Course of Super-Integral Buddhist Master



Program of 10 years


First semester
Buddhist Psychoanalysis

Second semester
Buddhist Humanism

Third semester
Buddhist Transpersonalism

Fourth semester
Buddhist Cognitivism

Fifth semester
Buddhist Integralism

Sixth semester
Buddhist Existentialism

Seventh semester
Buddhist Stoicism

Eighth semester
Buddhist Surrealism

Ninth semester
Buddhist Relativism

Tenth semester
Buddhist Ecology

Eleventh Semester
Buddhist Socialism

Twelfth Semester
Buddhist Cooperativism

Thirteenth Semester
Buddhist Anarchism

Fourteenth Semester
Buddhist Abolitionism

Fifteenth Semester
Buddhist Personalism

Sixteenth Semester
Buddhist Revisionism

Seventeenth Semester
Buddhist Messianism

Eighteenth Semester
Buddhist Gnosticism

Nineteenth Semester
Buddhist Sufism

Twentieth Semester
Buddhist Ecumenism

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