Master in Psychoanalysis & Philosophy

Master in Psychoanalysis & Philosophy


First Semester

Module 1. Psychoanalytic Theories

Module 2. Eros and Thanatos

Module 3. Ego, Super-ego and It

Module 4. Consciousness, Preconsciousness and Unconsciousness

Module 5. Fantasy and Veil

Module 6. Sexuality, symptom and jouissance

Module 7. Transference and Love

Module 8. Unconsciousness, Language and Other

Module 9. Angst and object of Desire

Module 10. Free association, Floating attention and interpretation

Module 11. Direction of the Cure and ethics of well-saying

Module 12. Art and Psychoanalysis: aesthetical unconsciousness

Second Semester

Module 1. Psychoanalysis of the Liberation from repetition

Module 2. Being and the Real-Symbolic-Imaginary

Module 3. Ethics of Psychoanalysis

Module 4. Existential Analytics: Freud, Heidegger and Lacan

Module 5. The outcome of the analytical practice: the Real and the Truth

Module 6. God and the Non-Everything

Module 7. Position and desire of the analyst

Module 8. Sublimation as subjective structure

Module 9. Pass Practice and End of Analysis

Module 10. Empty subject: beyond psychology

Module 11. Ethics and Aesthetics of the Psychoanalytic Cure

Module 12. Remember, repeat and re-elaborate

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