Judgment on Aum Shinrikyo & Aleph


Case No. 34/2017: Aum Shinrikyo & Aleph



Dear Prosecutor, Public Defender, Ambassador, Press Secretary and Members of the Jury of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee (IBEC) and Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights (BTHR), regarding the Case 34-2017 against “Aum Shinrikyo & Aleph”, on November 12, 2017, it is hereby recorded that the trial to analyze the violation of Human Rights and Buddhist Ethics made by the accused has been concluded. This Case has been carried out as a result of the “Supreme Court of the Russian Federation Case” and the “Ken Wilber Case”.

After the analysis of the presentation of the Case and the validation of proofs, it has proceeded with the voting of 5 members of the Jury, confirming that there was 1 vote of Insanity and 4 votes of Responsible for “Aum Shinrikyo & Aleph” for the serious crimes of Organized Crime, Terrorism, Crimes against Humanity and Peace, Spiritual Fraud and False Buddhism. In addition to the fact that the group “Aum Shinrikyo” and its leader “Shoko Asahara” have already been condemned by the Japanese justice for multiple homicides and other offences, they have also carried out international crimes and human rights violations through terrorist acts, torture, crimes against humanity and violations against Buddhism. This shows that “Aum Shinrikyo & Aleph” is a False Buddhist Spirituality, being really a criminal organization that illegitimately usurps the Spirituality tradition founded by Siddharta Gautama, deceiving and manipulating thousands of people through the supposed possession of spiritual status with the purpose of committing crimes. In this way, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights declares that “Shoko Asahara” is a false spiritual master, so that his whole movement or sect is spurious, immoral and illegal, devoting itself rather to organized crime instead of engaging in spiritual, ethical and humanitarian activities. Thus, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights has implemented the jurisprudence used in the “ISIS Case”, “Ricardo Javier Ocampo Case”, “State Sangha Maha Nayaka Committee Case”, “Ken Wilber Case” and “National Ecclesiastical Tribunal Case”, declaring “Aum Shinrikyo & Aleph” as responsible for spiritual fraud with the aim of committing illegal acts.

On the other hand, the fact that the Japanese courts of justice have sentenced the false master “Shoko Asahara” to death penalty for his serious crimes not only does not imply any kind of restorative sentence or ethical teaching to the thousands of followers that compose the “Aum Shinrikyo & Aleph”, but also constitutes a violation of the human right to life, which is why the Japanese State is required to annul the death sentence against “Shoko Asahara” and it is required to install him in a psychiatric institution to receive psychological assistance for the rest of his life. It is even requested Japanese Buddhist Masters to provide free and unconditional spiritual teachings to Mr. “Shoko Asahara” so that he can learn True Buddhism and he can repent and make public apologies to all his victims as well. Only this kind of wise and compassionate action will prevent the “Aum Shinrikyo & Aleph” cult from continuing to carry out crimes against humanity and international peace. In fact, declaring this movement as False Buddhism and simultaneously locking its leader in a psychiatric institution would be the best ethical teaching for its thousands of followers, who undoubtedly have followed a psychotic individual with apocalyptic delusions.

The Maitriyana Community offers the accused “Aum Shinrikyo & Aleph” this Ethical Judgment as a teaching method on how a Righteous and Appropriate Spirituality (Samma-Sasana) truly behaves. If the members of this illegal cult quickly learn from this Ethical Judgment and stop following the criminal “Shoko Asahara” then they can eventually become a genuine spiritual community. Even, if the group “Aum Shinrikyo & Aleph” stops doing evil, begins to do good and purifies the mind of its members through the teachings of the true Awakened and Savior Beings (Buddhas-Christs), then the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights could also come to the conclusion that this criminal group has been rehabilitated and that they might be part of Buddhism. This decision would have precedents not only in the “Angulimala Case”, which was about a serial killer redeemed through the supreme ethical guide of Master Gautama, but also in the “Yakkha Tribe Case”, which was about a murderous and cannibal community but then pacified and rehabilitated by Master Gautama.

