Degree of Buddhist Priest

Degree in Buddhist Priesthood




First Semester

Module 1. Sermon of the Flower

Module 2. Sermon on the Mount

Module 3. Love the enemy and help the oppressed

Module 4. Gautama and Jesus: Path of the Christ-Buddha

Module 5. Beyond materialism

Module 6. Pure Earth

Module 7. Spiritual master as an instrument of peace and justice

Module 8. Imitation of Christ and Buddhic Nature

Module 9. Transmission from mind to mind and from heart to heart

Module 10. Freedom and spontaneity: being in the present

Module 11. Ultimate Reality and Totality

Module 12. Ethics of Unconditional Love



Second Semester

Module 1. Spiritual Theology

Module 2. Initiation and amplified consciousness

Module 3. Prophets of a better world

Module 4. Discipline of patience and generosity

Module 5. Religion of the Future

Module 6. Meaning of history: Liberation

Module 7. Being a citizen of the world

Module 8. Ecumenical Discourse

Module 9. Fraternity civilization

Module 10. Way of forgiveness and Reconciliation: the New Human Being

Module 11. Gautama, Saint Francis of Assisi and Teilhard de Chardin

Module 12. Postmodern Messianism: Theology of Liberation and the Kingdom of Righteousness



Degree of Buddhist Ascetic

Degree in Buddhist Ascesis




First Semester

Module 1. Buddhism and Mystic Christianity

Module 2. Role and mystery of the spiritual master

Module 3. Esoteric and exoteric teachings

Module 4. Secret Doctrine

Module 5. Wisdom of the Enlightened Being

Module 6. Message from the Savior Being

Module 7. Mindfulness and Holy Spirit

Module 8. Practitioners’ spiritual community

Module 9. Practice: beyond faith

Module 10. The contemplative future of humanity

Module 11. Art of living

Module 12. Meditation on gospels



Second Semester

Module 1. Nirvana and Eternity

Module 2. Circular universe

Module 3. Purification of mind

Module 4. The cure of evil

Module 5. Path of Love and Humility

Module 6. Buddhism and Gnostic Christianity

Module 7. Ethics of the Middle Way: Beyond theism and atheism

Module 8. Non-violence of Gautama, Jesus and Gandhi

Module 9. Emptiness and fullness: Consciousness of the Self

Module 10. Poetic life

Module 11. Liberating experience

Module 12. Beyond reason: mind-heart





Degree of Buddhist Mystic

Degree in Buddhist Mysticism




First Semester

Module 1. Love for the life

Module 2. Buddhism and Sufism

Module 3. Creativity and hidden abilities of the human being

Module 4. The Power and potentiality of Being

Module 5. The Death of False Ego

Module 6. Freedom in the present

Module 7. Spiritual Transfiguration

Module 8. Existence with courage and nobility

Module 9. Sainthood

Module 10. Integration with the divine

Module 11. Detachment and transcendence

Module 12. Equanimity


Second Semester

Module 1. Gautama and Muhammad

Module 2. Gautama and Confucius

Module 3. The Second Coming as a Global Awakening

Module 4. Perennial Spirituality

Module 5. Salvation as Awakening and mystical evolution of the human being

Module 6. The goal of the Kingdom of Spiritual Love

Module 7. Ascension

Module 8. Self-sacrifice

Module 9. The Good News

Module 10. Mystical philosophy of Jesus

Module 11. Charity, benevolence, solidarity and compassion

Module 12. Divinity as fellow being






Degree of Buddhist Theologist

Degree in Buddhist Theology




First Semester

Module 1. Paradoxical teachings of Buddhas and Christs

Module 2. Contemplative Path of Gautama and Jesus

Module 3. Compassionate Wisdom

Module 4. Peak Knowledge

Module 5. Prophets of humanity

Module 6. Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now

