PhD in Buddhist Theology

Duration: 2 years


First Year

Module 1. Paradoxical teachings of Buddhas and Christs

Module 2. Contemplative Path of Gautama and Jesus

Module 3. Compassionate Wisdom

Module 4. Peak Knowledge

Module 5. Prophets of humanity

Module 6. Kingdom of Heaven in the here and now

Module 7. Experience of the divine

Module 8. Spirituality as lifestyle

Module 9. Mystical Resurrection

Module 10. The Essenes, Buddhism and Jesus

Module 11. The Bodhisattva and the mission to save the world

Module 12. Truth as a miracle


Second Year

Module 1. Apocryphal Gospels

Module 2. Hui Neng and John of the Cross

Module 3. Chinese Christianity

Module 4. Ecumenical Dialogue

Module 5. Meditation, Purpose and Supreme Law

Module 6. Apocalypse and Spirituality in the contemporary world

Module 7. Revolutionary Utopia of Gautama and Jesus

Module 8. Spiritual evolution of humanity

Module 9. Socialism of Gautama and Jesus

Module 10. Libertarian and anti-imperialist spirituality

Module 11. Social Gospel and socially engaged practice

Module 12. Awakening and Liberation of the peoples






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