PhD in Buddhist Existentialism

Program of 2 years


First Year

Module 1. The True Word: poetry and psychoanalysis

Module 2. Practice of the Real

Module 3. Openness and the logic of Phantom’s Veil

Module 4. Serenity

Module 5. Lacan with Heidegger, Foucault and Deleuze

Module 6. Post-Lacanian and Derrida Philosophy

Module 7. Existential Analysis: liberty, temporariness, transference

Module 8. Dialectics, Liberty and Analytical Cure

Module 9. Tyche and Automaton: from Aristotle to Lacan

Module 10. Therapeutic philosophy and silence of the analyst

Module 11. Mystical language as an opening to the Real

Module 12. The forgetfulness of Being and the subject of the unconscious


Second Year

Module 1. Real-Symbolic-Imaginary

Module 2. Being-for-the-death and Being-Time

Module 3. Existential Structures: perversion, psychosis, neurosis, transference, sublimation

Module 4. Philosophical discourse and analytical discourse

Module 5. Revelation and realization of the being in the word

Module 6. Existential Psychoanalysis: Sartre and Lacan

Module 7. Analytical spirituality

Module 8. God is Unconscious

Module 9. Lacan and Derrida: Deconstructive Analysis and Dismissal Analysis

Module 10. The End of Analysis: Love, Emptiness and Femininity

Module 11. Ethics and aesthetics of jouissance

Module 12. Ego or Self



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