MANIFESTO on Jeet Kune Do

CASE 47-2018: Major Deepak Rao & Paramilitary group “Tao Zen Dojo” & Academy of Combat Fitness & UCCA Commando Combat Academy  & ICS Fight Club Institute of Combat Studies

MANIFESTO on Jeet Kune Do

The International Buddhist Ethics Committee, defender of the rights of global citizenship and of all beings of Mother Earth, exercising the cultural sovereignty that emanates from the Buddhist Peoples and Spiritual Communities, perfectly knows the purity of Martial Arts, which is a discipline that totally loses its ethical and spiritual legitimacy when it is carried out by criminal and fraudulent individuals;

The International Buddhist Ethics Committee has a universal ethical vocation, so it is addressed to the entire martial community in order to become aware of the terrible situation that implies that Major Deepak Rao is part of the Jeet Kune Do;

The International Buddhist Ethics Committee is addressed to the International Martial Community in order to inform that Major Deepak Rao, his wife Seema Rao and their paramilitary organization have been sentenced as Responsible for the charges of Violation of International Buddhist Law, Violation of the Rights of Buddhist Peoples, Violation of the Buddhist Ethical Precepts, Fraud, Militarism and Crimes against Peace;

It is stated that Major Deepak Rao has severe symptoms of Paranoia and is dangerous to the physical and mental health of his students, all of which produces that he suffers persecutory delusions and even violently commits attacks against the most respected Buddhist communities in the world;

It is stated that Major Deepak Rao has claimed to be a Zen Master and a Psychoanalyst, despite the fact that he does not even have introductory knowledge in those disciplines, which is why he is carrying out fraudulent acts that usurp the cultural heritage;

It is stated that Deepak Rao‘s “Tao Zen Dojo” is a False Zen;

It is stated that the Indian Army, the Defense Ministry and the Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) have been required to annul the honorary rank of Major awarded to Deepak Rao;

It is stated that the World Jeet Kune Do Federation has publicly stated that Seema Rao (India) is not a recommended instructor and should be avoided;

It is stated that the World Jeet Kune Do Federation should also include Major Deepak Rao within its list of non-recommended instructors;

It is stated that Major Deepak Rao, on his website about Jeet Kune Do, has published that he and his wife teach to kill people, even as an example of their teaching they have shown soldiers with knives in the throats of others;

It is stated that Major Deepak Rao affirms that the “Jeet Kune Do Ideology” is affiliated with his paramilitary organization called UCCA Commando Combat Academy, which presupposes the use of memory and legacy of Bruce Lee to revalidate paramilitary activities betraying the spirit of the Martial Arts and which are a High Treason to Dharma;

It is stated that the Bruce Lee Foundation should require Major Deepak Rao to stop using the image and the name of Bruce Lee, which would allow not tarnishing the memory of this great martial philosopher by avoiding being associated with criminal individuals who carry out paramilitary activities;

It is stated that apparently Master Bustillo would have given “Jeet Kune Do” certifications to Major Deepak Rao & Seema Rao, which is something that deserves a total repudiation by Buddhism as well as by the rest of the international martial community;

It is stated that Ritesh Reddy, another Jeet Kune Do instructor and disciple of Major Deepak Rao, has also violated Buddhist Law by conducting violent and defamatory attacks against the Great Buddhist Community;

It is stated that Major Deepak Rao seems to ignore that the martial discipline created by Bruce Lee is indeed a “Do”, which means that it is an Ethical and Spiritual Way instead of being a warlike path that teaches to kill people;

It is stated that Master Ip Man would had transmitted the philosophical teachings of great Buddhas such as Gautama, Confucius and Laozi to Bruce Lee, so that the mind of Bruce Lee distilled the great peak knowledge of these spiritual masters, allowing him to channel their conduct and studies;

It is stated that in the same way that Jeet Kune Do is the pragmatic fusion of the most effective martial arts of East and West, Maitriyana Buddhism is also the synthesis of the most important spiritual knowledge in history, both movements being remarkably original and visionary, because they flow like the water that flexibly adapts to the reality of each moment, favoring the path of emptiness and non-form that implies being able to assume all forms, modes, techniques and styles, without attachment to any system or tradition that limits the abilities of the practitioner;

It is stated that Major Deepak Rao has signed and then breached various Buddhist regulations and treaties of Maitriyana, such as the Constitution of the United Buddhist Nations Organization, the Universal Declaration on the Rights of Buddhist Peoples and Spiritual Communities, and the Internal Law of the Maitriyana Buddhist Community, violating the most basic Buddhist ethical precepts by committing defamation and slander against the United Buddhist Nations Organization, besides of participating in the paramilitary teaching on how to commit murders, which is something forbidden by the Buddhist Law and which merited his immediate expulsion within Buddhism;

It is stated that in case of complicity on the part of the Indian Army, then the intervention of the Prime Minister of India will be required in order to put an end to the criminal activities of Deepak Rao;

It is stated that non-violence and non-militarism are the appropriate way to resolve individual and social conflicts;

The International Martial Community is required to adequately protect the legacy of Bruce Lee through public repudiation of Deepak Rao‘s paramilitary and criminal activities;

On November 10, 2018, the present Manifesto on Jeet Kune Do is expressed as a way to contribute to a more peaceful, just, cultured and healthy world.

Always with maitri (reconciliation),

Master Maitreya Samyaksambuddha

President and Judge of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee

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