Resolution on Armed Forces Tribunal

CASE 47-2018: Major Deepak Rao & Paramilitary group “Tao Zen Dojo” & Academy of Combat Fitness & UCCA Commando Combat Academy  & ICS Fight Club Institute of Combat Studies

Resolution on Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT)

November 9, 2018

Dear Hon’ble Mr. Justice Virender Singh (Chairperson),

The International Buddhist Ethics Committee & Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights,

Recalling the principles of Buddhist Law and the International Human Rights Law, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the UN and the Buddhist Convention on Human Rights adopted by the United Buddhist Nations Organization;

Considering that Major Deepak Rao together with his paramilitary group UCCA Commando Combat Academy have been sentenced Responsible for the serious crimes of Violation of International Buddhist Law, Violation of the Rights of Buddhist Peoples, Violation of the Buddhist Ethical Precepts, Fraud, Militarism and Crimes against Peace;

Aware that Major Deepak Rao has signed and then breached various Buddhist regulations and treaties, such as the Constitution of the United Buddhist Nations Organization, the Universal Declaration on the Rights of Buddhist Peoples and Spiritual Communities, and the Internal Law of Maitriyana Buddhist Community;

Greatly worried because Major Deepak Rao has breached the most basic Buddhist ethical precepts, because besides committing the crimes of defamation and slander against the Maha-Sangha of the United Buddhist Nations Organization, he has also participated in teaching how to commit murders, which violates the precepts of non-violence and non-lying;

Deploring the fact that Major Deepak Rao has also committed fraudulent acts by publicly stating that he is a Zen Master and Psychoanalyst, which violates the cultural heritage of these disciplines since he does not even have introductory knowledge in those fields;

Taking into consideration that Major Deepak Rao directs paramilitary groups, which is prohibited by Buddhist Law, this being reason for immediate expulsion as a member of the Buddhist Sangha;

Examining that a criminological analysis has been carried out on Major Deepak Rao and it has been found that he has innumerable symptoms of Paranoia, representing a danger to the physical health of every person under his care, since paranoid psychotics are capable of committing great amounts of violence when they are trapped in patterns of delusions and absurd beliefs;

Showing consternation at the fact that Major Deepak Rao trains military to carry out murders, since this individual suffers from Paranoia and not only is unable to be part of the Buddhist Community, but he is not even in adequate mental health conditions to be able to teach the military;

Reaffirming the fact that the Indian Army should cancel the honorary rank given to Major Deepak Rao, so that GENERAL BIPIN RAWAT should apply article 14 of the Army Rules of 1954 (Termination of service by the Central Government on account of misconduct);

Repudiating Major Deepak Rao’s illegal and immoral behavior, which is a stain against the reputation and honor of the entire Indian Army, so that the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) is formally required to initiate an investigation and martial trial against Major Deepak Rao;

Publicly denouncing that if Ministry of Defense of India decides to ignore the misbehavior of Major Deepak Rao, then the International Buddhist Ethics Committee will be obliged to notify the Prime Minister of India so that he intervenes and protects the integrity both of the International Buddhist Community as well as of the Indian Army;

Noting that the armies of Ancient India learned and were inspired by the Pacifist Ethics of Master Gautama Sammasambuddha, reason by which the Indian Contemporary Army could reincorporate ethical values and stop any kind of attack against the Buddhist Sangha;

Recalling the fundamental ethical precept of non-violence as an adequate means of resolving conflicts which positions Buddhist Law as the beacon of light of a better world;

  1. It is solemnly established that Buddhism will always criticize any violent practice that threatens the life and sacredness of all human beings, as is the case of war and militarism that violate the human right to peace.
  2. It is expressed that Major Deepak Rao has violated the most essential ethical precepts of Buddhist Law, such as the prohibition of violence, war, lying and defamation.
  3. The behavior of Major Deepak Rao, who should be stripped of his honorary title in the Indian Army, is condemned as illegal.
  4. It is stated that the acts of attacking the Maha-Sangha of UBNO that have been carried out by Major Deepak Rao were caused by a dangerous mental state of Paranoia.
  5. The present situation of bad behavior is corrected by means of requiring the Indian Army that its leaders should follow the highest ethical values, always respecting morality and legality, and never attacking the International Buddhist Community (Maha-Sangha).
  6. It is called for the Indian Army to have a superior ethics and not provide impunity to paranoid psychotics who attack Buddhism, as is the case of Major Deepak Rao.
  7. It is confirmed that the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) of India is ethically obliged to intervene in this matter in order to follow the most basic teachings of all Buddhas: doing good, stop doing evil and purifying the mind.

Always with spirit of reconciliation (maitri),

H.E. Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

Judge and President of the Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights

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