PhD in Buddhist Humanism

Program of 2 years


First Year

Module 1. Dream Analysis

Module 2. Symbols, Myths and Unconscious

Module 3. Relational Psychology

Module 4. Gestalt

Module 5. Personality study

Module 6. Humanistic Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Neurosciences

Module 7. Psychotherapy by Carl Rogers

Module 8. The Path of Being toward self-realization and Sublimation

Module 9. Evanescence of conflicts and psychical suffering

Module 10. Subjectivation and Individuation

Module 11. Psychoanalysis in Education

Module 12. Transpersonal Psychology


Second Year

Module 1. Phenomenological psychology

Module 2. Intersubjectivity

Module 3. Sexuality

Module 4. Angst and Depression

Module 5. Psychological experience of death

Module 6. Neurosis and ordinary subjectivity

Module 7. Logotherapy and the interpretation of Meaning

Module 8. Psychoanalysis and Existentialism

Module 9. Social Psychology

Module 10. Jungian Analysis

Module 11. Psychotherapy and Spirituality

Module 12. Self-analysis




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