Legal Act on Hezbollah

Case 16/2016: Iran



Dear government of Lebanon,

On day December 3, 2016, we are communicating with you to carry out an International Repudiation to the Hezbollah movement and its Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah, who have political and social participation within Lebanon. This repudiation is not only because Hezbollah has participated in terrorist acts in many countries, but also because this movement is a total ally of the Iranian government, which was sentenced in our Court for the crimes of Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing and Crimes against Humanity, among other charges. In fact, there is evidence that Hezbollah is the executor of terrorist attacks ordered by the Iranian government, just as it happened in the Argentine Republic.

Although the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights does not agree with the policies of the United States and Israel, certainly, the kind of violent struggle that has been repeatedly carried out by the Hezbollah movement against these countries is inhuman, since it constitutes a violation of Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law. Although every war is in itself a crime, military attacks against civilians are even higher violations and crimes. In this way, it is requested to the Lebanese government to bring to justice all those who have committed international crimes, such as Hezbollah, Israel and the United States, since these three countries have systematically attacked civilians in their military activities. Otherwise, the government of Lebanon will be complicit in illegal action.

In conclusion, the Muslim people urgently need political and religious leaders who are able to understand that the only possible way to resolve conflicts is through peace and justice, and not through war and hatred. Violence only engenders more violence.

Always with a spirit of Reconciliation (maitri),

Master Maitreya

President of the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights


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