Evidences of Ashin Wirathu Case

Case n° 01/2015:

Theravada Monk Ashin Wirathu & 969 Movement



P R E S E N T . –

In the presence of the President and Spiritual Guide of IBEC-BTHR Buddhist Master Maitreya, and the Executive Secretary of the IBEC-BTHR Master Yan Maitri-Shi, the case denounced by the World Association of Buddhism (WBA) is addressed against the Theravada Monk Ashin Wirathu.-


I, Sekka Dhamma, as Prosecutor of IBEC and BTHR, I acknowledge the hard and organized labour performed for the comprehensive compilation of Evidence in this case, similarly, I appreciate the contribution of them for the analysis concerning the Party I represent. That said, with all due respect I appear to expose:

Being received the list of digital media that were gathered, ordered and at the same time confirmed in their order and context as Evidence by the Academic Secretary of the IBEC and BTHR Master Yan Maitri-Shi, I give way to the Third Stage of Procedure called “EVALUATION OF EVIDENCE “, same one that is stated in the Constitutive Act of the IBEC and BTHR in order to know, establish, dictate and determine the Responsibility of actions committed by the Defendant Theravada Monk Ashin Wirathu and the 969 Movement led by him, being all they native and residents in Myanmar (Burma). This Accusation & Requirement were made by the WORLD ASSOCIATION OF BUDDHISM in the field of Buddhist Ethics and Human Rights, an act which follows below:



FIRST EVALUATION.- By being the core part of this procedure, it is necessary to point out the Means of Proof Offered by the Academic Secretary of the IBEC and BTHR Master Yan Maitri-Shi, and formally present them to the Jury for their knowledge, they are composed of 18 evidence that proves the motivating Accusation of the current process, entitled with the Violation, Illegality or corresponding Crime against Buddhist Spirituality and Human Rights, acts perpetrated by the Theravada Monk Ashin Wirathu and 969 Movement. These evidences, which mostly come from written or audiovisual testimonies, are listed below:

EVIDENCE 1: Insults and Sexism

EVIDENCE 2: Acceptance of culpability

EVIDENCE 3: Defamation

EVIDENCE 4: Buddhist testimonies against them

EVIDENCE 5: Islamophobia

EVIDENCE 6: Discrimination

EVIDENCE 7: False Buddhism

EVIDENCE 8: Hatred speech

EVIDENCE 9: Violation against the Buddhist Ethics Code

EVIDENCE 10: Denial of human condition to another people

EVIDENCE 11: Incitement of violence

EVIDENCE 12: 969 Movement as non-democratic

EVIDENCE 13: 969 Movement as discriminatory

EVIDENCE 14: 969 Movement as politically powerful

EVIDENCE 15: Violent consequence from the speeches

EVIDENCE 16: Campaign for boycott Muslim stores

EVIDENCE 17: 969 Movement against Humanitarian Buddhism

EVIDENCE 18: Social Segregation.-


SECOND EVALUATION.- Of the evidence provided there is no doubt about the authenticity of them, considering their provenance, as each testimony compiled comes from an internet link where it is found the corresponding information which supports and strengthens the evidence through a news article. Regarding all articles that are offered as a proof they are also labelled the actions of the Theravada Monk Ashin Wirathu and the 969 Movement as terrible faults towards Buddhist Ethics and a clear Violation of Human Rights, (this without prejudice that at the same time the constituent elements of Crimes and their Criminal Responsibility are configured, case that does not concern to jurisdictionally decide on this matter by our Party), there is no objection, disqualification or validation of the digital content by the Party which I represent, by virtue of these are digital media derived from reliable sources and that also were formally and openly published at the time about acts, facts, events and statements reflected in writing and in video, from which there is no doubt about their authenticity and veracity, even more so when they were not legal appeals lodged, statements or clarifications for disclaimer, expressed and direct inconformity regarding what was published, the right of reply exercised or give rise to an investigation into the origin, reputation and veracity of what is expressed by public information means; this in charge of the Theravada Monk Ashin Wirathu and the 969 Movement.-