Module 7. Experience of the divine

Module 8. Spirituality as lifestyle

Module 9. Mystical Resurrection

Module 10. The Essenes, Buddhism and Jesus

Module 11. The Bodhisattva and the mission to save the world

Module 12. Truth as a miracle


Second Semester

Module 1. Apocryphal Gospels

Module 2. Hui Neng and John of the Cross

Module 3. Chinese Christianity

Module 4. Ecumenical Dialogue

Module 5. Meditation, Purpose and Supreme Law

Module 6. Apocalypse and Spirituality in the contemporary world

Module 7. Revolutionary Utopia of Gautama and Jesus

Module 8. Spiritual evolution of humanity

Module 9. Socialism of Gautama and Jesus

Module 10. Libertarian and anti-imperialist spirituality

Module 11. Social Gospel and socially engaged practice

Module 12. Awakening and Liberation of the peoples





Degree of Buddhist Historian





First Semester

Module 1. Neanderthal Communities and Homo Sapiens Communities

Module 2. Myths of Atlantis and Shambhala

Module 3. Mesopotamian and Phoenician Civilizations

Module 4. Egyptian and African Civilizations

Module 5. Minoan and Greek Civilizations

Module 6. Persian Civilization

Module 7. Viking and Celtic Civilization

Module 8. Olmec, Toltec, Mayan, Aztec, Inca, Tiahuanaco and Anasazi Civilizations

Module 9. Hebrew Civilization

Module 10. Roman Civilization

Module 11. Christian Civilization

Module 12. Islamic Civilization


Second Semester

Module 1. Buddhist Civilization in India

Module 2. Buddhist Civilization in Sri Lanka and Maldives

Module 3. Buddhist Civilization in Pakistan and Afghanistan

Module 4. Buddhist Civilization in Iran, Kazakstan, Kyrgyzstan and Kalmykia

Module 5. Buddhist Civilization in Burma and Bangladesh

Module 6. Buddhist Civilization in Thailand

Module 7. Buddhist civilization in Laos, Cambodia and Indonesia

Module 8. Buddhist Civilization in Tibet

Module 9. Buddhist Civilization in Bhutan and Nepal

Module 10. Buddhist Civilization in China, Russia and Mongolia

Module 11. Buddhist Civilization in Korea and Vietnam

Module 12. Buddhist Civilization in Japan

Degree of Buddhist Defender of Human Rights





First Semester

Module 1: Buddhist Customary Law and Vinaya Code

Module 2: Tribal-Indigenous Law and Juridical Pluralism

Module 3: Postmodern Buddhist Law according to the Maitriyana

Module 4: Communitarian Justice and Peace Justice

Module 5: Restorative Justice and Abolitionism

Module 6: Mediation, Conciliation and alternative dispute resolution

Module 7: Ethical Justice and Courts of Conscience

Module 8: Therapeutic and Solidarity Justice

Module 9: Indigenous Special Jurisdiction and Sovereign Immunity of the Sangha

Module 10: Rights of Tribal Peoples according to the ILO and the UN

Module 11: Constitutional Law, Universal Jurisdiction and Human Rights

Module 12: Social Justice and Judicial Activism


Second Semester

Module 1: Environmental Law

Module 2: Transnational and Transcultural Justice

Module 3: Communist Law and Libertarian Law

Module 4: Ombudsman and Civil Disobedience

Module 5: Democratization of Justice and Jury System

Module 6: Natural Law and Philosophy of Law

Module 7: Transitional Justice: Right to Truth, Reconciliation and Reparation

Module 8: Human Right to Peace, Education, Tolerance and Cooperation

Module 9: Human Right to Life, Genocide, War Crimes, Ethnic Cleansing and Crimes against Humanity

Module 10: Ecocide and the Right to Sustainable Development and the Healthy Environment

Module 11: Civil, Political, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Module 12: Right to Religious Freedom and Freedom of Expression

