Master in Buddhist Art





First Semester

Module 1. Poetry and Literature

Module 2. Painting

Module 3. Music and Singing

Module 4. Sculpture and Architecture

Module 5. Dance and Theater

Module 6. Photography

Module 7. Film

Module 8. Calligraphy and Grammar

Module 9. Crafts and Gardening

Module 10. Rhetoric and Dialectics

Module 11. Martial Arts

Module 12. Philosophy of Art


Second Semester

Module 1. Astronomy

Module 2. Politics

Module 3. Sociology of Art

Module 4. Anthropology of Art

Module 5. Contemplative and authentic art

Module 6. Religious art

Module 7. History of oriental art

Module 8. Buddhism and Surrealism

Module 9. Aesthetics

Module 10. Fundamental beauty

Module 11. Art in everyday life

Module 12. Humor

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