THIRD EVALUATION.- Regarding what was exposed, published, declared and reproduced in the media and that are now presented as digital Evidence for this case by the Academic Secretary of the IBEC and BTHR Master Yan Maitri-Shi, these proofs are determined by the Party I represent as Prosecutor of IBEC and BTHR as LEGITIMATE and VALID, this coupled with the Indictment presented by the WORLD ASSOCIATION OF BUDDHISM (WBA) concerning the following serious offenses to the Buddhist Ethics, Violative Acts against Human Rights and other Offences:

  1. Discrimination
  2. Social Segregation
  3. Apology of violence
  4. False Buddhism

These accusations have been confirmed and supported by the aforementioned Evidence that were provided and valued.-

In such a situation, it begins the Stage Four of the Procedure called “REPLY”, in which is set the term of 5 (five) days to the Accused and Requested Party Theravada Monk Ashin Wirathu and 969 Movement, in order that they emit the Reply they wish or corresponds to them facing the Indictment and Requirement with respect to the Evidence provided, accepted and valued by this writing.-

Sekkha Dhamma

Prosecutor of IBEC & BTHR

México, April 2015 (two thousand fifteen).-



Case against Monk Wirathu and 969 Movement


EVIDENCE 1: Insults and Sexism

Monk Ashin Wirathu: “We have already made public the Race Protection Law, but this bitch, without studying it, kept on complaining about how it is against our human rights, just because some loud-mouthed women say so, (…) Can this bitch really be from a respectable background? Don’t assume you are a respectable person, just because you have a position in the UN. In our country, you are just a whore. You may offer your arse to the Kalars… but you will never sell off our Arakan State.”     (http://www.irrawaddy.org/burma/nationalist-monk-criticized-inflammatory-speech.html  Jan 19, 2015)     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zAPA7NKynbU



EVIDENCE 2: Acceptance of culpability

Monk Ashin Wirathu (defended his decision to attack the U.N. envoy with insults): “That was the harshest word (I could think of), so I used it. If I could find a harsher word, I would have used it. It is nothing compared to what she did to our country.”  “I should be glad that succeeded in making this particular comment.” “I am delightfully proud,” (http://thediplomat.com/2015/01/myanmars-mad-monk-strikes-again/ Jan 28, 2015)



EVIDENCE 3: Slander

 Monk Ashin Wirathu: “Muslims are only well behaved when they are weak. When they become strong they are like a wolf or a jackal, in large packs they hunt down other animals. (..) If we do not protect our own people we will become weak and we will face more mass killings of this kind when they grow to outnumber us. We need to maintain our own population levels. (…) Not only Buddhists, they do not respect other religions either. Apart from themselves, they don’t recognize others as being human. They attack Christians and Hindus too. In fact, they attack everyone. If you don’t believe me hand over your nuclear technology to the Taliban. I promise you, your country will soon disappear, as will the United States. (…)These scenes are horrific. I would not to see such scenes no matter who was doing it.  If the conflict was started because of my preachings in areas where I preach, then our side could have started it, but that is not what happened. They attacked us and we responded, that’s how I see it. (…) I think there are two points to make. Firstly, I am being misunderstood and attacked, and secondly I think that there is a group paying the media to defame me. Certainly, online media is controlled by Muslims and I am beginning to see that in broadcast media too. I think the western world so misunderstands me because of the influence of Muslim media. (…) At first the word extremist felt very bitter, but later it become sweet. I have a real and deep love for this country; I am not just saying it. I am not pretending like a politician for the sake of power. (…) If they call me an extremist then I am pleased to bear that name.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSihfWY41So By BBC News Channel)

Monk Ashin Wirathu: “In every town, there is a crude and savage Muslim majority.” (…) “The local Muslims are crude and savage because the extremists are pulling the strings, providing them with financial, military and technical power,” (http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/apr/18/buddhist-monk-spreads-hatred-burma 18 April,2013)

