PhD in Buddhist Relativism

Program of 2 years


First Year

Module 1. Metaphilosophy

Module 2. The limits of science and reason

Module 3. Mystical Philosophy and Quantum Physics

Module 4. The Universe and its relationship with mind

Module 5. Interconnectivity and nonlocality

Module 6. Multiple universes and multidimensional reality

Module 7. Virtuality and Immateriality of matter

Module 8. Beyond quantum theory: String Theory

Module 9. Universe as Hologram

Module 10. Morphogenetic fields

Module 11. Self-organized universe

Module 12. Implicate Order


Second Year

Module 1. Prigogine’s thinking

Module 2. Dissipative structures

Module 3. Quantum indeterminism

Module 4. Relativistic theories of Einstein

Module 5. Big Bang and the origins of Cosmos

Module 6. Evolution of Universe and life

Module 7. Neurocosmology

Module 8. Gaia theory

Module 9. PhysicsTheories about God

Module 10. Synchronicity

Module 11. M Theory

Module 12. Science of Future


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