Master in Buddhist Existentialism

Master in Buddhist Existentialism

PROGRAM of 1 year

Module 1. Real-Symbolic-Imaginary

Module 2. Being-for-the-death and Being-Time

Module 3. Existential Structures: perversion, psychosis, neurosis, transference, sublimation

Module 4. Philosophical discourse and analytical discourse

Module 5. Revelation and realization of the being in the word

Module 6. Existential Psychoanalysis: Sartre and Lacan

Module 7. Analytical spirituality

Module 8. God is Unconscious

Module 9. Lacan and Derrida: Deconstructive Analysis and Dismissal Analysis

Module 10. The End of Analysis: Love, Emptiness and Femininity

Module 11. Ethics and aesthetics of jouissance

Module 12. Ego or Self

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