PhD in Buddhist Science

Duration: 2 years


First Year

Module 1. Alternative scientific paradigm

Module 2. Contemplative and Spiritual Science

Module 3. Metarreflexion

Module 4. Emptiness, relativity and quantum

Module 5. The Big Bang and the Universe without beginning of Buddhism

Module 6. Karma and Causality

Module 7. Bioethics and genetics

Module 8. Beyond materialism and metaphysics

Module 9. Intuition and beyond the mechanistic objectivity

Module 10. Empiricism and rationalism

Module 11. Physics and Consciousness

Module 12. Common ground of mind-matter


Second Year

Module 1. Parallels between quantum physics and mysticism

Module 2. Heisenberg, David Bohm and Buddhism

Module 3. Science, creativity and Implicate Order

Module 4. Buddhist Cosmology and String Theory

Module 5. Evolution of life and autopoiesis

Module 6. Contemplation of the Totality

Module 7. Indeterminism in the knowledge of the Real

Module 8. Interconnected, multidimensional and holographic universe

Module 9. Beyond spacetime

Module 10. Multiverse

Module 11. Integral vision

Module 12. Systemic Perspective of the Cosmos






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