PhD in Buddhist Psychoanalysis

Program of 2 years


First Year

Module 1. Being and Nothingness: doctrine of the lack of Essence

Module 2. Science of dialectical-paradoxical logic: lack-in-being

Module 3. The Desire according to Gautama and Sartre

Module 4. Death according to Gautama and Hegel

Module 5. Buddhic Theory of the Unconscious

Module 6. Contemplative analytical perception

Module 7. Hermeneutic and Postmetaphysical Phenomenology

Module 8. Heidegger, the school of Kyoto and Lacan

Module 9. Zen topology, spatiality, temporality and corporeality

Module 10. The transforming praxis in Gautama and Marx

Module 11. Gautama and Freud

Module 12. Gautama and Lacan


Second Year

Module 1. Heraclitus and Freud

Module 2. The Ethics of Silence: Lacan with Gautama and Wittgenstein

Module 3. Intuition and Creating Unconscious: Poetry, Art and Psychoanalysis

Module 4. Psychoanalysis and Philosophical Discourse

Module 5. Mythology and Archeology of Psychoanalytical Knowledge

Module 6. Destiny in Gautama, Aristotle, Freud and Lacan

Module 7. Pleasure and Good in Gautama, Plato and Freud

Module 8. Serenity, Angst and Ethics of the true saying

Module 9: Liberation and Analytical Cure: Sublimation and end of analysis

Module 10. Gautama, Kierkegaard and Lacan: Ethics of repetition and the eternal return

Module 11. Care for the Self and openness to the Real

Module 12: Pure Love: Gautama, Plato and Lacan


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