Degree of Buddhist Sociologist

Degree of Buddhist Sociologist




First Semester

Module 1. Buddhism and Marxism

Module 2. Buddhist anarchism

Module 3. Social utopia and revolutionary praxis

Module 4. Freedom and de-alienation

Module 5. Social reform

Module 6. Activity of the full life

Module 7. Buddhism and Proudhon

Module 8. Family and Spiritual Community

Module 9. Buddhism and Contemporary social thought

Module 10. Democracy

Module 11. Culture and Counterculture

Module 12. Sociology of Education and Learning


Second Semester

Module 1. Sociology of History

Module 2. Civilization of barbarism or civilization of peace

Module 3. Future of society

Module 4. Global governance

Module 5. Crime and war

Module 6. Social conditions of salvation of the human being

Module 7. Social progress as peace

Module 8. Social ethics

Module 9. Civil resistance against social inequality

Module 10. Pacifist Socialism and cultural evolution

Module 11. Transformation of reality: toward a better world

Module 12. Social doctrine of religions and spiritual communities


Degree of Buddhist Economist





First Semester

Module 1. Detachment and Socialization of money

Module 2. Peaceful, equitable, educated and ecological revolution

Module 3. Fair Economy and Healing of the Environment

Module 4. Social and Solidarity Economy

Module 5. Non-monetary value of existence

Module 6. Aboriginal economy

Module 7. Economy and abolition of armamentism

Module 8. Economy beyond materialism

Module 9. Communist and libertarian economy

Module 10. Cooperativism and economic democracy

Module 11. Crisis of Capitalism

Module 12. Globalizing economy and interdependence of peoples


Second Semester

Module 1. Socially engaged economy

Module 2. Zen Economics of the Sangha

Module 3. Healing the poverty

Module 4. Bussiness ethics

Module 5. Economy and deep ecology

Module 6. Real wealth economy

Module 7. Social Justice and Distribution of Prosperity

Module 8. Economics of Sustainable Development

Module 9. Humanitarianism, Social action and altruism

Module 10. Work and meditation: righteous livelihood

Module 11. Humanist Economics and New Ethical Lifestyle

Module 12. Social integration and new global system


Degree of Buddhist Politologist





First Semester

Module 1. Compassionate Politics

Module 2. Hope for Peace and coexistence

Module 3. Social relations of goodness

Module 4. Interreligious cooperation

Module 5. Socialist Civilization

Module 6. Non-violence facing Imperialism and Nationalism

Module 7. The struggle of the poor and oppressed

Module 8. Eradicating hatred and discrimination

Module 9. Revolutionary politics with human dignity

Module 10. Critical analysis of the UN

Module 11. Harmony with Mother Earth

Module 12. Global Ethics


Second Semester

Module 1. Survival of humanity

Module 2. Society with respect and mutual support

Module 3. Free, equal and fraternal society

Module 4. Tolerance and intercultural Pluralism

Module 5. Civilization and International Law

Module 6. Transnational protection of human rights

Module 7. Ethical, righteous and fair politics

Module 8. Spiritual Awakening and transformation of society

Module 9. Toward a culture of peace and knowledge

Module 10. Politics with global awareness

Module 11. Buddhism and Confucianism

Module 12. Ecological Civilization of the Future

Degree of Buddhist Environmentalist

Degree in Buddhist Environmentalism




First Semester

Module 1. Bodhisattva Vow

Module 2. Tribal Peoples and the Environment

Module 3. Capitalist civilization and environmental destruction

Module 4. Anthropocentrism and Ecocentrism

Module 5. Systems theory

Module 6. Green movement

Module 7. Environmental Engaged Buddhism

Module 8. Political ecology

Module 9. Deep ecology

Module 10. Global warming

Module 11. Ecocide

Module 12. Pollution


Second Semester

Module 1. Deforestation

Module 2. Extinction of species

Module 3. Genetic manipulation

Module 4. Animal rights and Animal Liberation

Module 5. Plant rights

Module 6. Ecosystem Rights

Module 7. Rights of the Earth

Module 8. Gaia theory and planetary medicine

Module 9. Sustainable development and environmental Justice

Module 10. Social Ecology, Counterculture and Ecosocialism

Module 11. Ecovillages and Anarchism

Module 12. Radical ecology, Activism and direct action

Degree of Buddhist Scientist

Degree in Buddhist Science




First Semester

Module 1. Alternative scientific paradigm

Module 2. Contemplative and Spiritual Science

Module 3. Metarreflexion

Module 4. Emptiness, relativity and quantum

Module 5. The Big Bang and the Universe without beginning of Buddhism

Module 6. Karma and Causality

Module 7. Bioethics and genetics

Module 8. Beyond materialism and metaphysics

Module 9. Intuition and beyond the mechanistic objectivity

Module 10. Empiricism and rationalism

Module 11. Physics and Consciousness

Module 12. Common ground of mind-matter


Second Semester

Module 1. Parallels between quantum physics and mysticism

Module 2. Heisenberg, David Bohm and Buddhism

Module 3. Science, creativity and Implicate Order

Module 4. Buddhist Cosmology and String Theory

Module 5. Evolution of life and autopoiesis

Module 6. Contemplation of the Totality

Module 7. Indeterminism in the knowledge of the Real

Module 8. Interconnected, multidimensional and holographic universe

Module 9. Beyond spacetime

Module 10. Multiverse

Module 11. Integral vision

Module 12. Systemic Perspective of the Cosmos


Degree of Buddhist Ethicist

