UBNO Mission




Mission of the United Buddhist Nations Organization

The United Buddhist Nations Organization (UBNO), created on October 10, 2016, has the main Purpose (Dharma) to defend the human rights of Buddhist individuals and Sanghas at a global level. After 2600 years of history of the great Buddhist nation, the UBNO not only represents the seek for the defense of Buddhist Peoples and Spiritual Communities, but also the desire for transformation and evolution of humanity, seeking the abolition of war, injustice, ignorance and pollution. Therefore, the United Buddhist Nations Organization involves objectives that unite East and West under the same humanitarian banner. This is truly the emergence of an alternative to the voice of the prevailing international organizations, which have failed to embody ethical leadership toward humanity, since they were incapable of transmitting world peace, social justice, advanced education and ecological harmony. Thus, the UBNO responds to the thirst for change that the human being has, by providing ethical leadership to the whole Buddhist Nation because it is strongly committed to build diplomatic bridges with all governments around the world in order ratify the Rights of Buddhist Peoples and Spiritual Communities. This is a complex and risky goal, because it involves be willing to give one’s life in order to work for solving conflicts in the international community and the Mother Earth (Pachamama), seeking to achieve the Cure (Nirvana) of the causes of suffering of all beings. In this sense, the UBNO has the ability to unite the entire Buddhist Nations through the spread of the UNIVERSAL DECLARATION ON THE RIGHTS OF BUDDHIST PEOPLES AND SPIRITUAL COMMUNITIES, seeking consensus so that countries may respect human rights of all peoples, especially the rights of Sanghas as true ethical leaders of history.








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