PhD in Buddhist Mysticism

Duration: 2 years


First Year

Module 1. Love for the life

Module 2. Buddhism and Sufism

Module 3. Creativity and hidden abilities of the human being

Module 4. The Power and potentiality of Being

Module 5. The Death of False Ego

Module 6. Freedom in the present

Module 7. Spiritual Transfiguration

Module 8. Existence with courage and nobility

Module 9. Sainthood

Module 10. Integration with the divine

Module 11. Detachment and transcendence

Module 12. Equanimity

Module 13. Integration with the divine


Second Year

Module 1. Gautama and Muhammad

Module 2. Gautama and Confucius

Module 3. The Second Coming as a Global Awakening

Module 4. Perennial Spirituality

Module 5. Salvation as Awakening and mystical evolution of the human being

Module 6. The goal of the Kingdom of Spiritual Love

Module 7. Ascension

Module 8. Self-sacrifice

Module 9. The Good News

Module 10. Mystical philosophy of Jesus

Module 11. Charity, benevolence, solidarity and compassion

Module 12. Divinity as fellow being




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