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The MBU has created this space of thought not only to explore the parallels between Eastern Buddhist Law and Western Human Rights, but also to produce a fascinating interdisciplinary synthesis called International Buddhist Law, which is a fundamental pillar of the spiritual development of Maitriyana. However, International Buddhist Law is only the contemporary expression of the ancient community and tribal justice system. The College of International Buddhist Law transmits this avant-garde discipline created by Master Maitreya Samysaksambuddha, Rector of the MBU.



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Letter to Meyer


Dear Dr. Meyer,
I am communicating with you in order to share a paradoxical teaching that emerged as a product of my meditation on the Intelligent Design. If by any reason someone points out that the theory of the Intelligent Design is theological or esoteric, alluding to the vision that there is a divine or extraterrestrial creator behind the origin of life, one could say the following:
For Buddhist people, life (like the Cosmos) was not created, but it was created itself through multi-causal processes. This principle also allows one to think that the future human beings have been responsible for fertilizing the Earth in the first place.
Francis Crick came to affirm that the origin of life was created by a non-human intelligence simply because there is engineering in it. If this engineering is the Intelligent Design, I believe the possibility of the “directed panspermia” by an extraterrestrial civilization seeding on Earth  can be improved philosophically through a temporal paradox: the future humanity might have been sown by itself (even yet accidentally). This temporal paradox would imply the absence of a creator or designer, saying that life was self-originated in a kind of “dependent origination” or “interdependent co-arising”, which is the Buddhist theory of Pratitya-samutpada (Sanskrit) or Paticca-samuppada (pali).
This may even be similar to the Tipler’s position about the Omega Point, by returning to the past to self-causing itself.
Cordial Regards,
With Maitri
Master Maitreya



Letter to Tipler


Dear Dr. Tipler,
I am contacting you to share a paradoxical teaching that emerged as a product from my meditation about time.
May this contemplative hypothesis is useful to your Path. I am aware it is currently considered that the creation of the Cosmos was the product of the contact between two parallel universes. It is a beautiful hypothesis of String Theory. I think, from the point of view of the Quantum Theory, my hypothesis is not so misguided, considering that the creation and destruction of the Universe should be phenomena outside of time. It would be an alternative vision to the Big Freeze, Big Crunch, Big Rip and the Big Bounce. There is no heat death, nor we go backwards towards singularity, neither we will be ripped, nor we are a rebound from a Twin Universe. There is no a pre-existing or previous Universe to the Big Bang as stated in the “Loop Quantum Cosmology”. In any case we ourselves are the previous Universe, since according to my hypothesis, we would live in a single Self-created Universe in which its own destruction is what caused its very creation. It is certainly a temporary Koan: the past created by the future. Our death giving rise to our birth. This theory which I call the “Big Dependent Origination” or the “Big Interdependent Co-Arising” is the Buddhist theory of the Pratitya-samutpada (Sanskrit) or Paticca-samuppada. For such reason the Buddhist Relativism claims that one cannot identify a beginning or origin of the Universe, because all phenomena are interdependent and multi-causal. In this ancient Buddhist vision, there would not be a first cause that initiated the creation of Cosmos. Thus the Buddhist Metaphilosophy refutes both the metaphysical concept of a creator God as well as the materialistic concept of an inaugural event as the Big Bang. In accordance with the teaching of Dhammananda Maha Thera regarding the Origin of the World, the Buddhist Relativism believes that the Cosmos has been “created” countless times “by itself”. It will be born and will always die by itself. This is the quantum Wheel of Samsara.
Cordial greetings,
With Maitri (Reconciliation)
Master Maitreya

President of World Association of Buddhism


Institute of Contemporary Buddhist Science

The MBU has created this space of thought not only to explore the parallels between Eastern Buddhism and Western Science, which is something developed by hundreds of authors, but also to produce a fascinating interdisciplinary synthesis called Buddhist Relativism, which is a fundamental pillar of the spiritual development of Maitriyana. However, Buddhist Relativism is only the contemporary expression of the ancient Buddhist Science system. The Institute of Contemporary Buddhist Science transmits this avant-garde discipline lead by Master Maitreya Samysaksambuddha, Rector of the MBU.