Monk Ashin Wirathu: “(Muslims are) “waging a jihad war on the Rakhine,” (…) “doping young children with drugs to make them fight” (and) “disguising themselves as women to get involved in fights” (http://world.time.com/2013/04/23/burma-accused-of-ethnic-cleansing-for-rohingya-violence/  April, 23, 2013)

Monk Ashin Wirathu: “I think they [Time Magazine] intentionally singled me out to destroy me. The world takes pity on the Muslims as a minority. But study them to understand how bad that small group is, how much trouble they have caused. Our religion is not the only thing under threat. The whole country is. Just as they established Pakistan and Bangladesh, in the 2010’s they’re stepping up efforts to establish an Islamic state in Burma. So the whole country is under threat, not only our faith. We don’t publish rape cases willy-nilly. We published it after a Muslim was arrested. So if an arrest has been made and we are just helping out, nobody will get angry.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GtAl9zJ3t-M  Source:  AJ Plus)



EVIDENCE 4: Buddhist Testimony against Wirathu

Abbot Arriya Wuttha Bewuntha of Mandalay’s Myawaddy Sayadaw monastery: “(Wirathu) sides a little towards hate (…) This is not the way Buddha taught. What the Buddha taught is that hatred is not good, because Buddha sees everyone as an equal being. The Buddha doesn’t see people through religion.” (http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/apr/18/buddhist-monk-spreads-hatred-burma/  18 April, 2013)

Monk U Thawbita: “(Wirathu’s words) could hurt Buddhism very badly.” (http://thediplomat.com/2015/01/myanmars-mad-monk-strikes-again/ Jan 28, 2015)

Monk U Ottara: “I feel very sad (about Wirathu´s words). I can say that those are not the kind of words for a monk to use.” (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-30930997   Jan 23, 2015)



EVIDENCE 5: Islamophobia

Monk Ashin Wirathu: Once we [have] won this battle, we will move on to other Muslim targets.” (http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/apr/18/buddhist-monk-spreads-hatred-burma/  18 April, 2013)

Monk Ashin Wirathu:  “(About pact with Sri Lanka monks) I expect a lot of problems because I have decided to work with Bodu Bala Sena for the upliftment of Buddhism. But we are ready to face anything”. (…) “The problems will not be from within but from outside”. http://www.irrawaddy.org/burma/burmas-wirathu-sri-lankan-nationalist-monks-sign-agreement.html  October 1, 2014)



EVIDENCE 6: Discrimination

Monk Ashin Wirathu: “Muslims are like the African carp. They breed quickly and they are very violent and they eat their own kind. Even though they are minorities here, we are suffering under the burden they bring us … because the Burmese people and the Buddhists are devoured every day, the national religion needs to be protected.” (http://thediplomat.com/2013/07/in-myanmar-its-free-beer-but-no-time/ July 5, 2013)



EVIDENCE 7: False Buddhism

Monk Ashin Wirathu: They [the Muslims] target woman every day and rape them. Starting from today, do we need to protect the religion or not?” (…) “Snakes are poisonous wherever they are. You can’t underestimate a snake just because there’s only one. It’s dangerous wherever it is. Muslims are just like that.” (…) “All the riots were provoked by Muslims. Muslims started it. Otherwise, there would not have been no riots and I and my sermons would not have been accused. Actually, it wasn’t murder. The Buddhists were threatened, and it was self-defence that got out of control.” (…) They will ask for an Islamic state and I worry they will set up a Muslim country. That with their population they will apply pressure by intermarrying and swallowing the other population”  . (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoi5On6hq68  by SBS Dateline)

Tin Tin Nyo (General Secretary of the Women’s League of Burma): “(Wirathu) gives our country a bad reputation… He damages the robes that he is wearing.”  (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-30930997   Jan 23, 2015)

Al Haj Ave Lewin, from the Islamic Centre of Myanmar: (if the situation continues) “the image of Buddhism will be damaged”. (On this video they can be seen Wirathu’s explanations about what he preaches; by saying all his words are to protect their nation from Muslim groups): http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/apr/18/buddhist-monk-spreads-hatred-burma