Due to the fact that associating Buddhist Spirituality with any kind of terrorist group constitutes an unprecedented defamation, from the “Ken Wilber Case” the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights has decided to carry out a trial against “Aum Shinrikyo & Aleph” in order to categorically differentiate Buddhism from Terrorism, since while Spirituality is linked to the evolution of life and love, instead, terrorist groups are linked to spreading death and hatred. In this sense, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights clarifies that all journalists and scholars who associate Buddhism with the terrorist activities of “Aum Shinrikyo & Aleph” will be defamating and slandering against all the spiritual communities (sanghas) of the world.

The Maitriyana is a Path of Peaceful Liberation and a pathway of reconciliation (wakai), functioning as a lifestyle that confronts the ignorance and manipulation of the governments and sects of the world. Thus, the tradition of Buddhist Law reserves itself a special condemnation toward those who betray and attack Spirituality. However, simultaneously, reconciliation (wakai) is always reserved as a possibility to cure division, dualism and disunity. The practice and theory of Maitriyana is effectively a path to Salvation through active contemplation, compassionate wisdom and humanitarian ethics. Therefore, the Buddhist Law is a pathway of self-sacrifice or self-surrender (wa) for the sake of others, strengthening the roots so that a world of harmony and Great Peace (Yamato) grows. This means that the Maitriyana project transcends East and the West, seeking the realization of a worldwide Pure and Righteous Earth, which would be created and maintained only through dialogue with values. The paradoxical-dialectical logic used by spiritual masters is precisely aimed at the production of social and planetary harmony, seeking to generate an essentially peaceful humanity. In this way, the millenary experience of Buddhist Law has much to offer in the contemporary era that lacks ethical leadership, where the human being seems to have forgotten that the Purpose of every society must be to live in harmony. The mission of Maitriyana is to protect that horizon or goal of reconciliation (wakai), which is the most powerful force in history, being much more powerful than any nuclear bomb. Even though it may eventually suffer persecutions, the movement of Buddhist Law has been in the world for over two thousand six hundred years. It is a movement that precedes all existing States, and without any doubt, will continue to exist when the States of the future emerge. This is because Spirituality has the power to be the most powerful force in the face of dissatisfaction, impermanence and insubstantiality of life. Even if it is not something perfect, permanent and substantial, the ethical leadership is much more powerful than any government in the world. Maitriyana is the pathway of reconciliation (wakai), practicing the peaceful art of understanding, detachment and liberation, judging injustices through compassionate wisdom, which goes beyond contemplation and ethics, being a drive of altruism and spiritual love in the Universe. The day when nations understand that this Earth is Eden and that humanity can once again experience paradise in the here and now, by being in harmony with nature, that day the Buddhist Law will have fulfilled its Great Purpose (Maha-Dharma).

In conclusion, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights has the Purpose (Dharma) to correct the sectarian movements through True Spirituality, which implies a direct criticism of the cults that distort Spirituality by supporting violence. Therefore, it is established that “Aum Shinrikyo & Aleph” has violated the teachings of Masters Gautama and Jesus through terrorist attacks and crimes against humanity, which in addition to being international crimes and Human Rights violations are also a Spiritual Fraud and False Buddhism that immediately nullifies any supposed relationship between Buddhism and “Aum Shinrikyo & Aleph”. Undoubtedly, spiritual teachers must be ethical leaders and never criminal psychotics who commit crimes and attack the sacredness of human life. The Pure Land or Kingdom of Righteousness will never happen through violent means, but it can happen only through peace and justice. Therefore, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights practices Spirituality, Ethics and International Law as an adequate means to create a better world. In this way, the Case of “Aum Shinrikyo & Aleph” is a great lesson for the sects and cults to be purified by means of the Force of Peace and Justice, instead of the predominance of political power and economic manipulation.

Following the Masters Gautama and Jesus, who developed a Path of Peace and Justice that profoundly transformed humanity, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights supervises that sects and cults do not attempt against ethics and human rights, never betraying the Compassionate Wisdom of the divine, reason why “Aum Shinrikyo & Aleph” has been sentenced as Responsible for Organized Crime, Terrorism, Crimes against Humanity and Peace, Spiritual Fraud and False Buddhism.

With spirit of reconciliation (maitri),

Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

President and Spiritual Judge of Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights


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