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The MBU has created this space of thought not only to explore the parallels between Eastern Buddhism and Western Existentialism, which is something developed by hundreds of authors, but also to produce a fascinating interdisciplinary synthesis called Buddhist Existentialism, which is a fundamental pillar of the spiritual development of Maitriyana. However, Buddhist Existentialism is not a matter that forces the union of two different traditions, given that they have never really been separated. The Institute of Buddhist Existentialism transmits this avant-garde discipline lead by Master Maitreya Samysaksambuddha, Rector of the MBU.



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Letter to Communist Party


Dear Communist Comrades,

Party & Communist Party of Great Britain & CPGB-ML & New Communist Party of Britain & RCPB(ML)

I am appalled by what I have read it is happening in the UK. According to my information, there are clinics and hospitals that burn about 15,000 aborted foetuses for heating. This is repugnant. Although many Communists are in favour of abortion, I believe that our comrades cannot allow this. It is terrible that a human life can be used for energy purposes. Although the law considers foetuses as clinical waste it is heartbreaking and unethical. A major perversion of capitalism is to turn the human being into a battery, and this reminds me of that disgusting death drive which the bourgeois or aristocrat has by wearing animal skins as decorations. My question is: Is there any difference between using a human foetus for heating and using animal skin for adornment?In addition, this is not very different from what the Nazis did, by making soap with the bodies of Jewish and Romany people.This is a terrible story that should not go unnoticed. For this reason I want to convene action in protest against this situation. Even though the UK law considers that a foetus is not a human-being; to use a foetus for heating is an extremely capitalist, perverse and anti-human practice. For the Buddhists, within each human being lies a potential seed of Spirituality: it is called Buddha-nature. That potentiality must be respected and never turned into an object of consumption.As a Buddhist I do not possess any religious beliefs. My only beliefs are ethical. That is to say I think life is invaluable; I believe in the timeless force of Love, I believe in friendship and camaraderie against the oppression of governments. And above all, I believe that Socialism is the future of humanity. My proposal is to carry out a joint protest among all the comrades in UK. I propose as a date April 5th or 12th for claiming the immediate prohibition of this barbaric practice.


Always with a Spirit of Reconciliation (Maitri),

Master Maitreya


Letter to Putin



Dear Mr. Putin, President of Russia,

I would like to tell you that the future of the world is Socialism. This is inevitable. The other alternative is the self-destruction of humanity, since it is evident that the capitalist civilization will collapse. But to attain this new phase of history we must promote the values of Pacifism, Social Justice, Education and Ecology. This simple formula is the Cure (Nirvana) for the ills of world. Please remember this. Humanity does not need leaders willing to establish wars, it needs leaders willing to sacrifice their lives in pursuit of a better future free from war, poverty, illiteracy and pollution. In the absence of a U.S. leadership, if Russia embraces Peace it could become the next leader of the world. But in case you do not embrace the values of Pacifism, I think that a new war will be inevitable. This concern to me , because it involves the destruction of the planet. Please do not make the mistakes of your predecessors. Remember to Gandhi: he defeated one of the mightiest empires of the world through the power of Peace. If Russia embraces Peace I think this world has many chances to survive and move towards Socialism : which is the Awakening (Bodhi) of the whole Society.

Attentively, Always with a Spirit of Reconciliation (Maitri),

Master Maitreya Buddha

President of World Association of Buddhism


Letter to Maduro


Dear Mr. Maduro, President of Venezuela,

I would like to express my deep concern about the direction that is transiting Venezuela, a country to which I have a profound affection for trying to establish some communist ideas. However, I think you have to meditate a lot about your vision, because true Socialism is not authoritative and it generates equality for all human beings. That means that even the political opposition must have the same basic human rights as the rest of the citizens. You have the opportunity to bring peace and harmony to the people, and this achievement would became you into one of the most important leaders in the history of Venezuela. But if you waste this opportunity and oppress the Liberty of the people -both in your country and in the world, you will be remembered as a tyrant. Hopefully you choose the Way leading towards Peace. You have my full spiritual guidance to try to develop socialist measures

Attentively, Always with a Spirit of Reconciliation (Maitri),

Master Maitreya



Letter to Barack Obama


July 25, 2013

Estimated President of the USA, Mr. Barack Hussein Obama,

In terms of the Imaginary, this is a letter from a representative of a worldwide organization, but in terms of the Real, this is a message from an Ambassador of Peace (and Mother Nature), who strives to make a difference as to the type of civilizations we want to exist within.

