Dear Prosecutor, Public Defender, Ambassador and Jury Members of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee (IBEC) and Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights (BTHR), regarding the Case 32-2017 against “NATIONAL ECCLESIASTICAL TRIBUNAL, INTERDIOCESAN TRIBUNAL OF BUENOS AIRES AND PRIEST JULIO CESAR GRASSI”, on October 23, 2017, it is hereby recorded that the trial has been concluded to analyze the violation of Human Rights and of Buddhist Ethics carried out by the accused. This Case has been carried out as a result of the “Argentina Case”.

After the analysis of the presentation of the Case and the validation of evidence, it has proceeded with the voting of 7 members of the Jury, confirming that all of them voted that the “NATIONAL ECCLESIASTICAL TRIBUNAL, INTERDIOCESAN TRIBUNAL OF BUENOS AIRES & PRIEST JULIO CESAR GRASSI” is “Responsible” for the serious crimes of Violation of the Human Right to Justice, Spiritual Fraud and False Christianity. In addition to the fact that “JULIO CESAR GRASSI” has been condemned by the Argentine justice for the crimes of aggravated sexual abuse of minors, he has also participated in acts of corruption by illegitimately appropriating of the economic funds for the charitable activities of children to whom he were supposed to take care of. This shows that Grassi is a False Priest, being a fraudster who illegitimately usurps the tradition of Spirituality founded by Master Jesus of Nazareth, deceiving lots of people through the possession of spiritual status in order to commit crimes. In this way, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights declares the priesthood of Grassi as spurious, immoral and illegal, since possessing the rank of priest currently gives ethical endorsement to this criminal who has participated in terrible crimes. Thus, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights has implemented the jurisprudence used in the “Ricardo Javier Ocampo Case”, declaring the accused Grassi as a False Priest, which is equivalent to a de facto expulsion in the field of Spirituality.

On the other hand, the fact that Ecclesiastical Tribunals have not expelled Grassi from priesthood could not only imply an act of Complicity, but it would also demonstrate an absolute betrayal of the spiritual teachings of Master Jesus. Because the Spiritual Ethics of Master Jesus is essentially Buddhist, since he can even be perfectly recognized as an Awakened One (Buddha), therefore the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights has full jurisdiction to determine who are following and who are betraying the teachings of Christian Spirituality, which is very different from the network of Catholic State Power.

The Maitriyana Community offers Grassi and the Catholic community this Ethical Judgment as a way of teaching on Righteous and Adequate Spirituality (Samma-Sasana), so that they are able to quickly abandon their immoral behavior. If the Ecclesiastical Tribunals quickly learn from this Ethical Judgment and annuls the priesthood of Julio César Grassi, then the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights will consider that there has been a reconciling solution, having been fulfilled the Purpose of the teaching of all the Awakened Beings): do good, avoid evil and purify the mind. Even, if there is a possible future rectification or purification regarding Grassi‘s situation, then the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights could also offer unconditional ethical guidance for Catholic Ecclesiastical Justice to operate properly and stop betraying the spiritual teachings of Master Jesus. Because of the fact that within Catholicism there have been some Free and Enlightened Beings, such as great mystics or theologians who have contributed to world peace and social justice, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights strongly differentiates Christian Spirituality from the Vatican State, because while Spirituality is linked to the mystical teaching of a Path of Love, Self-sacrifice, Awakening and Salvation, instead the State is linked to manipulation of political, economic, cultural and environmental Power. In this sense, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights makes clear that the true reason by which thousands of Catholic priests have participated in multiple cases of sexual abuse in a systematic and widespread way should not be due to celibacy but rather to the absence of Mysticism on the part of the majority of its representatives, having lost the direct contact with the teachings of the Savior One (Christ). Instead, unlike the pedophile priests and the conspirational priests, this lack of Spirituality is not seen when analyzing thoughts and behaviors of great spiritual masters such as Meister Eckhart, Francis of Assisi, Teilhard de Chardin, Thomas Merton and Desmond Tutu.

