PhD in Buddhist Economy

Duration: 2 years


First Year

Module 1. Detachment and Socialization of money

Module 2. Peaceful, equitable, educated and ecological revolution

Module 3. Fair Economy and Healing of the Environment

Module 4. Social and Solidarity Economy

Module 5. Non-monetary value of existence

Module 6. Aboriginal economy

Module 7. Economy and abolition of armamentism

Module 8. Economy beyond materialism

Module 9. Communist and libertarian economy

Module 10. Cooperativism and economic democracy

Module 11. Crisis of Capitalism

Module 12. Globalizing economy and interdependence of peoples


Second Year

Module 1. Socially engaged economy

Module 2. Zen Economics of the Sangha

Module 3. Healing the poverty

Module 4. Bussiness ethics

Module 5. Economy and deep ecology

Module 6. Real wealth economy

Module 7. Social Justice and Distribution of Prosperity

Module 8. Economics of Sustainable Development

Module 9. Humanitarianism, Social action and altruism

Module 10. Work and meditation: righteous livelihood

Module 11. Humanist Economics and New Ethical Lifestyle

Module 12. Social integration and new global system




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