Evidences of Ole Nydahl Case

Case 05/2015:

Lama Ole Nydahl




P R E S E N T . –


In the presence of the President and Spiritual Guide of IBEC-BTHR Buddhist Master Maitreya, and the Executive Secretary of IBEC-BTHR Master Yan Maitri-Shi, it is addressed the case denounced by the International Association of Maitriyana (IAM) against LAMA OLE NYDAHL for the Offense of DISCRIMINATION.-


I, Sekkha Dhamma, as Prosecutor of IBEC and BTHR, recognize the hard and organized work done for the broad gathering of Evidence in this case, likewise, I appreciate the contribution of them for the analysis concerning the Party I represent. That said, with all due respect I appear to expose:

By receiving the list of digital media that were collected, ordered and at the same time confirmed in their order and context as Evidences by the Executive Secretary of IBEC and BTHR Master Yan Maitri-Shi, I give way to the Third Stage of the Procedure called “EVALUATION OF EVIDENCE ” which is established in the Constitutive Act of IBEC and BTHR in order to know, establish, dictate and determine the Responsibility for the commission of the DISCRIMINATION offense committed by the Accused Lama Ole Nydahl. This accusation was made by the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MAITRIYANA (IAM) in the field of Buddhist Ethics, act that follows below:



FIRST EVALUATION.- By being the core of this procedural instance, it is necessary to note the Means of Proof offered by the Executive Secretary of IBEC and BTHR Master Yan Maitri-Shi and formally presenting them to the Jury for their knowledge, which consist of 9 Evidence that validate the motivating Accusation of the current process, entitled with the Offense of DISCRIMINATION in charge of the Accused. The latter denounced from the field of Buddhist Ethics. These evidences come from audiovisual digital media and Internet links in public domain (media), which are listed below:



Evidences Case Lama Ole Nydahl


Ole Nydahl: “(…) where you have to believe a lot of things because you can’t know them, then you try to convince others in order to convince yourself, especially if you have a terrible god like Allah making you do criminal things.” (…) “Judaism and Christianity are fine. Islam, I warn against. I know the Koran, I know the life story of Mohammad and I think we cannot use that in our society today. People like the Sufis and Bahá’ís are different, right. They are usually being killed as soon as the mainline Muslims come in, they start killing the other guys. (…) They want you to believe just because it’s said, and you should not have any proof. (…) We have about 600 [schools] now, worldwide. Nothing in Africa because… well, they’re probably not in an abstract mindset right now. And then also, none in the Muslim countries where people can be killed by leaving Islam, and so on” (http://www.wweek.com/portland/blog-5866-lama_ole_nydahl_controversial_unconventional_lama_.html, Fuente: Willamette Week, 25/11/2008)



Oliver Freiberger: “Nydahl has been accused not only of speaking in a militaristic tone, but also to be right-wing, racist, sexist [1] and hostile to foreigners (…) he has expressed very negative points of view against Islam and Muslims”[2]

Ole Nydahl: “(…)”the best way to face the big problems of the world is to pay the poor families around the world (to women) in order that they do not have more than one or two children and helping them to educating children they have”[3] (https://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ole_Nydahl, Source: Wikipedia.org)



Ole Nydahl: “I have two fears about the global situation: Overpopulation and Islam. These two things can destroy the world, which otherwise would be a beautiful place.” “We can try to civilize them. That means, the Islamic world and the oppression of women -. The men who oppress women will probably be oppressed women in their next life.[4]

Ole Nydahl: (…)”…The master must act in the same way he talks. He must not simply avoid controversial topics, but aim to the causes of possible future problems as overpopulation in ghettos and the poor countries, and the growth of Islam.”[5]



Jørn Borup, a professor of religion: “[Nydahl] and his Diamond Way Buddhism is in no way representative of Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism or the teachings of the Karma Kagyu lineage.”[6]

Martin Baumann, a professor of religion. “when I listen to his [Nydahl’s] alarmingly superficial formulations in his talks I can understand his critics who say that he is presenting a watered-down ‘instant Buddhism’, a sort of ‘Buddhism light’ for the West.”[7]

