PhD in Buddhist Revisionism


Program of 2 years


First Year

1. Philosophical revisionism

2. Socialist pacifist evolution

3. Beyond historical materialism

4. Correction of history

5. History as a story of the victors

6. Criticism of dictatorial revisions

7. History: beyond economic forces

8. Reformist revisionism

9. Criticism of official version

10. Reinterpretation of historical events

11. Change of historiographic paradigm

12. Academic Revisionism


Second Year

1. Revisionism and ancient Civilizations
2. Revisionism and lost civilizations
3. Criticism of pseudoscientific revisionism or negationism
4. Reinterpretation of the story of Jesus
5. Reinterpretation of the East-West relationship
6. Alternative points of view
7. Secret history
8. Reinterpretation of Buddhist History
9. Reinterpretation of the History of America
10. Reinterpretation of Egyptian History
11. Future Story
12. Counterfactual or alternate history

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