PhD in Buddhist Transpersonalism

Program of 2 years


First Year

Module 1. Carl Jung

Module 2. Individuation process

Module 3. Sigmund Freud

Module 4. Sublimation

Module 5. Assagioli

Module 6. Psicosynthesis

Module 7. Grof

Module 8. Non-ordinary States of Consciousness

Module 9. Abraham Maslow

Module 10. Transpersonal Values

Module 11. Washburn

Module 12. Psychoanalysis and Transpersonal Psychology


Second Year

Module 1. Fromm

Module 2. Psychoanalysis and Zen Psychology

Module 3. Frankl

Module 4. Logotherapy

Module 5. Joseph Campbell

Module 6. Transpersonal Anthropology

Module 7. Krippner

Module 8. Parapsychology

Module 9. Paniker

Module 10. Mythology

Module 11. Ram Dass

Module 12. Kabat-Zinn



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