Burkhard Scherer: “Nydahl’s reception in academia begins with a critical paragraph in Stephen Batchelor’s 400-page work on Buddhism and the West (published in 1994). A Buddhist teacher and westernizer of Buddhism himself, Batchelor describes Nydahl as “one of the Karmapa’s most effective, albeit controversial, agents in Europe”, a “sun-tanned Viking” projecting an “ecstatic, sensuous version of Tantric Buddhism,” whose approach shows “fundamentalist and sectarian overtones” (p. 115). (…) In an earlier sociological study devoted to Kagyu converts in Germany, Eva Saalfrank noted the same criticism of “instant-enlightenment” and “instant-Buddhism” referring to Nydahl’s teaching of advanced tantric practices (Saalfrank 1997: 138).”] (http://www.globalbuddhism.org/10/scherer09.htm )



BURKHARD SCHERER, a professor of comparative religion and a student of Thaye Dorje, as well as a former student of Ole Nydahl, said in his work Macho Buddhism: Gender and Sexualities in the Diamond Way: “Nydahl admits feeling uncomfortable with the idea of ‘two gentlemen kissing.’[8] In his hagiographical account Riding the Tiger, which recounts the early charismatic, missionary phase of the Diamond Way movement, Nydahl utilizes ‘homosexuality’ as a narratorial punchline in order to exemplify the confused state of mind of the (post-)hippie generation (…) Nydahl’s modernist (and potentially colonialist) recourse to secular, universal rights and values seems to be in contradiction with his squeamishness about homosexuality, since LGBTIQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer/questioning) rights could be argued to be an integral part of what Nydahl essentializes as Human Rights. (…) He (Ole Nydahl) admits that he used to think homosexuals to be ‘a bit funny’[9] (…) Still, in a question-and-answer-book published in Hungary in 1998, he more or less equates homosexuals with ‘sexual extremists’[10] (…)in 2001, in an interview given to a German language magazine in Los Angeles, Nydahl states that homosexual relationships are ‘not advised’ in Buddhism since ‘they seem to bring more suffering, disease and disturbing emotions than normal relationships’[11]. (…) Even in more recent statements, Nydahl continues homophobic stereotypes when warning against ‘them’ spreading diseases[12] or even ‘chasing kids,[13] assuming the popular conflation of homosexuality with paedophilia. (…) Another issue of contention is gay marriage. In those countries which recognize the Diamond Way as a church or official religion (Denmark, Austria, Poland, Hungary and Russia), Nydahl is legally authorized to officiate at weddings. However, he refuses to officiate at same-sex civil partnership ceremonies] (http://www.religionandgender.org/index.php/rg/article/viewFile/URN%3ANBN%3ANL%3AUI%3A10-1-101579/21)



Lama Ole Nydahl: (3:40 min of video) “In the last hundreds years Islam has killed 170 million people. The greatest number in Africa. (…) (8:46 min video) Today, the biggest problem is Islam and overpopulation. Overpopulation of one side or another because people are not given enough protein in their brain, they are not offered sufficient possibilities to develop themselves. Then they have a terrible job that do not like, that brings them no satisfaction. (…) The Christian God now gives advice, the Islamic God gives commandments. (…) (22:56 min of video) Best examples of bad karma are Hitler, Stalin, like Mohammed and all the really unpleasant men who are in a state of paranoia (…) I’m saying what the Dalai Lama said.”] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SEClbV3Vh0)



