Legal Act on Minister Malcorra


Dear Susana Mabel Malcorra, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cult of the Argentine Republic,

Through this Act, on May 16, 2016, we communicate with you to make an International Repudiation regarding your candidacy as UN Secretary General. This is because under your mandate in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cult you have done absolutely nothing to remedy discriminatory conditions found in said Secretariat of Cult, by keeping unconstitutional laws which maintain the Catholic Church as a virtual fourth power of Argentina. Such laws (laws 21745 and 21950) have been duly declared as unconstitutional and discriminatory according to an official Opinion of the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights dated on April 25, 2016 in its communication to the Ministry of Justice of the Province of Buenos Aires, of which it is annexed copy to the present letter. In the same Opinion it makes clear that “indifference to this Opinion by the highest authorities of the Government of Buenos Aires, the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Presidency of the Nation, would constitute an act of complicity with the discriminatory and unconstitutional actions that have been analyzed in due time.”

Moreover, we want to point out that our Buddhist Temple has experienced the discriminatory treatment of said Secretariat of Cult, which refused to register it some years ago, something that has not been corrected by your mandate, by giving us no kind of support even though we are one of the most important Buddhist and tribal institutions in the world.

In conclusion, we request an immediate appropriate action on your part that corrects the current discriminatory order, either by eliminating the economic and political benefits to the Catholic Church in Argentina that is providing the same rights and opportunities to other religious communities without any discrimination. It would be ethical and legitimate that the funds used to fund the Catholic Church, which depends on the Vatican State, are properly used to help the millions of poor and not those who hold wealth and power.


Always with a reconciling spirit,

Buddhist Master Maitreya

President of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee & Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights

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