Dr Zarni (specialist in Human Rights in Burma): “[the 969 movement is a] Neo-Nazism with the mask of Buddhism.” (…) “There are different institutions from the state behind this campaign.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoi5On6hq68  by SBS Dateline)



EVIDENCE 8: Words of hatred

Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein (UN human rights chief): (Ashin Wirathu’s comments amounted to) incitement to hatred.” “I call on religious and political leaders in Myanmar to unequivocally condemn all forms of incitement to hatred including this abhorrent public personal attack”.  (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-30928744  Jan 22, 2015)



EVIDENCE 9: Violation of Buddhist ethics code

Monk U Pandavunsa said that promoting hate speech is against the code of ethics of Buddhist monks. (http://thediplomat.com/2015/01/myanmars-mad-monk-strikes-again/ Jan 28, 2015)



EVIDENCE 10: Negation of human condition

Monk Ashin Wirathu: “Muslims are only well behaved when they are weak” (…) “When they become strong, they are like a wolf or a jackal; in large packs they hunt down other animals.” (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-23846632  August 29, 2013)



EVIDENCE 11: Incitement to violence

Monk Ashin Wirathu: “Over the past 50 years, we have shopped at Muslim shops and then they became richer and wealthier than us and can buy and marry our girls,” (…) “In this way, they have destroyed and penetrated not only our nation but also our religion.”  “In the past, there was no discrimination based on religion and race. We all stayed together in a brotherly way,” (…) “But when their [Muslim] master plan has been revealed we can no longer stay quiet.” (http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-23846632  August 29, 2013)

Muslim lawyer: “There has been incitement before as well as now. In Mektila most people want to live together peacefully without any problems. But there has been continuous incitement from Wirathu and the 969 movement. The government allows them to operate.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSihfWY41So



EVIDENCE 12: 969 as undemocratic movement

Buddhist Monk Kaylar Sa: “At the moment we firmly believe that the 969 movement is unnecessary. The history of our past events is very complex. If this movement continues to be taken seriously it could become an obstacle to democratic reform. We may have to stop this movement (…) We are surprised that Wirathu’s preachings are permitted by the Government.”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSihfWY41So



EVIDENCE 13: 969 as a discriminatory movement

Monk U Kaymasara: “It may be best if they [Rohingya Muslims] are not here,” (…) “In one Muslim family there are 82 people,” “In (our) families, there are maximum three or four or five.” (http://edition.cnn.com/2014/11/11/world/asia/myanmar-rohingya-minority/index.html       November 12, 2014)



EVIDENCE 14: 969 as powerful movement

Aung San Suu Kyi (respected Burmese politician and human rights icon): “What the monks say, many people do,” (…) “Our group has been called traitors. It’s very difficult for ordinary people to speak out.” (http://edition.cnn.com/2014/05/29/world/asia/myanmar-interfaith-marriage-laws/index.html  June 4, 2014)



EVIDENCE 15: Violent consequence of speeches

David Mathieson, a senior researcher for Human Rights Watch: “The area where this happened (killing of muslims) is 5-10 minute drive from where Wirathu’s monastery is,” (…) “This really is his heartland.” (http://edition.cnn.com/2014/07/04/world/asia/myanmar-mandalay-religious-violence/  July 7, 2014)

Muslim Testimony: “(My son) He was out with his friends, one of them was killed on the spot, hacked down. My son was knifed from behind and pretended to be dead. Then they poured petrol on them and set them on fire. He got up and run away but they followed and killed him, then they burnt his body. They were killing Muslims. It was started by the 969 movement. All the problems here are caused by 969.”   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSihfWY41So



