long as you remain silent in face of his actions that undermine the ethical integrity of the Buddhist Spirituality. Since Mr. Ole Nydahl is discriminating against Muslims, these actions are also in violation of all kinds of Intercultural Dialogue and Interreligious Dialogue, although the members of your association did not seem to care about this when they decided to award the acts of discrimination committed by Mr. Ole Nydahl. Know that the International Buddhist Ethics Committee formally endorses the annulment of the award that has been given to this person. All organizations comprising the International Buddhist Ethics Committee are expert on Intercultural Dialogue and Interreligious Dialogue, reason why we had an unpleasant surprise to hear that your association has supported and it continues to support Mr. Nydahl, who is a reason of shame for the interspiritual relationship between Buddhism and Islam. From these facts, the association should know that it tarnishes the good name of UNESCO by being an accomplice of Mr. Nydahl, and betraying the values of the Interreligious Dialogue and Intercultural Dialogue.

Although some people may come to discriminate against our organization for having headquarters in Latin America, the International Buddhist Ethics Committee will continue to bring righteousness and purification all over the world. Our humanitarian and solidary Purpose (Dharma) will never allow Discrimination, always teaching that the Buddhist Path is Detachment, Humility and Love to the fellow beings. Definitively, the only way (Ekayana) toward the Awakening (Bodhi) of the entire society is the Unity and interdependence of all peoples, which is the key to creating an Earth of Peace and Justice.


Sincerely, with a spirit of reconciliation (maitri),

Buddhist Master Maitreya

Spiritual Guide and President of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee (IBEC) and Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights (BTHR)

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