PhD in Buddhist Philosophy

Duration: 2 years


First Year

Module 1. The Meaning and Purpose of Existence

Module 2. Dissatisfaction, Impermanence and Insubstantiality

Module 3. Life as an art of fullness

Module 4. Logical Philosophy

Module 5. Philosophy of Nagarjuna

Module 6. Buddhist Discourse of Emptiness and Nothingness

Module 7. Buddhist Phenomenology and Ontology

Module 8. Interpretation and Construction of the Truth

Module 9. Life and Enlightment of Siddharta Gautama

Module 10. Knowledge through meditative pathway

Module 11. Karma and Nirvana: liberation and penetrating vision

Module 12. Mental calm


Second Year

Module 1. Spiritual Values

Module 2. Initiation and Awakening

Module 3. Satori and beyond knowledge

Module 4. Wise Master and philosopher

Module 5. Beyond faith

Module 6. Philosophy of Martial Arts

Module 7. Multidimensional Philosophy of the Real

Module 8. The True Human Being

Module 9. Overcoming the subject-object dualism

Module 10. Cosmos and Mind

Module 11. Poetic Freedom and Koan

Module 12. Meta-thought and spiritual masters’ language



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