Module 13: Spiritual Rights and Ecclesiastical Law


Degree of Buddhist Anthropologist

Degree in Buddhist Anthropology




First Semester

Module 1. Free and Enlightened Human Being

Module 2. Spiritual Human Being

Module 3. Homo religious

Module 4. Spiritual masters and the torch of the future

Module 5. Awakening and intrinsic dignity of Being

Module 6. Toward a compassionate and peaceful civilization

Module 7. Homo Empathicus and original Goodness

Module 8. Cultural and spiritual evolution: beyond technology

Module 9. Contemplative development of the human being

Module 10. Existentialist humanism

Module 11. Eden, Golden Age and Pure Earth

Module 12. Planetary autopoiesis and transformation of the planetary community


Second Semester

Module 1. Path of posthumanity

Module 2. The inner Revolution: evolution of consciousness

Module 3. Humanity and universal family of unity and mutual aid

Module 4. Beyond East and West

Module 5. Evolutionism and the awakened society of love

Module 6. Alternative vision of the human being and the world

Module 7. Philosophical Anthropology: Evolution of Homo Sapiens into Homo Iluminatis

Module 8. Pluralism, Transculturalism and Transhumanity

Module 9. Ethical, solidary and integral leadership: being with the fellow beings

Module 10. Toward a humanity of values, freedom and responsibility

Module 11. Anthropology of the amplified states of consciousness

Module 12. The Buddhas of the past and the future


Degree of Buddhist Sociologist

Degree of Buddhist Sociologist




First Semester

Module 1. Buddhism and Marxism

Module 2. Buddhist anarchism

Module 3. Social utopia and revolutionary praxis

Module 4. Freedom and de-alienation

Module 5. Social reform

Module 6. Activity of the full life

Module 7. Buddhism and Proudhon

Module 8. Family and Spiritual Community

Module 9. Buddhism and Contemporary social thought

Module 10. Democracy

Module 11. Culture and Counterculture

Module 12. Sociology of Education and Learning


Second Semester

Module 1. Sociology of History

Module 2. Civilization of barbarism or civilization of peace

Module 3. Future of society

Module 4. Global governance

Module 5. Crime and war

Module 6. Social conditions of salvation of the human being

Module 7. Social progress as peace

Module 8. Social ethics

Module 9. Civil resistance against social inequality

Module 10. Pacifist Socialism and cultural evolution

Module 11. Transformation of reality: toward a better world

Module 12. Social doctrine of religions and spiritual communities


Degree of Buddhist Economist





First Semester

Module 1. Detachment and Socialization of money

Module 2. Peaceful, equitable, educated and ecological revolution

Module 3. Fair Economy and Healing of the Environment

Module 4. Social and Solidarity Economy

Module 5. Non-monetary value of existence

Module 6. Aboriginal economy

Module 7. Economy and abolition of armamentism

Module 8. Economy beyond materialism

Module 9. Communist and libertarian economy

Module 10. Cooperativism and economic democracy

Module 11. Crisis of Capitalism

Module 12. Globalizing economy and interdependence of peoples


Second Semester

Module 1. Socially engaged economy

Module 2. Zen Economics of the Sangha

Module 3. Healing the poverty

Module 4. Bussiness ethics

Module 5. Economy and deep ecology

Module 6. Real wealth economy

Module 7. Social Justice and Distribution of Prosperity

Module 8. Economics of Sustainable Development

Module 9. Humanitarianism, Social action and altruism

Module 10. Work and meditation: righteous livelihood

Module 11. Humanist Economics and New Ethical Lifestyle

Module 12. Social integration and new global system


Degree of Buddhist Politologist





First Semester

Module 1. Compassionate Politics

Module 2. Hope for Peace and coexistence

Module 3. Social relations of goodness

Module 4. Interreligious cooperation

Module 5. Socialist Civilization

Module 6. Non-violence facing Imperialism and Nationalism

Module 7. The struggle of the poor and oppressed

Module 8. Eradicating hatred and discrimination

Module 9. Revolutionary politics with human dignity

Module 10. Critical analysis of the UN

Module 11. Harmony with Mother Earth

Module 12. Global Ethics


Second Semester

Module 1. Survival of humanity

Module 2. Society with respect and mutual support

Module 3. Free, equal and fraternal society

Module 4. Tolerance and intercultural Pluralism

Module 5. Civilization and International Law

Module 6. Transnational protection of human rights

Module 7. Ethical, righteous and fair politics

Module 8. Spiritual Awakening and transformation of society

Module 9. Toward a culture of peace and knowledge

Module 10. Politics with global awareness

Module 11. Buddhism and Confucianism

Module 12. Ecological Civilization of the Future