PhD in Buddhist Messianism


Program of 2 years


First Year

1. Life of Gautama Buddha

2. Myth of Horus and Mithras

3. Myth of Krishna and Myth of Quetzatcoatl

4. Apocalyptic Messianism

5.Prophetic Messianism

6. Life of Moses

7. Life of David

8. Life of Jesus

9. Essene Messianism

10. Desire for a New World

11. Unification of the peoples

12. Renewal of the human species


Second Year

1. Messianic Judaism
2. Christian messianism
3. Islamic messianism and the Mahdi
4. Mediating and conciliatory Messiah
5. Political messianism
6. Utopianism
7. Kingdom of peace and justice
8. Buddhism and the Salvation of the world
9. Prophet Muhammad
10. Prophet Isaiah
11. Myth of the Hero
12. Contemporary Messiah

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