Master in Buddhist Psychiatry

Master in Buddhist Psychiatry

PROGRAM of 1 year

Module 1: Beyond the dualism of mind

Module 2: Chakras and brain

Module 3: Schizophrenia and abstract, aesthetic, psychodynamic, perinatal and transpersonal experiences

Module 4: Trances, Dreams, Myths and Mysticism

Module 5: Body-mind and self-healing

Module 6: Mindfulness

Module 7: Transformation of the inner world

Module 8: Neurology, Meditation and Brain Transformation

Module 9: States of ecstatic regression and dynamic creative states

Module 10: Psychedelics and transcendental experiences

Module 11: Shamanic experiences and depersonalization

Module 12: Illness as a failure of the spiritual development

Module 13: Awakening of the kundalini, ascetic phenomena and psychic disturbances

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