PhD in Buddhist Psychotherapy

Duration: 2 years


First Year

Module 1. Mental Health and compassionate life

Module 2. Truth and Sublimation

Module 3. Beyond pleasure and passions

Module 4. Encounter of the Meaning of Being

Module 5. Buddhic Nature of mind

Module 6. The tranquility of loving consciousness

Module 7. The ethics of letting go and emptying the mind

Module 8. Pacification of daily stress

Module 9. Curing from addictions of Ego

Module 10. Psychotherapy of spiritual traditions

Module 11. Liberation: beyond the psychological adjustment

Module 12. Psychotherapy of meditation


Second Year

Module 1. Care of the Self Therapy

Module 2. Training of Wellness of the Self

Module 3. Mind in balance, serenity and equanimity

Module 4. Contemplation and Structure of consciousness

Module 5. Awakening: Wise and compassionate mind

Module 6. Mindfulness and awareness of the everyday

Module 7. Dynamic meditation: Emptiness, freedom and happiness

Module 8. Attention and deep Listening

Module 9. Getting out of alienation

Module 10. The Spiritual Cure of the Mind

Module 11. Vanishing greed, hatred and deceit

Module 12. Inner and outer integrity






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