Foundation and Regulations

Founding Act and Internal Regulation

On December 21, 2012, Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha made the creation of the Indian Buddhist Federation, becoming its first President. It is time to re-found the Buddhism of India that Siddharta Gautama created two thousand six hundred years ago, reconquering the spiritual field in order to restore Buddhism toward the right Path. This reconquest must be proposed to all Buddhist communities in India in order to try to save the entire society. This goal of refoundational work is indissoluble from a meditative formation that must be dispensed in this movement of analytical-existential-libertarian reconquest of Buddhist Spirituality.

The next evolutionary step must be performed, unifying the Spirituality in order to Guide toward the evolution of consciousness. Buddhism must recover the relationship with the Truth and criticize any deviation of the Dharma that delays its progress and development. The Founder of the organization will preserve the right of veto in the face of resolutions approved by the government of the Indian Buddhist Federation that may be contrary to Buddhist Spirituality.

The Indian Buddhist Federation may issue degrees of Instructor or Master in Meditation to those students who have approved the training process under the guidance of a spiritual master.

The Indian Buddhist Federation calls upon to make a Seventh Buddhist Council that will occur in the next years of its foundation. Each institutional member revalidates the realization and existence of such Council.

The Presidency of the Indian Buddhist Federation will last for a period of 8 years and will not be an eternal power, so the Founder will personally deal with the period 2012-2020 while then there must be a new President for the period 2020-2028.

The Indian Buddhist Federation may criticize activities of Sanghas that may be contrary to Buddhist Spirituality, performing this kind of advice with respect and humility.

The Indian Buddhist Federation will have as its financial funds the activities coming from Meditation Trainings, while the memberships are free.

The Indian Buddhist Federation will offer support and spiritual guidance to all its institutional members, transmitting them the integrative and evolutionary knowledge of the Buddha-Dharma-Sangha.

The Indian Buddhist Federation believes that humanity is in danger due to a materialistic lifestyle, which generates crises such as climate change, so it seeks to expand and relaunch meditative life throughout India as a better way to seek the survival of humanity in the face of the possibility of self-destruction. Meditative life, with its analytical-existential-libertarian style, is the answer offering the Cure of mental suffering and the Liberation of the oppressed peoples of India.

The Indian Buddhist Federation is ruled by the Buddhist Law and the International Law, its Purpose being the integral and democratic development of the Buddhist Spirituality in India.

The Indian Buddhist Federation may remove the membership of an institutional or individual member in case of misconduct sanctioned by an Ethics Committee. All kinds of internal conflicts will be addressed through such Committee.

The Indian Buddhist Federation will have face-to-face and virtual meetings and deliberations, which will allow a correct and rapid decision making in all circumstances.

The Indian Buddhist Federation will be represented by its President, who shall maintain good behavior at all times and places.

The Indian Buddhist Federation may modify its internal regulations with the full support of its members, or with the support of its Founder.

The Indian Buddhist Federation will have institutional members that must adjust to ethical guidelines, such as the values of Detachment, Commitment, Liberty, Openness, Compassion, Wisdom, Love, Companionship and Self-sacrifice.




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