EVIDENCE 16: Testimonies of 969 Movement’s Campaign for boycotting Muslim Stores

Muslim woman: I started seeing ‘969’ stickers and signs in Rangoon just a couple months ago. Some shopkeepers put them on their storefronts, and taxi drivers stick them to their windshields. It’s a minority, but it belies a wider boycott of Muslim stores. Supporters of ‘969’ have been passing out pamphlets telling people not to shop at Muslim-owned stores. (…) My sister owns a store, and has lost nearly all her customers since the start of this campaign. They know she’s Muslim – she looks Muslim, and wears a scarf. Like many other Muslim business owners, she is facing serious financial troubles because of this boycott. (…) I recently visited one of my oldest friends’ stores, and noticed she had put up a ‘969’ sign. She’s Buddhist and has recently started treating me like a stranger, so I didn’t dare ask her why she did this. All of my closest friends are Buddhists, and all of them avoid me these days. (…) I don’t feel safe in Rangoon anymore. I don’t think Muslims are safe anywhere in this country right now. I would like to go live abroad, but my parents are too old to move, and I can’t leave them alone”. (http://observers.france24.com/content/20130503-%E2%80%98969%E2%80%99-digits-terrifying-muslims-burma  May 3, 2013)

Muslim man:In Naypyidaw, the ‘969’ campaign has really kicked off in the past few days. Unknown people in vans are now going around house-to-house, shop-by-shop to distribute ‘969’ stickers and DVDs. They’re also putting stickers up in public areas, like at bus stops. It’s like they’re carrying out a marketing campaign! They’re doing this mainly along Yaza Hta Nay Road, which is a major business area but is also home to a mixed community of Buddhists, Muslims and some Chinese business people. (…) Recently, I’ve also seen lots of DVDs of Wirathu’s speeches being sold in town. One store I went to had about 100 copies. Newspaper vendors sell it out on the street, too. Lots of copies are spreading hand-to-hand. Others spread his speeches online, mainly through Facebook. (…) This campaign is clearly influencing Buddhists quite a lot. For example, I’m currently building a house, and some of my employees are Buddhists. They’ve just quit. They either don’t want or don’t dare to talk to me anymore. I saw ‘969’ stickers on their motorbikes. (…) Buddhists now go only to shops owned by Buddhists. Some ‘969’ campaigners warned people not to eat meat and vegetables bought at Muslim-owned stores. They told them that it was poisonous! They said that it was not poisonous immediately, but in six months… (…) Some Buddhists say that the ‘969’ campaign doesn’t attack other religions, that it is just expressing pride in Buddhism. However, since it’s emerged, Muslim communities across the country have been targeted! For us Muslims, ‘969’ is a sign of violence, a threat. The more we see the signs, the more we feel unsafe. Buddhist and Muslim communities that had lived together peacefully in the past are now torn apart because of ‘969’. As long as this campaign exists, I don’t think there will be any stability in Burma.” (http://observers.france24.com/content/20130503-%E2%80%98969%E2%80%99-digits-terrifying-muslims-burma  May 3, 2013)

Abu Tahay (president of the Union National for Development Party):  “This sticker [969’s] is now the symbol of the racists,” (…) “Not only the President but [democracy icon] Daw Aung San Suu Kyi should come out and give a concrete statement about the multicultural nature of our country.” (http://world.time.com/2013/04/02/in-burma-satellite-images-show-extent-of-religious-violence/   April, 2, 2013)



EVIDENCE 17: 969 against Humanitarian Buddhism

Debbie Stothard (human rights group ALTSEAN): “We’ve seen moderate Buddhists killed by Rakhine nationalists, simply because these people sold rice or provided some sort of humanitarian service to the Rohingya,” (…) “In some communities, moderate Buddhists are far more afraid of the extremist ‘969’ movement than of Muslims in general,” (http://www.dw.de/violence-in-the-name-of-buddhism/a-16929981  July 4, 2013)



EVIDENCE 18: Social Segregation

Monk Ashin Wirathu: “First of all, they are not an ethnic group and neither are they our citizens. Secondly, if the neighboring countries want to accept them, we will be happy to send them there. Finally, if they have to remain in our territory we will take care of them as refugees with the help of the UN, as we are doing now.” (http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/2014/02/myanmar-buddhist-rohingya-ethnic-divide-20142211421962209.html  February 4, 2014)

