Act on World Government Summit

Case 08/2015: Australia



Dear World Government Summit,

On December 23, 2016, we are communicating to make an International Repudiation to the award your organization has given to Greg Hunt, former Minister of Environment of Australia, awarding him as the best minister in the world. This repudiation is due to the fact that former Minister Greg Hunt was sentenced by our Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights for the crimes of Persecution and Animal Extermination, Ecocide, Deforestation and Maritime Pollution. In fact, this Ministry of Environment carried out a policy of denying global warming, by attacking environmental organizations, polluting the Great Barrier Reef, and increasing mining and carbon emissions.

Moreover, the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights has evidence that the Australian Government has not only violated Animal and Ecosystem Rights, but Human Rights has also been violated, since it provides abusive treatment to refugees who are seeking asylum within Australia, by imprisoning them in detention centers similar to concentration camps where thousands of women and children have been sexually abused, as evidenced by the thousands of cases collected in the Nauru archives. In itself, these serious violations are unlawful privations of freedom and systematic sexual abuse, which constitute crimes against humanity. There is even evidence that by rejecting refugees and expelling them to other countries, the Australian government committed smuggling of persons. From these acts which violate international human rights treaties on refugees, the Australian government decided to reduce its collaboration with the UN. This abusive treatment toward refugees is based on racism that the Australian government has historically had toward Aboriginal peoples and Asian immigrants, so it is not a new phenomenon.

In conclusion, former Minister Greg Hunt not only is not the best minister in the World, but he also was one of the worst ministers in the world, having been part of a government that is violating International Law. In this regard, the award given to former Minister Greg Hunt is spurious, and Australia is also declared as a country that violates Human Rights. If the world’s political leaders continue oppressing and mocking peoples, by awarding those who do evil and ignoring those who do the good, then the contemporary civilization will fall sooner than expected.


Always with spirit of reconciliation,

Master Maitreya

President of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee & Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights

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