[“On Tuesday evening, Lambeth council’s planning committee approved the plans for the former Beaufoy Institute, in Black Prince Road, Kennington, to become the Diamond Way Buddhism (DWB) organisation. (…) However, more than 40 protesters from the Lambeth Muslim Forum and the Lambeth Interfaith Network protested outside Lambeth Town Hall, in Brixton Hill amid claims the organisation is anti-Muslim and anti-Christian. (…) Objections to the new use of the Grade II listed building also came from the Lambeth Against Racism and Islamophobia group and Vauxhall MP Kate Hoey (…) Toaha Qureshi, a member of the Lambeth Muslim Forum and trustee of the Stockwell Mosque, in Stockwell Green, believed Lama Nydahl’s comments amounted to hate speech”. (…) (Qureshi) said: We are not against Buddhists because it is a peaceful religion. We are protesting against this particular faction of Diamond Way because we believe their leader preaches hate. We were not allowed into the meeting. We don’t feel that the council has consulted with community leaders. If they had done that, we would not be here today.”] http://www.islamophobiawatch.co.uk/islamophobic-buddhist-sect-gets-planning-permission-for-meditation-centre-in-lambeth/, July 12, 2012 by Bob Pitt)

[“The South London Press reports that approval of plans to create a Tibetan Buddhist meditation centre in Lambeth, south London, has sparked controversy and protests from Christian and Muslim groups, as well as the local MP, amid claims that the centre’s backers are anti-Christian and anti-Muslim (…) Islamophobia Watch has in the past reported on DWB and its support for far-right organisations on protests against the construction of mosques. As Islamophobia Watch records, Lama Ole Nydahl is notorious for his anti-Islam rhetoric.”] (http://www.iengage.org.uk/news/1979-protest-to-planned-buddhists-centres-islamophobic-links, July 12, 2012 by Engage Media Awareness – Political Participation)

[“However, more than 40 protesters from the Lambeth Muslim Forum and the Lambeth Interfaith Network protested outside Lambeth Town Hall, in Brixton Hill amid claims the organisation is anti-Muslim and anti-Christian. (…) The meeting room was so packed that the protesters were denied entry and left to protest outside (…) Toaha Qureshi, a member of the Lambeth Muslim Forum and trustee of the Stockwell Mosque, in Stockwell Green, believed Lama Nydahl’s comments amounted to hate speech” (…) (He continue saying) “We don’t feel that the council has consulted with community leaders. If they had done that, we would not be here today.”] (http://www.slp.co.uk/news.cfm?id=24071&searchWord=lama%20nydahl&searchYear=2012, July 10, 2012 by Ben Morgan)



[“A reader from Poland has drawn our attention to the rather bizarre fact that a Buddhist organisation played a leading role in the protest. The organisation is called Diamond Way and is headed by a Dane named Ole Nydahl. Our correspondent tells us that “members of the Diamond Way organisation were prominent in TV coverage of the demonstration against the mosque”. (…) Indeed, the Polish journalist Robert Stefanicki reports that Europe of the Future is headed by the former president of Nydahl’s organisation in Poland. Stefanicki adds: “Other supporters of Europe of the Future are Mlodziez Wszechpolska (All-Polish Youths) – ultra right group with hardly hidden fascist attraction, as well as other islamophobic right wingers. (…) Our Polish correspondent says they attended a lecture by Nydahl in Warsaw: I had heard some comments previously that suggested that Nydahl held Islamophobic views, but I was frankly shocked as to the depth of his anger and hatred against Islam and Muslims, and the way he uses his position to preach much misinformation and factual inaccuracies regarding Islam and Muslims and to incite hatred against Islam amongst his followers.”] (http://www.islamophobiawatch.co.uk/warsaw-mosque-protest-buddhists-join-hands-with-skinheads-against-muslims/, April 7, 2010 by Bob Pitt)

[“Today in Warsaw we had a pocket-size demonstration against construction of a new mosque, only 2nd in capital and 5th in Poland for our approximately 15,000-30,000 Muslims. (…) Protests are led by previously unknown group Europe of the Future. It is headed by the former president of Karma Kagyu Buddhist Association – for those readers not familiar with divisions inside Western Buddhism: they are faithful to Ole Nydahl, teacher from Denmark, controversial but very influential in all Europe. Lama Ole is known of his racist views; questioned what would be greatest disaster for him, says: “Islam in Europe”, and “Muslims do not behave in civilized way” in his opinion. According to visual artist Joanna Rajkowska, who wrote interesting commentary about it, this view is prevalent among his followers in Poland.”] (http://www.muslimophobia.com/news.php?nid=33 )