Monk Ashin Wirathu: “Whatever you do, do it as a nationalist. If you look at anything with your eyes, see it in nationalist point of view. If you listen anything with your ears, listen it in nationalist way. Anything you do, do it in nationalist way. Nationalism must be routine in your life, as you eat, move or doing business. The weakness of nationalism forced me to preach. But they [the Muslims] are not like that. Whatever they do, they do it for their people. (…) Their religion is the most abuse Human Rights. They are seriously abusing freedom of believe. They join current government party because when this party is elected, they will get position. (…) See, now they got position. If NLD cannot perform according to the believe because NLD office is in Kalar [derogatory name referring to Muslims which means nigger] property, what would happen if they become head of the party, become a member of parliament or become a leader of our nation, it is not easy. Think wisely, it is scary. The more you think, the more you would scare. (…) When military was in power they made friend with generals, (…) and when NLD become famous they influenced her [Aung San Suu Kyi]. When she returns from US, from the airport she used Kalar’s car. (…) She is now under their grip. (…) Beware Rangoon people (…) politician they cannot differentiate between Human Rights and faith. So they can neither protect religion nor the people. If this type of people keeps getting the position, the culture of Ka Htein would vanish (…) Young monks from Mawlamyine, organised Monks Network, printed stickers and asking people to support fellow Buddhist businesses, shop only Buddhist’s shop and use the transportation owned by the Buddhist. They have used slogan eat at 969 restaurant, use 969 transportation buy from (…) sell only 969 (…) do not let your money goes to your enemy. By using this money, they will marry, they will force them to convert to their religion and their children will be a threat for the country. They would destroy our religion. When their population increased, they would do the same as what happen in Rakhine. (…) Our enemy would become powerful and they are the more dangerous for us. (…) We golden Burmese would win this fight. (…) After that we can win more fight and by concentrating the target one after another we have to protect our race.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7irUgGsFYw)

Monk U Nan Daw Ba Tha (Abaya Yakheta monastery in Sittwe): “Let our lives be lost. We have the duty to safeguard our Rakhine land and people.” (…) “If the western gate of Myanmar is broken, the country will become like Indonesia, Malaysia and Afghanistan, a Muslim Nation.” (…) “Ma Thida Htwe [the 26-year girl found raped] sacrificed her life for our Rakhine people. Those Muslim Bengalis had a grander plan in mind.” (…) For any race, it is totally intolerable when a member of their community is assaulted.  Traditionally, the residents of Toungop do not allow any Muslim to come to their town. They felt insulted and were furious when ten Muslims dared to pass through the town. So they beat them to dead.” (…) “The Bengalis [pejorative name to call the Rohingyas] set their homes on fire and then blamed the Rakhines for doing so. Another thing is their guile. Rakhines are no match for Bengalis in deception. Bengalis can easily laugh and cry at the same time.” (…) “The president has ordered to check who is eligible for citizenship. Those who are not eligible are to be sent to refugee camps. And if any third country wants them, they can be sent there.”  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KG2kdcmZG0 Source: Al Jazeera)

Master Yan Maitri-Shi: This video is a Conference in London dated on April 28, 2014 carried out by Dr Maung Zarni and there is a communication via skype in which Tomás Ojea Quintana, who works for Human Rights Watch and who is special reporter in Myanmar talked about the many times he was in Myanmar. He, in fact, was in various mobs where people attempt to boycott his meetings with important Myanmar governmental authorities. He told he was in jail there because of his investigations regarding the abuses and violence that Rohingya people are suffering from decades. He also tells that he met lots of Buddhist monks or Buddhist people who assisted or helped Rohingya Muslims and he said he does not think this is about a religious issue, meaning a Buddhist-Muslim issue, he strongly believes that the roots of the violence against Rohingya is a matter of groups or organizations such as USDA (Union Solidarity and Development Association), which was a Burmese organization formed by Myanmar’s ruling military junta. He also said that the situation in the Rakhine State is gradually and systematically worsening and that those who can make decisions, i.e., first Myanmar’s Government and then the international community, are not reacting in the face of some serious elements of genocide towards Rohingyas. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Mpn5Amp_ZfQ )


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