LEGAL WARNING to Secretary General Luis Almagro


LEGAL WARNING to Secretary General Luis Almagro

Dear Secretary General Luis Almagro of the Organization of American States (OAS), as a result of your recent statements in which you publicly announced that a foreign military intervention in Venezuela should not be dismissed, on September 15, 2018 the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights has the duty to point out that you are committing the crime of Apology of War and Coup d’état, ignoring the commitment to peace and non-interventionism that the OAS has historically manifested.

While it is important to condemn Venezuela and Dictator Maduro, such as the Buddhist Tribunal has done in sentencing them as Responsible for Violation of the Constitutional Democratic State of Law, Violation of the International Human Rights Law, Coup d’état, Crimes against Humanity, Transnational Organized Crime, Crimes against Peace, and Supreme Offense against International Morality and the Sanctity of Life, however, Secretary General Luis Almagro is urgently requested to remember that the overthrow of Venezuela’s criminal government should be carried out through the appropriate means of international law, peace and democracy, and should never be carried out through the inappropriate means of war, military interventionism and imperialism. Secretary General Luis Almagro must understand that if Venezuela’s Dictator Maduro has committed human rights violations and crimes against humanity, this fact does not justify his overthrow by means of a military intervention, since he should actually be tried before international courts, which would prevent war conflicts and deaths, in addition to ensuring that there is no impunity. In the event that the International Criminal Court (ICC) remains obsessed with only investigating and prosecuting African States, guaranteeing the impunity of Dictator Maduro, in that case, Secretary General Luis Almagro is recommended to file a criminal complaint against Maduro in any local court from a country where there is universal jurisdiction, such as Mexico and Argentina, which would allow to investigate this Dictator for crimes against humanity and eventually require his international arrest before INTERPOL. Evidently, Dictator Maduro of Venezuela’s immoral civic-military regime is totally responsible for the humanitarian and migratory crisis that has produced more than 2 million Venezuelan refugees, although this fact does not legitimize any type of military option violating International Law, especially the human right to peace. In case there are no changes in the warlike position of Secretary General Luis Almagro, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights shall publicly request his resignation.

With spirit of reconciliation (maitri),

Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

President and Spiritual Judge of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee (IBEC) & Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights (BTHR)

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