The Buddhist Law states that Master Jesus was not any type of god, but rather was a human being who reached the Cure (Nirvana) of suffering, becoming a Free and Enlightened Being (Arhat-Bodhisattva) who devoted his existence to the teaching of a Path of spiritual life based on compassionate wisdom (karuna-prajna). This mystical transformation was not a new event in history, but is part of a long tradition, since before Master Jesus there were many Awakened Ones (Buddhas) who taught the way how to live righteously and properly. The apprentice who genuinely follows the teachings of Master Jesus should not be attached to any kind of belief, but he or she must open mind and heart to the mystical transmission of the peak knowledge (satori), which is the realization of Truth through the ethical transformation that displaces the domain of Ego and redirects the individual to a higher and amplified state of consciousness (H-ASC). One of the practices to achieve this state of Liberation is precisely the imitation of Master Jesus’ thoughts, words and acts, which is a mystical process beyond the intellectual and the religious. The Maitriyana confirms that the teachings of Mystical Christianity, such as those found in the Gnostic tradition, do not point to a religious and metaphysical Salvation but to a Spiritual Awakening (Bodhi), by teaching the apprentice to open eyes and illuminate the darkness of ignorance, being a revolutionary process before which the individual becomes one with his/her spiritual master, becoming esoterically and acquiring the same state of consciousness that Master Jesus had. This direct transmission outside the scriptures is something almost totally absent in Catholicism, which in a systematic and widespread way has blocked and has considered as heretical to every mystical and libertarian emergence within its movement. In fact, if Catholic priests would daily practice mystical meditation, then they would have a great possibility of having a high degree of ethical purification, which obviously does not happen. Precisely, in order to become evolved beings and to spiritually guide humankind, every priest should practice contemplation, compassionate wisdom and ethics, because without these practices he will be destined to be a fraud, filling his heart with greed, hatred and deceit. Unlike mystics like Master Eckhart, priests often believe in the divine instead of experiencing it as the very heart of their Being. This lack of direct contact with the mystical experience is the true original cause of the criminal acts usually committed by priests, who perceive reality through the limited and distorted perspective of Ego instead of experiencing the Real through mystic meditation. In this way, the Buddhist Law confirms that if the priest is not emptied of all selfishness, dualism and consumerism, then he will be doomed to commit such terrible crimes as pedophilia. On the other hand, if priests follow the teachings of spiritual masters such as Gautama, Jesus, and Eckhart, then they will be able to achieve self-realization and self-transcendence in the here and now. This Liberation-in-the-world is the Path of Detachment, which is the source of supreme happiness according to Gautama, Jesus and Eckhart. For this reason, the Maitriyana considers that without this compassionate wisdom a priest is nothing. Detachment is fundamental in spiritual and mystical life, which confronts adversities with equanimity, calm, love, empathy and humility. This allows the individual to be able to comprehend reality as it is without distracting and getting attached to stimuli. The virtue of detachment is the key for accessing the Truth, by overcoming Ego and its traits of arrogance and vanity that hinder the Cure (Nirvana) of suffering. In fact, Master Eckhart himself considered that Detachment is the most perfect expression of the Divine, which shows that the religious practices of belief and prayer are totally superficial before the mystical vision of Spirituality, demonstrating that religiosity lacks suitable means to experience the Divine. Thus, if the priest manages to move forward on the path of life of mystical meditation, experiencing the Spiritual Power of Detachment and Liberation, he can be a beacon of Goodness and Awakening (Bodhi) for all his followers, helping them to empty themselves or become poor of Ego and simultaneously be full of peak knowledge (satori). When the apprentice manages to attain this Being Nothing his mind and heart are opened to the divine enlightenment that is intrinsic to pure and noble life, always helping the poor and oppressed while peacefully fighting against the powerful. The Buddhist Law considers detachment as the radical gap between religion and spirituality, as well as the gap between the priest and the spiritual master. Indeed, the Free and Enlightened Beings (Arhats-Bodhisattvas) promote the disidentification of what is mundane, since attachment, aversion and unconsciousness are the main source of suffering. At the same time, the Awakened and Savior Beings (Buddhas-Christs) promote the re-identification of the sacred, since detachment, love and knowledge are the main source of true and eternal happiness. If the priest practices the Path of spiritual life, he can access this state of fullness and become a Prophet of peace, justice, wisdom and health. However, if he does not practice these qualities he will only be a force of evil, illusion and deception, leading people to violence, ignorance and stupidity rather than contributing to a better world. The Maitriyana teaches that if a priest wishes to follow the spiritual discipline taught by Master Jesus then he have to experience the unity and reconciliation (maitri) that is attained with the Awakening (Bodhi) of the Truth that transcends the ordinary mind. The Awakened and Savior Beings (Buddhas-Christs) have cultivated this kind of compassionate wisdom (karuna-prajna) for millennia, and it is crucial for the survival and evolution of humankind. Spiritual masters such as Gautama, Jesus, and Eckhart show that if the priest practices the contemplative life correctly then he cannot only unite with the divine or sacred but can also guide others toward that Salvation or Liberation, since the Kingdom of Righteousness resides potentially within each sentient being. But in order to transform this world into a Pure Earth the priest must carefully practice and teach meditation, compassionate wisdom and ethics. Without these spiritual practices, priests become criminals, and churches become mafias. Although it may seem that Maitriyana is extremely revolutionary, it does nothing more than follow and fulfill the teachings of the great spiritual masters of history, who were incarnations of divine love throughout the whole world. In this sense, priests must stop transmitting mythological lies and metaphysical deceptions, which are genuine heresies. By emptying themselves from all illusion, opening their minds and hearts to the Truth, the priests will be able to teach humanity to enjoy life in spite of its imperfection, impermanence and insubstantiality. The world does not need criminal priests, but needs Free and Enlightened Beings (Arhats-Bodhisattvas), who are the true future of humankind.