(http://en.islamtoday.net/artshow-229-3558.htm, March 28, 2010 by Islam Today/Agencies)

(http://www.loonwatch.com/2010/04/warsaw-unlikely-allies-join-to-fight-mosque/, April 8, 2010 by Loonwatch.com)

 (http://www.islamophobiawatch.co.uk/rally-in-warsaw-to-protest-mosque/, March 27, 2010 by Bob Pitt)



In the following video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p5S_PP8yxxw ), which is called Transmission, it can be observed that in all the testimonies narrating stories it is never mentioned any Buddhist teaching that Ole Nydahl has transmitted to his followers, but rather they all allude to personal experiences or anecdotes in which they deposit a great emphasis regarding fascination with the figure or person of Nydahl, which is an evidence not only of a cult of personality but also that the practice which is imparted is quite similar to self-help groups, also demonstrating that it is a superficial approach to Buddhism.



SECOND EVALUATION.- Of the Evidence provided there is no doubt about the authenticity of them, considering their provenance, as each compiled testimony comes from an internet link where it is found the respective information that supports and strengthens the evidence through an article. Regarding all articles that are offered as a proof and, in addition, it is labeled the Offence composed of verbal statements  and actions expressed by the Accused (case which does not occupy nor is responsibility to know neither “jurisdictionally” decide by our Part in this Buddhist Ethics Case), there is no objection, disqualification or invalidation of the digital content by the Party I represent, by virtue of which they are digital media that come from reliable sources and that also were formally and openly declared and published at that time, of which there is no doubt about their authenticity or veracity, unless they are properly objected in this Case by the Accused.-

THIRD EVALUATION.- For what was exposed, published, declared and reproduced in the media and which are now presented as Digital Evidence for this case by the Executive Secretary of IBEC and BTHR Master Yan Maitri-Shi, these proofs are determined by the Party I represent as Prosecutor of IBEC and BTHR as LEGITIMATE and VALID, which support and confirm the Accusation presented by the International Association of Maitriyana (IAM) against LAMA OLE NYDAHL for the Offense of DISCRIMINATION.-

In such a situation, it begins the Fourth Stage of the Procedure called “Response”, in which it is set the term of 5 five days to the Requested and Accused Party, Lama Ole Nydahl, in order to issue the Response he wishes or corresponds facing the accusation and Request regarding the Evidence provided, accepted and evaluated in this paper.-

Sekkha Dhamma

Prosecutor of IBEC & BTHR

Mexico July, 2015 two thousand fifteen.-

[1] Burkhard, Scherer (2011). «Macho Buddhism: Gender and Sexualities in the Diamond Way». Igitur Publishing.

[2] Oliver Freiberger, Department for the Study of Religion University of Bayreuth, Germany, in Inter-Buddhist and Inter-Religious Relations in the West

[3] Interview with Nydahl at www.diamondway-teachings.org/content/olenydahl/text/bt4ole.html

[4] Duhárová, Bibiána. Ace of Diamonds: A conversation with Ole Nydahl in The Prague Post, July 11, 2007.

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[6] Borup, Jørn (24 April 2009). “Pral med åndelige evner er en alvorlig brist”. Religion.dk. Retrieved 24 November 2012.

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[11] ‘Man empfiehlt sie nicht im Buddhismus. Sie scheinen mehr Leid, Krankheit und Störgefühle auszulösen als normale Verbindungen.’ In M. Zemlicka, ‘Ein Interview mit Lama Ole Nydahl’ in Buddhismus Heute 32 (2001), 14-23, 20

[12] Zemlicka, ‘Ein Interview’, 20 and Nydahl, ‘Was sagt der Buddhismus zu Homosexualität’

[13] Nydahl, Glubina slavyaskogo uma I, 284



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