Legal Act on MA BA THA

Case 01-2015: Wirathu


ETHICAL ACT ON PATRIOTIC ASSOCIATION OF MYANMAR – MA BA THA (Organisation for the Protection of Race and Religion)

Through this Act, on the day June 26, 2016, it is stated that our International Buddhist Ethics Committee internationally repudiates your political and nationalist activities that are performed on behalf of Buddhist Spirituality (Buddha-Sasana). This ethical Repudiation arises from the fact that your organization has as a prominent member to Mr. Ashin Wirathu and other members of the delegitimized “969 Movement” who in March 2015 have been found responsible for charges of Discrimination, Social Segregation, Apology of violence and False Buddhism. Such discriminatory and nationalist conditions that your organization supports obviously go against all ethical and spiritual teachings of Siddhartha Gautama, so it is declared the “Patriotic Association of Myanmar” as a fraudulent and illegal organization that violates both the legal code (vinaya) of Buddhist Law as well as human rights of International Law. Although Mr. Ashin Wirathu has been found Responsible for various heinous crimes against Ethics (Sila) and Buddhist Spirituality (Buddha-Sasana), the “Patriotic Association of Myanmar” has not produced a correction of this discriminatory order, showing an evident complicity and participation in such fraudulent action by promoting racial segregation laws that violate human rights of ethnic minorities, women and children in Myanmar.

Even U Parmaukkha (Magway Sayadaw), one of the founding members of the “Patriotic Association of Myanmar”, has resigned to participate in this organization after seeing the partisan political involvement of it. In addition, since by Mr. Wirathu the “Patriotic Association of Myanmar” has shown its public support to the President Thein Sein, who has been found Responsible for international crimes of Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing and Crimes against Humanity, therefore, it is undeniable that this nationalist and fascist organization led by Wirathu is involved in illegal and non-Buddhists activities.

Finally, given that your organization could not exist without the permission of the “State Sangha Maha Nayaka Committee”, which is the highest Buddhist authority associated with the government of Myanmar, it is dictated that this monitoring body has probably been indifferent or complicit with the “Patriotic Association of Myanmar”, so that it will be promptly begun an investigation to subsequently initiate an ethical judgment to such governmental Sangha, where its Responsibility will be determined faced with such discriminatory, illegal and non-Buddhist actions which have been denounced in the Case 01- 2015 of International Buddhist Ethics Committee and also in Case 02-2015 of the Tribunal on Human Rights.


Always with spirit of reconciliation,

Master Maitreya

President of International Buddhist Ethics Committee & Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights

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