PhD in Buddhist Sociology

Duration: 2 years


First Year

Module 1. Buddhism and Marxism

Module 2. Buddhist anarchism

Module 3. Social utopia and revolutionary praxis

Module 4. Freedom and de-alienation

Module 5. Social reform

Module 6. Activity of the full life

Module 7. Buddhism and Proudhon

Module 8. Family and Spiritual Community

Module 9. Buddhism and Contemporary social thought

Module 10. Democracy

Module 11. Culture and Counterculture

Module 12. Sociology of Education and Learning


Second Year

Module 1. Sociology of History

Module 2. Civilization of barbarism or civilization of peace

Module 3. Future of society

Module 4. Global governance

Module 5. Crime and war

Module 6. Social conditions of salvation of the human being

Module 7. Social progress as peace

Module 8. Social ethics

Module 9. Civil resistance against social inequality

Module 10. Pacifist Socialism and cultural evolution

Module 11. Transformation of reality: toward a better world

Module 12. Social doctrine of religions and spiritual communities






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