PhD in Buddhist Psychology

Duration: 2 years


First Year

Module 1: The Health of the True Being

Module 2: Buddhism-Western Psychology Dialogue

Module 3: Analytical mindfulness of the unconscious mind

Module 4: The fundamental basis of consciousness and the Maya

Module 5: Wellbeing, intrinsic dignity and original goodness

Module 6: Reconciliation and Compassionate Love

Module 7: Meditative therapy and healing of trauma

Module 8: Scientific study of Spirituality

Module 9: Compassion and transformation of consciousness

Module 10: Brain functioning of meditation

Module 11: Liberation, Wisdom and Detachment

Module 12: Emptiness and Illusion of the Ego


Second Year

Module 1: Roots of psychological suffering, attachment, aversion and ignorance

Module 2: Integration and Sublimation of Desire

Module 3: Waking from the dream of neurotic life

Module 4: Liberation from the repetition of suffering

Module 5: Psychology of ethics and salvation

Module 6: Theravada Buddhist Psychology

Module 7: Vajrayana Buddhist Psychology

Module 8: Zen Buddhist Psychology

Module 9: Conscious Attention and Higher States of Consciousness

Module 10: Cultivation of the awakened mind and free subjectivity

Module 11: Patience, attitude change and contemplative life

Module 12: Transcending the Ego and Openness of the Self


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