Master in Enviromental Health


First Semester
1. Prevention of diseases
2. Creating environments conducive to health
3. Physical, mental and social health
4. Ecological health
5. Pollution Prevention
6. Environmental Medicine
7. Global Alliance against Climate Change
8. Gaia theory
9. Spiritual conception of Mother Earth
10. Green movement, ecosocialism and environmental activism
11. Protection of ecosystems
12. Environmental Law

Second Semester
1. End of poverty and hunger
2. Wellbeing and Sustainable Development
3. Quality education
4. Gender equality and reduction of inequalities
5. Clean water and sanitation
6. Clean energies
7. Decent work and economic growth
8. Creation of sustainable communities
9. Responsible consumption
10. Peace, justice and ecological culture
11. Protection of future generations
12. Social, Solidarity and Sustainable Economy

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