Master in Engaged Buddhism

Master in Engaged Buddhism


First Semester

1. Detachment from ideologies and doctrines
2. Detachment from knowledge and fixed visions
3. Free education
4. Compassionate dialogue and renunciation of fanaticism
5. Open eyes to world suffering
6. Help the poor and oppressed ones
7. Detachment from material wealth
8. Life of simplicity and humility
9. Ethics of sharing resources
10. Detachment from hatred
11. Mindfulness to the here and now
12. Interior and exterior peace

Second Semester

1. Empathy and Understanding others
2. Transformation of mind and society
3. Creation of compassionate and supportive communities
4. Reconciliation and resolution of conflicts
5. Practice of telling the Truth
6. Constructive criticism of the world
7. Fight against injustice and oppression
8. Detachment from personal gain and partisan politics
9. Repairing nature and Practice of spiritual love
10. Protection of life as an end and not as an instrument
11. Abandoning the civilization of war
12. Respect for the rights of all sentient beings

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