Legal Act on Reiki Jaen Association members


Dear members of Reiki Jaen Association,

Through this Act, on the day 26 July 2016, we communicate with you to make an international repudiation of the illegal behavior developed by your Association, by acting with complacency and complicit silence of all its members, even after receiving a Judgment for SLANDER and LIBEL, THREATS AND DISCRIMINATION, VIOLATION OF THE HUMAN RIGHT TO EDUCATION, VIOLATION OF THE HUMAN RIGHT TO RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, FALSE SPIRITUALITY and FALSE ZEN, INTOLERANCE and VIOLATION OF THE HUMAN RIGHT TO PEACE. This pattern of misconduct and violation of the main precepts of Buddhist Ethics is basically because the members of this Association are committing a “SPIRITUAL FRAUD”, thus ignoring the essential lineaments of any discipline of Spirituality and Healing. Despite the fact that we have offered full scholarships to members of Reiki Jaen Association in order they have a genuine training as long as they publicly apologize, not only none of them has taken advantage of this opportunity for personal and professional growth, but also they have republished their libelous, slanderous and illegal words. All of this happened with the complicity of Beatriz Rodríguez Domínguez y Octavio Lombardo Rodríguez, Carlos Rubio García, Estrella Casado Martínez, Jorge Gandul Gómez, José Pérez Rojas, Luis Quirós Delgado, Mabel Ballesteros Ruiz, Macarena Moreno-Torres, María Ángeles Fuentes Troyano, Mercedes Serrano Callejas, Piedad Ruiz Cortecero y Teresa Afan de Rivera Navas. By rejecting any attempt of peaceful resolution, the Reiki Jaen Association has made a huge mistake, because the International Buddhist Ethics Committee has legal jurisdiction to carry out proceedings against citizens, organizations and governments that violate Human Rights. In conclusion, it is requested an immediate correction on the part of all members of the Reiki Jaen Association because otherwise they will be committing the crime of “unlawful association”.

Finally, the International Buddhist Ethics Committee makes clear that it has Sovereign Immunity facing any legal action which may be taken against it by Reiki Jaen Association and its members.


Always keeping a reconciling spirit,

Buddhist Master Maitreya

President of the International Buddhist Ethics Committee and Buddhist Tribunal on Human Rights


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