PhD in Buddhist Ethics

Duration: 2 years


First Year

Module 1. Path of Spiritual Love: tenderness and passion without attachment

Module 2. Pathway of Detachment

Module 3. Meditation and deep vision of life

Module 4. Solitude, silence and just behavior

Module 5. Present Being: being in the here and now

Module 6. Beyond pain and pleasure

Module 7. Ethics of Sublimation

Module 8. A new culture

Module 9. Contemplative research method

Module 10. Satisfaction in everyday life

Module 11. Humility and Being: Having without accumulating

Module 12. Being and Becoming


Second Year

Module 1. Metaphilosophical therapeutic tool

Module 2. Wellbeing in spite of suffering

Module 3. Appropriate Happiness and Labor

Module 4. Virtues and Factors of Enlightment

Module 5. Experiencing peace and the miracle of existing

Module 6. Meditation, Theory and practice of subjective equilibrium

Module 7. Overcoming good and evil

Module 8. Freedom is Responsibility

Module 9. Angst and Openness of Being

Module 10. Knowledge of oneself

Module 11. Righteous communication and cooperation: helping others

Module 12. Free and ethical consciousness: the true good




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