PhD in Buddhist Priesthood

Duration: 2 years


First Year

Module 1. Sermon of the Flower

Module 2. Sermon on the Mount

Module 3. Love the enemy and help the oppressed

Module 4. Gautama and Jesus: Path of the Christ-Buddha

Module 5. Beyond materialism

Module 6. Pure Earth

Module 7. Spiritual master as an instrument of peace and justice

Module 8. Imitation of Christ and Buddhic Nature

Module 9. Transmission from mind to mind and from heart to heart

Module 10. Freedom and spontaneity: being in the present

Module 11. Ultimate Reality and Totality

Module 12. Ethics of Unconditional Love


Second Year

Module 1. Spiritual Theology

Module 2. Initiation and amplified consciousness

Module 3. Prophets of a better world

Module 4. Discipline of patience and generosity

Module 5. Religion of the Future

Module 6. Meaning of history: Liberation

Module 7. Being a citizen of the world

Module 8. Ecumenical Discourse

Module 9. Fraternity civilization

Module 10. Way of forgiveness and Reconciliation: the New Human Being

Module 11. Gautama, Saint Francis of Assisi and Teilhard de Chardin

Module 12. Postmodern Messianism: Theology of Liberation and the Kingdom of Righteousness



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