Master in Buddhist Anthropology

Master in Buddhist Anthropology

Program of 1 year

Module 1. Path of posthumanity

Module 2. The inner Revolution: evolution of consciousness

Module 3. Humanity and universal family of unity and mutual aid

Module 4. Beyond East and West

Module 5. Evolutionism and the awakened society of love

Module 6. Alternative vision of the human being and the world

Module 7. Philosophical Anthropology: Evolution of Homo Sapiens into Homo Iluminatis

Module 8. Pluralism, Transculturalism and Transhumanity

Module 9. Ethical, solidary and integral leadership: being with the fellow beings

Module 10. Toward a humanity of values, freedom and responsibility

Module 11. Anthropology of the amplified states of consciousness

Module 12. The Buddhas of the past and the future

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