Degree in Buddhist Ethics




First Semester

Module 1. Path of Spiritual Love: tenderness and passion without attachment

Module 2. Pathway of Detachment

Module 3. Meditation and deep vision of life

Module 4. Solitude, silence and just behavior

Module 5. Present Being: being in the here and now

Module 6. Beyond pain and pleasure

Module 7. Ethics of Sublimation

Module 8. A new culture

Module 9. Contemplative research method

Module 10. Satisfaction in everyday life

Module 11. Humility and Being: Having without accumulating

Module 12. Being and Becoming


Second Semester

Module 1. Metaphilosophical therapeutic tool

Module 2. Wellbeing in spite of suffering

Module 3. Appropriate Happiness and Labor

Module 4. Virtues and Factors of Enlightment

Module 5. Experiencing peace and the miracle of existing

Module 6. Meditation, Theory and practice of subjective equilibrium

Module 7. Overcoming good and evil

Module 8. Freedom is Responsibility

Module 9. Angst and Openness of Being

Module 10. Knowledge of oneself

Module 11. Righteous communication and cooperation: helping others

Module 12. Free and ethical consciousness: the true good

Degree of Buddhist Artist





First Semester

Module 1. Poetry and Literature

Module 2. Painting

Module 3. Music and Singing

Module 4. Sculpture and Architecture

Module 5. Dance and Theater

Module 6. Photography

Module 7. Film

Module 8. Calligraphy and Grammar

Module 9. Crafts and Gardening

Module 10. Rhetoric and Dialectics

Module 11. Martial Arts

Module 12. Philosophy of Art


Second Semester

Module 1. Astronomy

Module 2. Politics

Module 3. Sociology of Art

Module 4. Anthropology of Art

Module 5. Contemplative and authentic art

Module 6. Religious art

Module 7. History of oriental art

Module 8. Buddhism and Surrealism

Module 9. Aesthetics

Module 10. Fundamental beauty

Module 11. Art in everyday life

Module 12. Humor

Degree of Buddhist Philosopher




First Semester:

Module 1. The Meaning and Purpose of Existence

Module 2. Dissatisfaction, Impermanence and Insubstantiality

Module 3. Life as an art of fullness

Module 4. Logical Philosophy

Module 5. Philosophy of Nagarjuna

Module 6. Buddhist Discourse of Emptiness and Nothingness

Module 7. Buddhist Phenomenology and Ontology

Module 8. Interpretation and Construction of the Truth

Module 9. Life and Enlightment of Siddharta Gautama

Module 10. Knowledge through meditative pathway

Module 11. Karma and Nirvana: liberation and penetrating vision

Module 12. Mental calm


Second Semester:

Module 1. Spiritual Values

Module 2. Initiation and Awakening

Module 3. Satori and beyond knowledge

Module 4. Wise Master and philosopher

Module 5. Beyond faith

Module 6. Philosophy of Martial Arts

Module 7. Multidimensional Philosophy of the Real

Module 8. The True Human Being

Module 9. Overcoming the subject-object dualism

Module 10. Cosmos and Mind

Module 11. Poetic Freedom and Koan

Module 12. Meta-thought and spiritual masters’ language


Degree of Buddhist Educator





First Semester:

Module 1. Education of Inner Peace and Social Peace

Module 2. Education for Human Rights and Peace

Module 3. Education with Equanimity and Tolerance

Module 4. Education for Solidarity and Equality

Module 5. Education for Creativity and Mindfulness

Module 6. Education on Friendship and Fraternity

Module 7. Responsibility, Freedom and Detachment

Module 8. Environmental education for sustainable development

Module 9. Education on Democracy and plural Justice

Module 10. Pedagogy of Liberation

Module 11. Compassionate Wisdom

Module 12. Awakening of potentialities


Second Semester:

Module 1. Peak Knowledge

Module 2. Master-Apprentice Relationship and the School of Life

Module 3. Self-realization and self-transcendence

Module 4. Spiritual counseling and direct perception of the real

Module 5. Teaching with listening and empathy

Module 6. Consciousness in the present and the here-and-now

Module 7. Overcoming Resistances against learning

Module 8. Transformation, Development and evolution of learning

Module 9. Education with Values, Intuition and Altruism

Module 10. Emotional Intelligence against destructive emotions

Module 11. Education for the transformation of consciousness and society

Module 12. Education of Reconciliation and commitment to the fellow beings


Degree of Buddhist Psychotherapist





First Semester:

Module 1. Mental Health and compassionate life

Module 2. Truth and Sublimation

Module 3. Beyond pleasure and passions

Module 4. Encounter of the Meaning of Being

Module 5. Buddhic Nature of mind

Module 6. The tranquility of loving consciousness

Module 7. The ethics of letting go and emptying the mind

Module 8. Pacification of daily stress

Module 9. Curing from addictions of Ego

Module 10. Psychotherapy of spiritual traditions

Module 11. Liberation: beyond the psychological adjustment

Module 12. Psychotherapy of meditation


Second Semester

Module 1. Care of the Self Therapy

Module 2. Training of Wellness of the Self

Module 3. Mind in balance, serenity and equanimity

Module 4. Contemplation and Structure of consciousness

Module 5. Awakening: Wise and compassionate mind

Module 6. Mindfulness and awareness of the everyday

Module 7. Dynamic meditation: Emptiness, freedom and happiness

Module 8. Attention and deep Listening

Module 9. Getting out of alienation

Module 10. The Spiritual Cure of the Mind

Module 11. Vanishing greed, hatred and deceit

Module 12. Inner and outer integrity