PhD in Buddhist Gnosis

Duration: 2 years


First Year

Module 1. Buddhism and Mystic Christianity

Module 2. Role and mystery of the spiritual master

Module 3. Esoteric and exoteric teachings

Module 4. Secret Doctrine

Module 5. Wisdom of the Enlightened Being

Module 6. Message from the Savior Being

Module 7. Mindfulness and Holy Spirit

Module 8. Practitioners’ spiritual community

Module 9. Practice: beyond faith

Module 10. The contemplative future of humanity

Module 11. Art of living

Module 12. Meditation on gospels


Second Year

Module 1. Nirvana and Eternity

Module 2. Circular universe

Module 3. Purification of mind

Module 4. The cure of evil

Module 5. Path of Love and Humility

Module 6. Buddhism and Gnostic Christianity

Module 7. Ethics of the Middle Way: Beyond theism and atheism

Module 8. Non-violence of Gautama, Jesus and Gandhi

Module 9. Emptiness and fullness: Consciousness of the Self

Module 10. Poetic life

Module 11. Liberating experience

Module 12. Beyond reason: mind-heart





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