On behalf of Buddhist Spirituality, we respectfully request that your government desists from any initiative to attack Syria. In this 21st century, the peoples of the world are heading towards World Peace, and the U.S. government has to learn to listen to this calling. Although the situation in the Middle East is worrying, no military superpower has the right to launch attacks on other nations, and even less in the name of Freedom or human rights. We question whether your government knows the genuine meaning of the term Liberation, and that it points directly towards Spiritual Awakening.

This world does not need bureaucratic leaders that claim to represent the people but in fact are loyal to dark powers operating from the shadows. This world needs spiritual leaders, people fully committed to the Salvation and Evolution of humanity. Therefore, through the present, we offer our services as Mediators to attempt to reach a peaceful settlement with the people of Syria, which surely wants the same as everyone: Peace and Self-Determination.

No conflict can be resolved through war, which is the main evil in the world. Conflicts can only be resolved through the most powerful Force history: Compassion. In this way, we should dialogue with the people of Syria and help them to heal their wounds. In case there has been a genocide committed in that country, the U.S. government has the right to publicly denounce Syria to International Justice. But first, in order that there is a true and equitable justice for all, the U.S. government should recognize their own participation in the systematic violation of human rights throughout the twentieth century. In the interests of Freedom and Justice to the whole world, the U.S. government should recognize that their own political leaders have committed genocide on several populations, and bring those leaders to the judgment of international law. The U.S. government is guilty of having dropped atomic bombs on Japan, at the same time as supporting dozens of overthrows of legitimate governments in almost every continent of the globe, along with the declaration of war on the poorest countries.

We hope that the American people follow the spiritual guidance of the great avatars of pacifism, such as Siddhartha Gautama, Jesus of Nazareth, Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. They have had a vision of a Pure Land, and have dedicated their lives fighting peacefully against racism. Our dream is to see the people of USA standing up to face the oppression which establish hegemonic powers, by setting up a civil disobedience that opposes all imperialist war.

Capitalist civilization may resist this change, militarily invading poor countries, but the transformation of humanity is inevitable. We are completely sure that the world is heading towards a dharmic civilization. If peace is not established, humanity itself will self-destruct.  Therefore, all possible futures depend on the Awakening of the people so that they understand that their neighbor is a Brother and the Earth is their Mother. There are no enemies, there are only companions. Humanity does not dwell in a cold and inert planet, but forms part of a global superorganism. It is indispensable to comprehend this, because capitalist civilization has behaved like a cancer within the body of the Earth. And if the U.S. government continues to propagate their greed, hatred and ignorance, then Mother Nature will respond like any body that wants to extirpate something bad. Certainly, war is a disease within the planetary body.

No government has the moral authority to justify a military intervention, much less the U.S. government. The military attacks only worsen the conflict. We hope that International Bodies, (which historically are corrupt and inefficient organizations), this time adopt a pacifist position, and are willing to punish the U.S. government for crimes against humanity.

As you can see, the Buddhist Spirituality can not be an accomplice of new deaths in the world. Every time a government endangers the World Peace, we will be denouncing the evil, working to establish harmony and pacifism around the world.

Capitalist civilization is slowly transforming into a new civilization, and although international corporations try to stop this change through wars, violence will be replaced by the power of Compassion, stabilizing all regions of the Earth with the objective of establishing the utopian vision of the great spiritual masters.

There can not be a bigger indignation than the death of millions of children.  The U.S. government should intervene in the world not with bombs, but by providing food, medicine and free education. Only then will their apparent enemies may support them.

The U.S. government can learn so much from, and be Guided by the teachings of the spiritual masters and assist in building peaceful negotiation for every conflict existing in the world. Buddhist Spirituality is the most revolutionary metapolitical movement in the history of humanity, and its potential good effects for the world are immeasurable.

The people of Syria need a peaceful solution through social organizations which seek human wellbeing.  Therefore the international community should not provide military support but rather spiritual support. Self-determination and Freedom are the deepest rights of humanity; the superpowers should not manipulate democratic processes of other nations, especially considering that capitalist civilization has democratic systems completely manipulated by economic corporations.