The Buddhist Law states that to build a better world, it is necessary to achieve peace and social justice, generating economic and legal policies that help people in a systematic and widespread way. Thus, the Maitriyana is a paradigm shift for the global justice system, carrying out a program of Ethics and Human Rights that promotes a profound transformation of international justice. However, in order to carry out this structural reform, the suffering of all sentient beings must be addressed with Mindfulness, which is something that States never do, since for most of the rulers all individuals are nothing but mere numbers. This lack of empathy and altruism is the reason by which States fail to combat arms trafficking, corruption, prostitution, cover-up and drug trafficking. In this sense, spiritual masters can help Justice to improve, especially given the fact that Buddhist Law has 2600 years of experience on which is the right and proper Path for the development and evolution of societies. For this reason, Maitriyana proposes four fundamental pillars for the reform: restorative justice, distributive justice, pedagogical justice and environmental justice. This means that working hard for improving the justice system would not imply incorporating technology into procedures, as rulers mistakenly consider, but rather that the true paradigm shift means starting to develop a type of justice that works with a new and humanitarian logic in order to help all the people. This revolution of socially engaged justice, though it is 2600 years old, remains to be fundamental to the transformation of the contemporary world, which is obsessed with technology rather than being identified with the incorporation of compassionate wisdom (karuna-prajna).

In the contemporary world there is discontent and strong demand from all societies for changes in the justice system, especially in the face of flaws in the functioning of International Law. Because most of judicial investigations do not clarify the facts, in addition to the fact that judges often lack honesty and impartiality, the Buddhist Law acquires huge public transcendence to carry out investigations that satisfy the requirements of Truth. In the absence of credible legal institutions, the Maitriyana guarantees that the voice of justice will not be oppressed within the bureaucratic systems of impunity. For the Buddhist Law, it is essential to reformulate the entire judicial functioning of States, seeking to overcome their problems and failures, such as the lack of transparency and altruism, in order to provide access to justice for humble and oppressed populations. The government of Maitriyana Community has responded to the call for Peace, Justice, Truth and Harmony in the world, seeking an integrative legal reform through the ancient experience of the Restorative Tribal Law and also through the contemporary knowledge of International Human Rights Law. However, working for the structural reform of global justice requires the courage to denounce the rich and powerful ones who control the international status quo, by functioning as an autonomous and supraconstitutional body aimed at the critical supervision of worldwide judges who incur in bad behavior. This revolutionary work must be composed of four fundamental pillars: world peace, social justice, free education and ecological health. Therefore, the Buddhist Law demonstrates that the transformation of justice is a commitment that must go beyond the mere improvement of the penal system, undertaking the challenge of making a true democratic change of the whole civilization. Only the act of guiding the peoples toward Justice will achieve the goal of saving humankind.

In conclusion, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights has the Purpose (Dharma) to guide humanity through True Spirituality, which implies a direct criticism of religions that support a distorted view of Spirituality. Therefore, it is established that “NATIONAL ECCLESIASTICAL TRIBUNAL, INTERDIOCESIAN TRIBUNAL OF BUENOS AIRES & PRIEST JULIO CESAR GRASSI” have violated the teachings of Master Jesus by means of carrying out serious crimes, such as the lack of fulfillment of justice before sexual abuse and corruption, which is Spiritual Fraud and False Christianity that de facto nullifies the ethical status of Priest. Undoubtedly, Priests must be spiritual masters who guide individuals and organizations toward Liberation, and they should never be individuals who commit crimes and attack Spirituality. The Salvation of the world is the Supreme Great Purpose (Maha-Dharma) of the Awakened Ones (Buddhas), so this goal should never be associated with criminals, because otherwise humanity would lose hope in a Pure Earth or Kingdom of Righteousness. Only through practicing the Path of True Spirituality, as practiced by many Christian mystics and theologians of history, then the members of Catholicism will be worthy of the rank of True Priest and will be genuine heirs to the teachings of Master Jesus. In this way, the Case on “NATIONAL ECCLESIASTICAL TRIBUNAL, INTERDIOCESAN TRIBUNAL OF BUENOS AIRES & PRIEST JULIO CESAR GRASSI” is a great teaching for Catholicism to be purified through the Force of Truth, instead of the predominance of violence, injustice, deceit and disease that violate the intrinsic dignity of sentient beings.

The Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights records that Priest Jorge Bergoglio (now known as Pope Francis I) was the person in charge of handling the NATIONAL ECCLESIASTICAL TRIBUNAL & INTERDIOCESAN TRIBUNAL OF BUENOS AIRES at the time when the Priest Grassi was sentenced in the Argentine justice system for the crime of aggravated sexual abuse. This breach of the divine duty of justice by the highest spheres of Vatican power has tremendous implications that will never go unpunished before the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights.

Following the Path of Master Gautama, who developed a Path of Righteous and Adequate Spirituality (Samma-Sasana-marga) that influenced the Essene communities as well as Master Jesus himself, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights supervises that religions are ethical, never betraying the commitment to Justice and Compassionate Wisdom which is the true expression of the divine, so that the “NATIONAL ECCLESIASTICAL TRIBUNAL, INTERDIOCESAN TRIBUNAL OF BUENOS AIRES & PRIEST JULIO CESAR GRASSI”  has therefore been sentenced as “Responsible” for Violation of Human Right to Justice, Spiritual Fraud and False Christianity.

With spirit of reconciliation (maitri),

Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

President and Spiritual Judge of the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights


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