Buddhist Spirituality has legitimacy and ethical authority to guide the world through the example of Free and Enlightened Beings (Arhats & Bodhisattvas).  A Buddhist should not legitimize or legalize the evil that represents war.

Although we know that the position of President of USA is a fictitious position (because it secretly obeys powerful groups such as the Bilderberg Group), your administration can make the decision to reveal itself as a revolutionary force against this dark Power. The current U.S. government should cease becoming the main danger to the international balance and USA’s own people. The U.S. government should export life and humanist values instead of spreading death for children and women around the world to maintain its economy and capitalist power.

If you decide to choose the Way of Justice, Freedom and Peace, you have our full support, but if you continue propagating the war, we will continue resisting peacefully, trying to impede humanity from destroying itself.

Mr. President of USA, although you do not know, humanity has never left Eden. Paradise is here and now, really is this Earth so beautiful and full of life. Please be aware of a Future which demands Evolution, a Present which claims Peace and a Past which demands Justice. Humanity should be transformed, by eliminating both physical and psychological weapons that repress the True Being.

We hope that the U.S. government be inspired by the lives of those who have sown peace and brotherhood in the world. Buddhists of the USA can help in this process. Please go with them, and request their advice.

An attentive greeting full of Peace and Goodness.  Please think about what kind of world you wish your sons and daughters to inherit.

With Spirit of Reconciliation (Maitri)

Master Maitreya Buddha

President of the World Association of Buddhism (WBA)



Burma & Tibet Peace Project



Burma & Tibet Peace Project 2014



The Steering Committee of the Seventh Buddhist Council provides spiritual support to Peace Projects, especially for Buddhist countries like Tibet and Burma. Therefore it presents a Peace Project for Tibet, which is composed of a series of pragmatic measures that are in favour of both the people of China and the people of Tibet in order to achieve harmony and Reconciliation between the two:

  • Closure of the Tibetan government in exile (Dharamsala)
  • Declaration of Spiritual Freedom for the Tibetan area.
  • Tibet is assumed as a state belonging to China.
  • Tibet shall elect their political representatives by means of democracy.
  • The Dalai Lama shall not hold any political office.
  • Buddhism shall not be governmentally regulated or influenced.
  • The government of China shall reconstruct the thousands of Buddhist temples destroyed during the occupation.
  • Tibet assumes the commitment to go towards the True Communism.


Burma Peace Project:

  • Prohibiting the conflict between Buddhists and Muslims, promoting mutual coexistence of both groups (the first one being the broad majority).
  • Supporting the pro-democratic activism and the political reforms aimed at establishing peace.
  • Denouncing sectarianism and violent anti-Muslim activities undertaken by Buddhists as a way of False Buddhism.
  • Any kind of anti-government activism on the part of Buddhist monks must be “peaceful resistance” and must never be used violence or aggressiveness.
  • Every religious fanaticism or nationalist fanaticism must never be associated with Buddhism, as these ones are poisons for the mind and society.
  • Facing the destruction of Buddha statues as those in Afghanistan, a genuine Buddhist must respond with detachment, since the Buddha nature cannot be destroyed. Besides, in Buddhism there must never be a ritualistic worship, but rather meditation practice.
  • Assuming an international process of Buddhist ethical Judgement against the monk Wirathu and the “969 movement” in order to dictate whether they are being genuinely Buddhists.
  • Support the use of Buddhist temples as refuge zones for those who are being persecuted (including Muslims).
  • Claiming that the notion of “Buddhist terrorism” is an oxymoron, because the Buddhist Spirituality is pacifistic, tolerant and compassionate, being the expression of the reconciliation and the most important spiritual love in the history of humanity.
  • A Buddhist cannot be involved in ethnic conflicts nor in paramilitary activities, not only for being illegal but also for being immoral.
  • Denouncing to religious extremism as a “False Buddhism”, being against any incitement to violence from Buddhists, as has happened in Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal, Japan and Tibet.
  • Prohibiting Islam phobia within Buddhism, by encouraging the creation of an Interreligious Dialogue between Buddhism and Islam in order to promote world peace.
  • Supporting the Islamic vision of Allah as “the merciful”, which has profound Buddhist connotations associated with compassion, at the same time that it helps to Muslims to achieve world peace.
  • Spreading the Islamic Spirituality of Sufism as a way of synthesis and Middle Way between Buddhism and Islam.